What is Jelqing and Does It Work?

Jelqing is the process of manually stretching your penis over time using your hands. It is said that this is an ancient Arab method handed down over the generations from father to son. I have no idea if this is the truth or a myth but, regardless, it works! As you will soon see, jelqing involves pulling and stretching on the penis using a specific technique.


Initial Growth Phase

Over a period of several months, you will experience gains in length and girth. Don’t lose patience early on. Typically, the growth of your penis will accelerate in the later months. Initially, you will not see any changes for at least four weeks. You may gain half an inch at most in this time or even much less. But you will start to see bigger gains in the second, third and fourth months especially. Keep at it, and don’t give up!

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All jelqing needs to be done with a penis that is not fully erect. So anywhere between 60% and 80% erection is ideal. You need enough size in your penis to get a good grip of it so you can stretch it but you should not have a full erection.

If you jelq with a full erection then your penis will already be at full capacity and you may damage it by putting it under extreme pressure. Before you start, you need to measure your penis as a baseline.

Measure Your Penis

Get a tape measure (or a piece of string that you can match later to a ruler) and wrap it around the base of your penis when erect.

Also measure the length of your penis and be sure to press hard against your pubic area so as to disregard any body fat.

Jelqing Tips

Before any jelqing session, you should always adequately warm up.

The fibres of your penis are much more flexible and pliable when warm. Take a washcloth or very small towel and soak it in hot water and wring it so that it is no longer dripping with moisture.

You want the cloth to be as hot as your penis can tolerate so you may need to wait 30 seconds for it to cool down if your water is really hot. If you don’t wait for it to cool down a little then you could burn your penis!!

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Use Hot Towels

Think about the hot towels that you get on an airplane before your in-flight meal. Very warm to the touch but not “burning hot”. Now, wrap your penis in this cloth and completely enclose and hold it in place with some light pressure.

You want your penis to be completely engorged with warmth (remember, you eventually want your penis to be between 60% and 80% inflated but at this stage you can use a full erection if you want). Hold the cloth in place for 3 to 4 minutes. Now you are almost ready to start jelqing.

Lube Your Penis

But before you do, you must apply some lubricant to your penis. You can either use a water or an oil based lubricant. For example, KY Jelly, Vaseline or baby oil. Liberally apply it to your penis and your hands. If you are uncircumcised then you should roll back your foreskin for any jelq exercises.

Basic Jelq Technique

To do the basic jelq technique, you need to first form an “OK” sign with your fingers. This is when you press your thumb and forefinger (the first finger) together at the tips.

Next, grab your penis in this way at the base, as close to your body as you can get. If you have a lot of fat in this area then press firmly back against your pubic bone.

This is the starting position for the jelq technique.

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