Vimax Extender Review

Vimax Extender

A lot of man face embarrassment, problems with sexual functioning and a lack of self-confidence thanks to a curved penis or a smaller than normal penis size. Even men with normal sized penises can feel uncomfortable over the thickness and size of their penis. For men looking for an acceptable and safe alternative to penis enhancing surgery, penis enlarging devices are becoming an increasingly popular option.

The Vimax Extender is one of the top penis enlargers on the market and is recommended by top doctors who specialize in surgical and non-surgical methods of enlarging the penis, the device was even designed by a leading urologist.


How Does It Work

This penis enlargement device uses the principle of traction that stretches the member, making it longer and thicker. People are familiar with this principle for centuries and the Padaung Tribe of Myanmar has used it to make their neck longer.

The size of the penis has always been a sign of masculinity. Thus, men with smaller members feel embarrassed and their self-esteem is low, while men with a larger penis are more confident. So, it is not surprising why men of all ages and social status want to use a device like Penis Pal to make their members bigger and fuller. In addition, the usage of this tool allows men to provide better satisfaction to their partners and to experience greater pleasure themselves.

Your success depends on how long you wear the device every day. Men who use Penis Pals for longer periods per day will achieve good results quicker than those who wear it for a shorter time. In case you canĂ­t wear the tool for as long as recommended, you will still achieve an enlargement but your gains will be noticeable after a long time compared to men who follow the instructions.


The Vimax Extender is usually worn for 2 to 4 hours each evening but those looking for even faster results can wear the device for up to 10 hours a day. Although penis enlargers will not provide results immediately, consistent users should begin to experience changes in length and girth within the first 3 months of use.

Ease of Use

Vimax ExtenderVimax Extender works on the principle of traction. Men follow the included instructions to put on the device over their penis and lock it into place. The device uses varying levels of traction that can be adjusted, this traction stretches out the penile tissue slowly, allowing more blood to flow to the area and plump it up. This helps the penis to get wider and longer over time.

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The only reported side effects with Vimax Extender have been some mild pain and discomfort. This mild side effect is due to the unfamiliarity of wearing a traction device on the penis and the force that is being exerted. The discomfort can be treated by taking the device off and massaging the penis for several minutes before putting the device back on.


Within the first several months of use, most men experience a gain of one inch. Within six months of consistent use, men can make increases of up to three inches. The device can also correct issues with penis shape or curvature. The device is very small and can be comfortably worn while sitting for long periods of time and engaging in activities which involve little physical stimulus.

Clinical Studies

When products undergo clinical studies and do well in these studies this indicates that the product is not just being manufactured and geared towards making money off of the public. It also indicates that respected doctors and other medical professionals back up the products claims and find it will work as advertised. The Vimax Extender device has undergone scientific studies and is considered a useful and trustworthy device for medical professionals. According to the companies’ official website, the device gave positive results to 98% of men and reduced penis curvation issues by 75% in the test group.


Vimax Extender may not be as cheap as pills, creams and other such options, but unlike most of these so-called penis enlargers, the Vimax Extender actually works. Clinical studies back up the product as do thousands of reviews from satisfied men who have been able to enjoy more confidence and a more energetic sex life thanks to using the product. The enlarging device is also more affordable than many similar products on the market, delivers fast results and is risk-free.

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