Extenze Review – Does It Work?

If you suffer from sexual performance issues than you may find your confidence and self-esteem takes a backseat to a satisfying love life. Extenze is an all natural male enhancement product that is taken once each day. It delivers the necessary boost to allow increased blood flow to a man’s penis, working to give men harder erections and more powerful orgasms.


ExtenzeExtenze is manufactured by Biotab Nutraceuticals, a company based in California and it’s described as a natural supplement. It’s been endorsed by a number of celebrities including Jimmy Johnson (Super Bowl winning coach), Kevin Conway (NASCAR race car driver) and Ron Jeremy (porn star).

This product is to be taken daily as a supplement and it works by pumping blood to the three blood chambers found in the penis. The regular pumping of blood into the male organ stretches the penis’ walls, making it bigger and larger. A lot of people enjoy using this product because it makes it easier for them to achieve faster, bigger and harder erections. This helps to increase their overall sexual performance and enjoyment.


Extenze is made up of natural herbs with abilities that promote men’s sexual health. The ingredients work together to give men increased blood flow to the erectile chambers to create larger and harder erections. Due to increased blood flow, men will experience additional penile length and width. Such enhancement will give a man confidence and his partner more pleasure. Men who used Extenze did not report any adverse effects except an occasional headache.

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One Month Supply

Perfect for trying it out and evaluating the initial effects of Extenze.

Three Month Supply

With a three month supply you will experience the full benefit of Extenze with larger, more powerful orgasms. You can save money and enjoy bonuses when you order a three month or more supply. Recommended.

Six Month Supply

Not only will you experience the full benefits, you will be able to maintain them over the course of six months and continue enjoying the results.

What can Extenze really do for you?

With Extenze, I experienced harder erections and “electrifying” orgasms with increased stamina during sex.  All this for only a pill per day – instead of the usual 2 to 3 pills associated with other brands.


Men who take Extenze can expect to see significant results in about 8 weeks, provided the supplement is taken as directed. The product will affect men differently and results and the time it will take to show results will vary. This is not an overnight success pill. Instead, it’s an herbal supplement that works overtime for the best effects.

Many of the ingredients have multiple positive effects on the mental and physical aspects of arousal and performance. So, this product tackles the problem of ED in various dimensions. Some men may be interested to know that a few of the supplements found in this blend not only works to increase blood flow, but the increase in blood flow can also enhance penis size. *It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis

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ExtenZe is a natural blend of various amino acids and plant extracts. Some of the ingredients include: Siberian Ginseng, Saw palmetto, Tribulus Terrestris, Sarsaparilla, L-Arginine, Nettle, Ginko Biloba, Maca, and Yohimbe bark. The product is often marketed as a size enhancer. But, many people do not realize it can work wonders in the treatment of ED.

Commonly, men experiencing ED have a decrease in blood flow to the penis which can cause the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. One of the major ingredients in ExtenZe is the amino acid L-Arginine. Arginine works to increase levels of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, causing them to dilate. This dilation of blood vessels can translate into increased blood flow to the penis.

Side Effects

There are no long-term effects reported for those who may decide to add Extenze to their daily routine for the long term. You have to take note that the ingredients may cause side effects if taken alone and if you take too much of it.

Is It A Scam?

I don’t think so.  I’ve heard that their money back guarantee offer is pretty much reliable.  However, there are some inconsistencies in its ads and almost everything seems to be so hyped up about the product.

Would you really believe one of its testimonials wherein a woman said that she will be forced to leave her husband if he stops taking Extenze?  Also, taking one pill per day and all your sexual problems will be gone.

So to make my Extenze review balanced, I’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of the product (This is based on my personal assessment and the information I’ve gathered).

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Extenze Advantages

  • Intense and better Orgasm
  • Bigger and harder erections
  • No prescription necessary
  • You won’t worry about Premature ejaculation
  • Increased stamina and longer erection time
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Extenze Disadvantages

  • It won’t increase your penis size permanently (no penis pill will do that).
  • No free shipping

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Erectile Dysfunction can be difficult enough to discuss with a partner, but there may not be a need to summon up the courage to talk to a doctor. From my experience with it and various reviews online, reports show that Extenze provides men with a more discreet, inexpensive, and effective way of addressing the problem, with less risk of serious side effects than prescription medication.


conclusionThe bright side is it offers a 60-day refund and one of the good things about Extenze is it does process the refund once you return the package if you are not satisfied with the result, therefore, you can actually try it.  It is risk-free. It only requires that you take one pill a day and that is a lot of savings since most male enhancers require you to take two to three pills a day.  Thank you for reading my Extenze Review and I hope you’ve learned something from it.

How To Buy

The product is available online through their website and can be purchased with a major credit card. Extenze also comes with a money return guarantee for men who are not satisfied with the product or the results.

Price: $59.95
Guarantee: 60 Days
Overall Score: B+
Official Site: BuyExtenze.com 

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