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In this review of Vigrx Plus, I will discuss how it works and stacks up as a natural treatment to boost erection power, sexual stamina, and treat erectile dysfunction.

Vigrx Plus is an herbal libido booster derived from plants and offers a natural way to increase your sex drive and erection power.

In addition to nourishing a weak libido, they also help  impotence. There are several reasons why Vigrx is one of the best-selling natural penis pills.

Benefits: Bigger & harder erections, increased sex drive
Money-Back Guarantee: 67 Days
Capsules: 60
Ingredients: Safe & natural
Side-Effects: No known side effects
Made In: USA
Price: $69
Overall Score: A-
Official Site:


  • Boost in erection size
  • Increased libido
  • Harder and more solid erections
  • More sexual stamina
  • Longer lasting erections
  • More powerful and intense orgasms
  • See Before and After Photos

PROS: Best-rated all-natural penis enlargement pill. Clinically proven. Highly effective. Safe. Easy-to-Use. Made in the USA

CONS: Must continue using to maintain results. Only sold online.

6 Month Supply

All Natural Ingredients. Made in USA.

Free Global Shipping


3 Month Supply

All Natural Ingredients. Made in USA.

Free Global Shipping


1 Month Supply

All Natural Ingredients. Made in USA.


One Month Supply

Perfect for trying it out and evaluating the initial effects.

Three Month Supply

With a three month supply you may experience the full benefits of Vigrx Plus with more powerful orgasms and harder erections. You can save money and enjoy bonuses when you order a three month or more supply.

Six Month Supply

Not only will you experience the full benefits, you will be able to maintain them over the course of six months and continue enjoying the results.

After taking Vigrx Plus, how long will it take to start seeing results?

Vigrx Plus starts to work immediately, you should start to see results within only a few days.

How Does It Work?

A number of clinical studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of Vigrx.

The ingredients of VigRX act by accelerating the blood flow throughout the body. It automatically increases the blood flow to the penis too, which produces powerful erections and a penis with increased length and girth.

Learn About Clinical Studies

Lomg-Term Results

You should start to see long-term results within 3-6 weeks of taking it.

The results get better each month with the full effects peaking within 90 days.

After the first month, I noticed firmer and more powerful erections. I had been taking the product every day as instructed. During month two, more dramatic changes occurred. I thought to myself how impressive my penis was looking.

Month 2 is when I noticed a big improvement in my sexual stamina. In fact, it was vastly improved and was found myself having more frequent and better sex with my girlfriend. Things progressed.

By the third month, I could see a difference in how rock-hard my erections had become, more so than I thought possible. Keep in mind these are temporary results. Once you stop taking the product, the benefits will go away. In a nutshell, this is how herbal supplements work.

*It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis

Is It Safe?

There are no known side effects with Vigrx Plus.  If you have a medical condition you should consult with your doctor first.

Made in The USA

Vigrx Plus is manufactured and tested in the United States. This ensures that the product adheres to US guidelines and contains approved ingredients safe for human consumption.

All-Natural Ingredients

What sets Vigrx Plus apart is the fact that is not composed of synthetic chemicals, which may have dangerous side effects if not prescribed by a doctor. You don’t even have to get a prescription to purchase it.

Instead, it’s the combination of amino acids, herbs, and extracts that make it effective. Part of the reason is that they already been used for centuries in improving the male sexual performance and potency.

Learn About Ingredients


Now, there are a lot of herbs marketed to men as boosting sexual appetite, erection strength, potency, and so forth, and I find that this is largely unconscionable. While some (few) of the herbs may well be very effective for the purpose for which they are marketed, they often come with unwanted side effects.

Others are ineffective. And the majority of them may be helpful, but in subtle ways over the long term rather than the ways in which they are marketed. Vigrx Plus uses better quality ingredients that are known to increase penile health, stamina, and erection power.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s a proven formula that’s been clinically tested and shown to be effective.

See More Testimonials

What I Like

  • Vigrx uses all-natural ingredients that alleviate the nasty side effects of synthetic drugs.
  • Vigrx Plus have been formulated to improve sexual performance, and have been clinically proven to be effective.
  • There are a number of different packages available at discounted rates. Large orders can be easily placed, and those placing large orders receive access to a website dedicated to erection fitness, a CD with exercises, and a number of other free items.
  • There is a 67 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


  • Results are temporary. Once you stop taking the product the results will eventually go away.
  • Only sold online


Is Vigrx Worth It?While herbal supplements are not always a long-term fix for our health problems, they do make for amazing natural medicines that can put us back on the right course.

For example, if a man has ED or erectile dysfunction, it may be related to a circulation problem.

The right formulas taken over the right amount of time and in the right doses can help this problem without the side effects of other treatments that in my view are actually quite dangerous.

Where to Buy

If you’re looking for a safe, all-natural male enhancement solution that’s clinically proven to increase erection size and and your libido then I recommend Vigrx Plus. You can buy it online through their official site.

*It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis

Benefits: Bigger & harder erections, increased sex drive
Money-Back Guarantee: 67 Days
Capsules: 60
Ingredients: Safe & natural
Side-Effects: No known side effects
Made In: USA
Price: $69
Overall Score: A-/B+
Official Site:

  • 87%
    Harder Erections - 87%
  • 91%
    Increased Sex Drive - 91%
  • 86%
    Increased Energy - 86%
  • 85%
    Safety - 85%
  • 88%
    Quality Ingredients - 88%


The market is flooded with products that claim to work and hint at the ability to help improve upon the shortcomings of nature. Not only is Vigrx Plus capable of temporarily improving the size of your erection, it can help give you an improved opinion and self-confidence about yourself. Check out Vigrx Plus

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