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It is now possible to make your average-sized penis to 24% bigger as well as firmer. Rather than using a dangerous and invasive penile surgery to make this enlargement possible, doctors and medical professionals have taken up studies and research to bring in several products that can be alternatives to penile surgery. These can be an inexpensive solution for a happier and better sex life.

Many products of penile enlargement are out there flooded in the market like pills, patches and the most commonly used are the penis enlargement devices.

About ProExtender

Here’s one of the recommended device named ProExtender System. It is the latest penis enhancement and enlargement method with combined systems that is used effectively to give you the best results. It’s designed on the principle of bringing those natural forces within the body that generates tissue formation.

ProExtender System is designed to provide gentle, non-harmful as well as painless traction to the penis. This penis extender will create multiple tissue cells and will gradually expand the penile tissue but permanently. The ProExtender System is a clinically proven product and it uses a combination of traditional botanicals as well as nutrients plus the best of modern sexual science. Furthermore, the medical fraternity across the globe recommends it.


The ProExtender System guarantees that there are no side effects at all with their supplements because the ingredients are all natural, safe, and combined in the perfect proportions to assist male vigor as well as sexual health. And guaranteeing that there are no adverse side effects on erections, performance, and urination and even infertility using their extender device.

It also guarantees that it is adjustable, although you may feel and see slight soreness which is natural because your skin is adjusting to a new prosthetic, the traction but company assures us not to worry because the soreness is a temporary phenomenon and that it will wane off quickly.

Using their extender device, you can see the full effect and result within weeks. Months of using it you will notice that your erections are firmer while your penis larger in length. The company also guarantee a 24% increase and that the gain is all permanent. That is why it is safe if you want to stop using the extender device. 

Correct Penis Curvature

The ProExtender Device is also a perfect solution to address the Peyronie’s disease or what is common as a crooked penis. 

They also offer great bonuses including the type 1 medical device, VigRx Penis enhancement pills, Semenax Volume increaser pills, and For Men Only penis enlargement exercise CD. You do not have to worry about your privacy because it will be kept protected and they deliver the product discreetly on to your door along with a 6-month money-refund guarantee.

Although the reputation of this company and customer support is average in the market, ProExtender has quality standards set down by the European Union. Overall, ProExtender System promises that you will gain up to 3 inches long on your penis, harder and larger penis head, stronger and harder erections, and increase in penile and sexual health, better self-control, and many more. It’s worth the money.

ProExtender versus X4 Labs

ProExtender System and X4 Labs Deluxe both are effective devices but X4 Labs Deluxe are more effective when compared to Proextender. Both the penis extenders helps the people to improve the quality of sex life by improving the stamina, help the person to get a better erection etc.

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How REAL Penis Enlargement Works With ProExtender

ProExtender ResultsThinking about going in for penis enlargement? Do not worry, you are not the only one…. There are many men out there who suffer from the trauma of a small penis. This, in turn, hampers their personal as well as social relationships. Before choosing any enlargement product or technique, you need to understand the functioning of your penis and how these enlargements can help you achieve maximum results.

Your penis comprises three chambers. The two main chambers, the Corpora Cavernosa are responsible for giving rock hard erections when a man is sexually aroused. How do these erections take place? At the time of sexual arousal, these chambers allow for blood in the penile tissues, so that you can experience erections. There are some men who cannot hold their erections for a longer time. This is where the ProExtender Extender can help them.

These ProExtender extenders work on the principle of traction. In simple words, these devices apply gentle force to the penis, so that the cells in the Corpora Cavernosa divide and multiply to create new cells. This, in turn, improves the circulation of blood to the penis and help men get rock hard erections!

Price: $199.95 – $299.95
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 2400 grams
Overall Score: B+
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