Learn about penis enlargement pills and which actually work for harder, longer-lasting, erections. We also cover penis pills scams, and products that are nothing more than over-hypsed snake oil.

Sextagin Hardcore


Erectile dysfunction is plaguing millions of people. Many seem to forget that erectile dysfunction also affects blood circulations, stress levels, blood pressure, and of course, sex life. Some names like Viagra have become known in Read More

Maca Enhancer


Maca Enhancer claims it will help men enjoy longer orgasms, strengthen erections, and allow men to delay ejaculation for longer sexual encounters and improved sex drive. The question remains, however, does the product really work? Read More



There are obviously a number of different ways that manufacture of male sexual enhancers can use to sell their products. Some choose to use a scientific approach, focused on describing how their ingredients are genuinely Read More



Extenzite (Expanzite) is meant to be taken daily, an hour or two before sexual activity. Each bottle features 60 pills containing a blend of natural herbs. With a substantial amount of male enhancement products on Read More

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