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Male Edge Penis Extender

A quick internet search will reveal dozens of so-called penis enlarging devices that claim to help men increase their penis size. Advertisers spend millions on advertising and telling men that they can have a larger penis is a few short weeks or even days. Unfortunately, the male enlargement market is filled with scams and snake oil products.



Penis extenders made out of cheap materials can actually bruise or painfully squeeze the delicate skin of the penis, some of these inferior materials can even cause itching and other signs of an allergic reaction.

Men who want to invest in a product that actually delivers on its promises may want to look into the Male Edge Pro, a superior designed penis traction device available from DanaLife. Male Edge also provides men with access to an online site where they can input their information and view graphs and charts to measure their penis growth.

How To Use It

The Male Edge extender uses a slow startup method to help men achieve their goal of penis enlargement without putting too much tension on the area at once. During the first week, the device is used for only an hour each day and with a minimal level of traction, between 8g to 1200g. By week 6 men are using the device at 1200g to 2000g and for 6 hours each day. This alleviates any discomfort associated with first-time traction device users and ensures safe and consistent growth.

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Easy to put on, capable of staying put and comfortable to wear – these are some of the most important factors when choosing a penis enlargement device. The patent-pending Male Edge Pro does all of this safely while also working as a natural alternative to surgery.

Unlike cheap, inferior brands, Male Edge Pro is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use weighing in at only 2.1 oz. We found the comfort of Male Edge Pro to be on par with our top-rated extender X4 Labs. It’s important to keep in mind the higher the pressure and the longer the duration, the quicker the gains are noticed.

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DanaLife is actually a spin-off of DanaMedic, the company behind the Jes-Extender, the best selling penis device that set off a firestorm of interest when it was originally released back in the mid-1990s. The Male Edge is considered by many to be a more advanced, updated and better-designed version of the Jes Extender. Several different versions of the penis traction device are actually available from DanaLife, however, the pro version is the most complete model.

The product uses a double traction technology and the total package features extra rubber straps, replacement pads, cohesive gauze and a pleasant red and black design. Although results will differ based on how much traction is applied to the penis and how often it is used, the average guy will gain about 2 inches in length over a six month period.

Clinical Studies

DanaLife has done a variety of studies that reviewed the results that men can expect to achieve when using the Male Edge Pro. Most men achieved increases in penis size of about 30% in length and 20% in girth after consistent usage for half-of-a-year. With regular usage, some men were even able to increase their penis size by 40%. DanaLife studies have also reported that their device was able to successfully fix cases of penis curvature for men who use the device.

Final Verdict

The Male Edge extender delivers real results and exceptional comfort. The traction device is made of high-quality components, backed by medical experts and features a 2-year warranty. With glowing warm reviews and excellent customer support, Male Edge Pro gets our recommendation as a great product.

Price: $149.99 – $199.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 1200 – 2000 grams
Overall Score: B-
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