Zencore Plus

Zencore Plus, manufactured by Bodee LLC, claims to boast a potent combination of herbs that provide the same benefits of prescription enhancers without the same negative side effects that can sometimes occur when using these products.

The Zencore Plus formula currently being used today has changed somewhat from that used prior to 2006.


FDA Recall

Back then, the Food and Drug Administration recalled the product due to worries that those on medications for angina or heart failure could have a negative and potentially fatal interaction. Today the new and improved Zencore Plus formula claims to help men:

  • Regain the ability to develop stiffer, stronger erections.
  • Boost energy, sexual arousal, and desire.
  • Repair damaged self-esteem and helping men become more confident, secure and engaged in the bedroom.

How It Works

Zencore is designed to work by affecting nitric oxide production and encouraging smooth muscle slackening. Thereby, allowing more blood to stockpile into the penis and allowing the user to achieve a firm, full erection.

Unlike many other male libido enhancers, Zencore Plus is not designed to be taken daily. Instead, men take one or two capsules an hour before they decide to get intimate.


Every dose of Zencore Plus contains 1,000 milligrams of several key ingredients. 160 milligrams of the pill is the amino acid L-Arginine, which helps to fuel nitric oxide production.

The additional ingredients make up the other 840 milligrams of the dosage. One of the ingredients included in this mixture is the ingredient Dong Quai, often dubbed the female Viagra.

Despite this nickname, however, the plant from the celery family is thought to increase sperm count. Another featured ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris, the well-known Chinese herb is found in most libido enhancers because of its ability to rouse sexual excitement.

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Hundreds of reviews are posted online but remarkably few of these reviews are positives. Results are supposed to occur within an hour of use and may last up for a full 24 hours. For most men, the primary complaint is that the product simply does not work.

The gentlemen that did have some success when taking Zencore Plus still felt that the results were weak, lasting just a couple of hours at max – not exactly the 24 hours of arousal that men were told to expect.

Most reviewers agreed that the pills came with too many side effects and not just minimal side effects, but more severe and daunting side effects that actually made it more difficult for users to have sex.


  • The majority of online reviews state that the new formula is inferior to the previous version.
  • Zencore Plus works to boost libido. A number of men looking for help in this department also want a product that will increase the desire to have sex, one that will help them get into the mood and a product that reduces recovery time.
  • Although Zencore does not have to be taken daily, a number of users will want this option, at the price Zencore is offered at, however, this may not be possible. One box of Zencore usually retails for $60 and only contains 30 capsules or 15 doses if taking the maximum amount. For a full month’s supply, this would mean paying $120 or more.

Side Effects

Severe side effects have been noticed when taking Zencore. Some of the most common complaints have been irregular heartbeats, excess perspiration, problems with sight, headaches, agitation, digestive problems trembling, queasiness, and unexplained flushing.

Additionally, the amino acid L-Arginine may not be safe to take in men with certain health conditions including those dealing with ailments affecting the kidneys or liver, as well as men recovering from recent bouts with heart attacks.

For safety purposes, consulting with a medical professional is suggested.

Is It Worth It?

Zencore has a somewhat blemished history and less than stellar reputation. Product recalls, no ability for the product to provide long-term changes in prostate health, sexual desire, or sperm count are all disappointing.

Furthermore, with a long list of criticisms from unsatisfied users and an uneven formulation we would not feel comfortable recommending Zencore to users. Male libido enhancers have come a long way in recent years and we feel that the market offers more affordable products with clean safety records.

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