Other Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

In this article, I discuss alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction. In other countries, you may have heard or read stories about a massage therapy that’s used to enhance men’s sexual performance. That’s true – there is such a massage, especially in Asia. It‘s called prostate massage therapy. In centuries past, many Asian wives employed the services of monks or doctors to give their husbands prostate massages to ensure optimal sexual performance.


Prostate Massage Therapy

These days, prostate massage therapy is looked at as more than just sexual performance enhancing treatment. It’s also considered as a vital practice for enhancing and maintaining prostate health. Prostate massage therapy is also used these days as a means for relief of symptoms of prostatitis and enlarged prostate glands and as a way of maintaining good sexual and prostate health. Still, it’s best to consult with a medical professional before deciding to undergo this kind of therapy to determine if it’s safe for you.

How It’s Done

Just how are prostate massages done? It’s done by massaging the prostate internally or externally in several ways. Internally, a lubricated and gloved finger is inserted inside the man’s anus and is pressed against his prostate gland. Either a doctor, himself or his partner can do this.

The person administering this massage then carefully probes for the prostate gland, which will feel like a tiny ball. The massage is done by applying light pressure and releasing said pressure on different areas of the prostate. Prostatic fluid is released at the end of the man‘s penis when pressure is applied at the center of the gland.

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An alternative to using a lubricated gloved finger is an internal prostate massager. This kind of massager has a lubricated part, which is inserted in the anus to massage the prostate.

Gentle Pressure Is Applied

Externally, a prostate massage is done by applying gentle pressure to the perineum –  the area between a man’s scrotum and anus-  using a finger. This pressure is applied along the entire length between the anus and scrotum for optimal massage benefits. An external prostate massaging instrument can also be used to do the same. This therapy is also called prostate milking because doing so helps release prostatic fluid out of the penis, which helps reduce prostate inflammation by opening up channels in the gland.

This type of massage helps to improve erectile performance by improving the pelvis‘ muscle tone.


One advantage of doing this massage is that it can be administered in the comfort of one’s home. Still, a doctor’s clearance is best prior to have this done. Speaking of prostate massage devices, it‘s important that one is able to get the real deal and not just repackaged dildos or other sex toys made to look like prostate massagers.

One way to do so is to pay close attention to the packaging, particularly who the manufacturer or marketer is, prior to getting one. Internal prostate massagers, i.e. inserted inside the anus, may or may not have vibrating functions. Because the prostate can be rather fragile, you don’t want to get an unsafe prostate massager that vibrates like a jackhammer, right? Right!

A good prostate massager is the Sonic Prostate Massager, that features a sonic wave massage function for stimulating the prostate area, relax it, bring down inflammation and enhance fluids and blood flow in the pelvic area, which can help treat erectile dysfunction.

Prostate Massagers

Other internal prostate massagers utilize non-sonic waves, i.e. vibration, to massage and stimulate the prostate. Eternal prostate massagers are, as the name says, not inserted inside the anus. Men can use this by sitting down. They’re made to massage a particular spot called the perineum.

Using such a device can certainly make it easier to massage the prostate for treating erectile dysfunction. Look for prostate massagers that offer money-back guarantees as this is a sign of a quality device. Only a manufacturer who is supremely confident about their product’s quality will be sane enough to offer such a guarantee. And when you start using it for erectile dysfunction, be patient. It takes at least a few weeks for the benefits of daily prostate massaging to become obvious.


Men, unlike women, find it difficult to talk through their problems. Often, they have difficulty even admitting they have a problem in the first place, let alone talking about it to someone they care about. This is when it may be handy to talk to someone who is not close to you but has experience in counseling people with sexual problems. Even if there is a physical cause for erectile dysfunction, it can often sap a man’s sexual confidence.

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Lack of Confidence

Maybe an unfortunate sexual encounter or encounters in the past is responsible for the lack of confidence that is causing problems in the here and now. The thing with confidence is that it’s so easy to lose and yet so difficult to regain. Sometimes it never returns. Talking with someone who is non—judgmental, practical and a good listener may help you overcome your lack of confidence and start feeling good about yourself again.

Sometimes just saying stuff out loud takes away its ability to cause you worry, emotional pain and difficulty. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems once it is out in the open and being talked about. Acknowledging the problem goes a long way towards finding the solution, and counselors are skilled in the art of drawing out your true feelings and helping you to examine and analyze them.

Self Help

If your self-help methods of rebuilding your confidence aren‘t succeeding, maybe you need to seek the help of a counselor. It should be someone you can engage with and feel comfortable with, due to the highly personal subject matter. Your doctor may be able to recommend someone suitable, or if you don’t feel you can discuss such intimate things with a complete stranger, there are a number of online counseling services available.

Whatever type of counselor you decide to use, check out their credentials and ask to see testimonials, so you can set your mind at rest that they are qualified to help you, and have helped others with similar problems in the past.


These days, people are trying hypnosis for all sorts of lifestyle problems — quitting smoking, losing weight, getting over bereavement, fear of flying and sexual problems, among many others. Before taking this route, you need to be positive that this is what you want to do, and you also need to have confidence in the ability of the hypnotherapist.

In other words, you need an open mind and trust in your practitioner, because if you don’t believe hypnosis will do any good, you’re setting yourself up for failure before you even try. Hypnosis has proved successful for many people where other methods have failed, so it’s worth a try.

The hypnotherapist can address all the mental problems that are causing your erectile dysfunction, including lack of confidence and anxiety, depression and low self—esteem. It is likely that you will need several sessions before any improvement is noticed, so be prepared for that, and don’t expect a quick fix.

Resolving The Underlying Problem

The hypnotherapist may use one or more techniques to help you, or a combination of several methods.Some may involve suggestion and instructions, while others may be aimed at resolving the underlying cause or causes of the problem. Make sure your chosen therapist discusses all available options and the reasons why they may or may not work in your case.

Sometimes the treatment may involve delving into your subconscious mind — particularly if there is no physical cause for your problem, and you can’t figure out a solid psychological or emotional cause.  You need to realize that you may find yourself having to confront things that have been buried — possibly for many years — and you need to be ready to deal with what you may discover about yourself and other people during your treatment.


Any or all of the above tactics may be able to help you restore your confidence, to a point where you can contemplate sexual intercourse without wondering whether you will manage to get and maintain an erection. If you don’t feel confident enough to help yourself, don’t be afraid or ashamed to call in the experts. Erectile dysfunction is actually quite common.

Everyone needs help from someone at some stage in their life, and you are no different. Better to go for counseling or therapy than live with erectile dysfunction for longer than you need to.

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