Starting A Penis Enlargement Program

Here are some important thoughts to keep in mind as you begin your penis enlargement program. Decide to start your new Program now, and EXPECT to succeed. Get excited about your goal – be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm generates persistence. And per- sistence is important in any self-improvement program. The best self-improvement program in the world means little or nothing to the person who doesn’t follow it. So as you begin your program decide to be persistent. Remember that people learn at different rates and that some people respond quickly, while others may respond more slowly. If you’re serious about reaching your body development goals you owe it to yourself to give the method a thorough try.

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Set A Goal And Stick To It

You have nothing to lose by trying – and you have the potential of an attractive body to gain! Follow the program completely and carefully. Keep your goal continually before you. Focus enthusiastically and excitedly on the mental pic- ture of your new, attractive body. Focus on your goal and you’ll help make it happen – remember that we always gravi- tate toward that goal that we think about most.

Concentrate on the rewards of success and not on the fear of failure. When we dwell on the fear of failure we are unconsciously bringing failure upon us as our goal.

Imagine and visualize your success in everything you do. See the results of your goal even before you have achieved it, understanding that by changing your self image you can help yourself immensely in many aspects of your life.

As you pursue your goal on this program it’s vitally important to understand the difference between persistence and effort. Persistence means merely using the program on a consistent basis. Effort means trying. While trying may be important in many endeavors, it can actually be a hindrance here. In Bio-imagery programming the learning process operates on a different level. You are NOW learning to be aware of different bodily signals. Your new training will be most effective when you literally let go . . . when you just let it happen.

So focus your enthusiasm on your goal and on sticking with the program. If you do, the improvements in your self-image can begin to take place. And each time you use the program the visualizations become more vivid, more intense. As you use the program, put a value on the benefits that can be derived from it. How valuable would it be to have a handsome, sexier body? What could it mean to you in terms of personal pride and self-confidence? The benefits from this program could make it one of the most worthwhile programs you’ve ever used rewards far more valuable than the few minutes a day you spend at it.

Build an Attractive Body

So decide to start today on your personal body development goals.

The goal. . . of an attractive body for you. The evidence. . . taken from scientific studies. The technique… embodied in a carefully designed program built with the consultation of experts. And the program. . . designed to help you achieve your goals. Now is the time to begin your personal body enhancement program.

Start today on an exciting new program for improving your body and your self-image. As you use the program, continue your quest to learn as much as you can about the method. Increasing your knowledge of the program can help you to achieve maximum results with it. You may have started the program without reading all the chapters. If so, it is recommended that you now read these articles which explain Bio-imagery programming and the scientific data in which it is based. Then, as you use the program each day, you’ll find that this additional material will make the method more effective as well as more meaningful.

In addition you’ll find in the chapters that follow in this article, many additional ideas and suggestions that will help you to maximize your results and enhance the effectiveness of the program.

Research has shown that individuals who “tried” to learn control of bodily functions through biofeedback methods were having difficulty until they quit trying. Then when they had literally given up trying, they suddenly discovered that they had learned it almost automatically. Although this program differs from biofeedback (no elaborate equipment is used to learn this program) the same principle applies here: relax and just let it happen. Relaxation is the key to learning; “effort” is contradictory to relaxation.

How To Achieve Maximum Results

The results of feedback on this program are fascinating. Many men are skeptical, at first, that it can work. After all, it seems so easy. How could something so simple actual- ly increase penis size? Results show that for those who do follow the program to completion, the results are generally very favorable.

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Individuals do vary, not only in their motivation to stick to a program, but in the results they achieve. Although scientists may cry for greater accuracy through verified measurements, the enthusiastic men who enjoy the results feel differently.

One of the most fascinating discoveries that comes from analyzing the clinical data is the existence of the proportioning effect. Although all of the clinical studies measured the increases in penis size, only one examined the concurrent reduction in waist size that seems to take place concomitantly. The reduction in the waist size indicates an even greater increase in the actual perceived size of the penis. A very high percentage of those reporting penis increases also reported a corollary decrease in waist size. An analysis of the data seems to indicate that only those who really could benefit from a waist reduction actually reduced waist size in those men who already had small waistlines increased penis size without any reduction in waist size.

Interestingly enough, there seemed to be no significant relationships between either increase or decrease in 5 weight and either penis enlargement or waist reduction although substantial numbers of the men benefited from the proportioning effect in clinical studies. This finding the concomitant improved body proportions and the increase in penis size – warrants further study.

Stick With A Safe Program

Of particular interest is the finding that the program is totally safe. Although thousands of men have used this program, no adverse consequence has been reported. You will find some men who are slow starters and others who are fast starters. Men of very shape and size have used the program.

Our analysis of the progress of men who have followed the program makes one thing abundantly clear: every man is unique, progresses at his own rate and in his own pattern of change. The probable reasons for this finding are complex. And certainly all of them are not known. Studies of 5 how people learn, and how they relearn, provide insight into some of the factors which influence the learning process.

Everything that you can do to help enhance your self-image can help you to progress more effectively with the Program. That is why the technique of visualization can be helpful. We therefore suggest that during the day you focus A” on the specific concepts you learned from the scripts regarding; the visualizations and reinforce the image of yourself you wish to attain. Picture vividly the new self-image of  attractive, handsome body. Create your own visualization.

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Boost Your Self-Image

Keep in mind that your self-image is a central factor that helps you to move forward quickly. Most importantly, use the scripts consistently. Know that they were designed by internationally-known consulting psychologists and that the learning procedures that they incorporate are designed to help you enhance your self-image as you use the program.

You may also wish to use a technique for reinforcing your new improved self-image that has been suggested by one of the researchers on this method: find a picture of a man with the kind of body you would like to have and paste over the picture a picture of your own face. From time to time look at this picture as you are visualizing the progress you are making towards your goal.

As you are progressing toward your goal it is also helpful to understand some of the factors which may have inhibited the development of your breasts during your adolescent years. Many men have reported feeling a sense of anxiety, and perhaps undue concern about the development of their own penis during their developmental stages. In our culture, with its emphasis on youth and virility, this kind of anxiety is not uncommon and it could be a contributing factor in inhibiting the normal development of the penis during the developmental stages of a young boy’s life. This type of anxiety may help account for the fact that psychologists have reported case studies in which men enjoyed a natural increase in penis size following psychotherapy.

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