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If there is one thing that can make or break a man’s self esteem, the vast majority would cite penis size as their top concern. One article on this topic from WebMD, a leading source of valid medical information on the Internet, states that this particular issue is largely one sided, with 45% of men stating their perceived penis size was too small, in spite the fact that 85% of women state they are happy with their male partner’s penis length and girth1. This disproportionate quest for male enhancement may well be rooted in the lack of understanding as to what constitutes “Normal” for the range of penis proportions, driving men to think that what nature has given them is too small or a sign of not being manly enough. Given this factor, a  majority of men who desire male enhancement may actually be seeking self assurance that their size is ok and need the professional guidance of an expert in the field to prop up their personal level of confidence.

Before actually addressing if erectile dysfunction pills, techniques, and devices work or not, it’s important to address the normal range for penis size. There is both a “sweet spot” for average size and and a larger than average range. The majority of men, 51.4%, fall into the 5.5 to 6.25 inch erect size range. Another 29.5 fall into the 6.5 to 7 inch erect range, and 8.6% tip in on the low side from 5 to 5.25 inches2. This covers the considered 5-7 inch average range. Given that 3.8% of men fall below average (including into the micropenis range) and that many men on the smaller average size tend to perceive themselves as smaller then they really are3, there is a booming desire for male enhancement products. But do they actually work?

Male enhancement products come in a wide variety of forms, including pills (herbal supplements and knock off chemical blends), lotions, pumps, weights, exercises, and stretching devices. There are even surgical methods devised to help increase penis length and girth. No matter what the ads say about these products, with the exception of one surgical method (which comes with it’s own risks) there is little scientific evidence that any of these methods actually have a benefit and a few can actually cause the condition they are trying to improve4.

Remember that the pills on the market for male enhancement fall into the dietary supplement category and do not need to be approved or tested by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They do not have rigorous scientific studies behind them, not matter what they claim.

Pills, in and of themselves, when taken for male enhancement, do not actually promote permanent growth. They instead are aimed at increasing erection hardness. While Viagra and related prescription pills are proven to work, the vast numbers of herbal supplements out there have not been tested to prove if they do.

There are some male enhancement pills that do what they actually claim and all natural herbal ingredients to achieve the desired results safely and effectively. Learn more. Indeed the self claimed performance enhancement effect from scammy pills may be simply mental and effective because the taker of the male enhancement product believes it to be so. They, along with lotions for the same use might actually be toxic over time4. Supplements with nonprescription testosterone might sound on the level, but users can find they have long term health risks from using using them1.

Pills, lotions, and gels then do not work for growth; even the prescription ones are not designed to make the penis larger. Taking this route is like flushing your money away if what you are really after is gains in size. Other male enhancement devices come in 3 categories, vacuum pumps, exercises, and stretching. Pumps are actually an outgrown of erectile dysfunction treatments for men with certain physical problems. When used correctly these devices are safe enough. However, using them more often or for a longer duration can damage elastic tissue and ultimately cause the penis to be less firm when erect. While a pump can give the illusion of a larger penis, it cannot actually create growth4. Male enhancement exercises, called jelqing, gives the illusion of safety. However medical reports indicate that the technique can cause scaring, pain, and the development of Peyronie’s disease. Given the lack of scientific studies for the effectiveness of the practice and the risk factors involved, exercises like this are not safe at all1,4.

This does not mean there is no way to increase what nature has provided, however. Certain male enhancement devices that work with slow steady traction have been proven to help, over time, to increase size into the higher end of average range, although the men who have gained the most results with these male enhancement tools have been diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease which cause abnormal curvature and shorting of the penis5. Men with smaller penis size who are otherwise normally formed have claimed results with these devices from anywhere from half an inch to an inch for length (and small studies do back this up), but there has been no large specific studies undertaken with scientific standards in place to support general enhancement claims4,5.

So if the myriad of e.d. products out there do not work, what actually does? One doctor suggest a combination of low dose Viagra and psychiatric counseling for insecurity issues might be the ideal way to gain the ultimate male enhancement self confidence5. Some other things that might help with personal perception of penis size include communication with ones partner about sexual concerns and likes, exercising and dropping belly held fat, and trimming pubic hairs to enhance the illusion of greater size4. Knowing the facts about what is average and doing a proper measure of your penis and practicing new techniques to enhance your skill with what nature has provided you can also have huge rewards. It is not what you have that counts but how you use it. The bottom line is that enhancement products for penis size are not proven to work, and pills are a waste of money, unless you are getting Viagra from your doctor.

Resources (states .6% of men have micropenis size organs)

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