Does Sizegenetics Increase Penis Size?

SizeGenetics is one of the best selling penis extenders on the market for a number of years. Other companies sell similar devices, but Sizegenetics has received some of the highest reviews and testimonials from its users and guys interested in increasing the length and girth of their penis. Quality construction, comfort, and added bonuses — combined with effective results — are what contribute to these high marks.

Having been a big fan of X4 Labs (another popular brand), I decided to try Sizegenetics and see if it was a product I could use. Unfortunately, you can’t make your penis larger by taking pills or supplements but you can by using a penis extender such as the SizeGenetics to produce permanent gains.

Why Is Sizegenetics So Popular?

There are several brands on the market of varying quality and configurations and you may have even tried a few. If you have found them disappointing, your skepticism is well merited. SizeGentics is one of the most well-researched and innovative brands on the market because they put an emphasis on comfort and quality. This is what really matters when it comes down whether you will end up with a big cock or not.

With their medical grade components and adjustable angles, I can always get a nice fit around my penis without discomfort or pain.

Ultimate System

The ultimate system costs more than the other 2 selections and for good reason. If you are ready to take charge with a new level of confidence and sex life, this is the one for you. It includes:

Everything that is in the comfort package plus: A secure leather case that locks plus a travel-size case, Ebooks on how to have better set, an assortment of seduction information and how to stay fit.

Moisturizer cream, powder, and cleaning wipes. Private access to online PenisHealth and an exercise DVD, Comfortable Velcro-X strap for ultimate comfort, free shipping right to your door.

Price: $299.95
Sold by:

Comfort Package

This version has the same great package inclusions but is the new and improved version designed to increase your comfort level.

Instead of a standard pad and strap, this model includes the 58-Way ultimate comfort system and a leather case for storing. It also gives you a wider selection of 3 bars and spare parts.

A lot of users have commented on how this model helps to customize your comfort level so that better results are seen faster.

Price: $249.95
Sold by:

Value Edition

This is the basic package that offers standard results for growing the penis at an affordable price. It includes:

1 SG Device (medically approved), 2 Bars for elongation (1 inch and 2 inch), 1 Pad and strap for comfort, 1 DVD for information and instruction.

This version will give you what is desired but without any extra incentives. It’s perfect if you’re on a tight budget but still want to get into the penis enlargement game.

Price: $199.95
Sold by:

How it Works

A penis extender is a device that enlarges the penis throughout constant tension through the use of a noose that wraps around the penis and adjustable tension rods. The outstretched penis is under stress for 6-8 hours per day to stimulate soft tissue production. If you follow the instructions as directed you should see increases in size within 3-6 months. The size increases come from cellular expansion and the stretching of the ligaments on the pubic bone.

In order to deliver the necessary amount of traction, an extender has to be properly constructed from precision materials. SizeGenetics has done really well at this. Additionally, the precision design and adjustable rods add to the extender’s ability to deliver the necessary resistance. Specifically, the extender generates a generous 2,800 grams of tension which can be easily dialed in. Another thing I like is that it’s done in an incredibly comfortable manner due to the way it grips the penis with its velcro strap.

58-way comfort system

The unique comfort mechanism is where this product shines and, in my opinion, is what makes it a premium extender.

The 58-way comfort design makes it possible to wear it at any angle with a variety of options to strap it around your penis. Anyone who wishes to gain significant increases in penis length have put in hundreds if not thousands of hours in which is why comfort is so paramount.

You will have to wear the device ideally for 6-8 hours per day. You can probably imagine an uncomfortable device is going to turn off even the most dedicated customer and result in failure. SizeGenetics realized comfort was the path to success, which is why new developments in extended comfort and usability were prioritized.

A Better Fit

The advanced comfort system can be used “58 different ways”. The various different ways the device can be adjusted ensure not only the most desirable fit is experienced, but also that maximum gains may be achieved. The original name for the 58-way comfort system was the 16-way comfort mechanism. The name change reflects that SizeGenetics is always seeking to improve and advance previous versions of the device and optimize their technology.

More Wearable Options

Added comfort and expanded wearing options are critical to experiencing success.  Added comfort features also include a fabric-covered latex grip, a silicon noose and comfort strap, and foam rubber protection pads. The extender can be purchased on its own or as part of a special Ultimate System. The Ultimate System comes with a host of added items including an instructional DVD, cleaning wipes, a travel case, a lock and key and even seduction and fitness eBooks. Online instant access to the PenisHealth site is included and should be of great value.

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What I Like

Added comfort means more usage. When I first tried SizeGentics, I was amazed at how well it fit. The more they use, the bigger the results, right? The ability to customize it is another plus. Designed to fit any penis size or shape, you can fine-tune it to fit snug like a glove. Medical researchers were involved in making the 3M medical-grade materials. In fact, it’s so comfortable that I sometimes forget that I am wearing it.

  • It’s easy to use
  • Provides large gains in penis growth
  • Leads to better sexual performance
  • Provides stronger orgasms

Each SizeGentics Extender is fitted with a comfort strap that provides padding for maximum comfort. It also ensures the highest level of protection for those sensitive areas.

Custom Length Extenders

Known as elongation bars, they are available in different sizes to help stretch your penis to its desired length. Because everyone is unique in size, there are different lengths to choose from. There is no fear of rusting and each bar is very lightweight.

Are there Disadvantages to SizeGentics?

  • Because this device helps to strengthen the cell structure and ligaments of the body, there is no immediate growth. It will take time to reach the results that you are looking for.
  • Be prepared to keep the device on for at least 6 hours a day, longer if possible.
  • The extender needs to be cared for while in use. It should be removed every 2 hours in order for the blood flow to be restored to normal for about 15 minutes.
  • Urination is also inconvenient as the device needs to be removed in order to urinate properly.

Although there are a few drawbacks to using SizeGenetics or any penis extender for that matter, the permanent end results are well worth the inconvenience. You can rest assured that by taking a slow natural route to penis enlargement will give you the best and most consistent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

SizeGenetics FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Sizegenetics and penis extenders.

Does It Make Your Penis Thicker?

Unfortunately, no, it does not make your penis thicker. It’s designed to stretch your penis, which makes it longer. If your goal is to increase your girth, consider combining products such as Jelqing, Bathmate or Penomet with SizeGenetics.

Does it Hurt to Use SizeGenetics?

If used correctly then you should not feel pain while even after wearing it for numerous hours each day. It’s one of the most comfortable penis extenders available. If you experience pain while using this product, make sure that you’ve strapped on the device correctly adjust the tension to a tolerable level.

Will It Work if I Have a Micro Penis?

The company doesn’t specify that SizeGenetics should be used with a particular penis size. However, the product appears to work for men with average size penises, which is 5 to 5.5 inches when erect. If you are looking for a micropenis option, research the Phallosan Forte extender.

How Long Should I Wear It?

According to numerous studies, forum threads, and from my personal experience, you will get the best results if you wear your penis extender every day for up to 8 hours. Just make sure that you take a 15-minute break every hour or two to restore blood flow to your penis. Experts claim that if the extender is worn for less time, you will not get good results.

Do Not Expect Quick Results

Basically, you may grow one inch for every 1000 hours a penis extender is worn. So, when you wear one for 5 to 8 hours a day, expect a 1-inch growth after about 200 days. But this won’t happen for all men since everyone is different.

  • Take a 15-minute break to restore blood circulation
  • Massage your penis during breaks
  • Follow this routine for 6 to 8 months

Six-Month Money Back Guarantee

SizeGenetics GuaranteeSizeGentics is confident that customers are going to be pleased with their results. A 100% six-month guarantee is included with every purchase. If the user follows the proper directions and does not see results within 180 days, a full refund will be provided. SizeGenetics absolutely has much more to offer than a number of other penis extender manufacturers on the market. With this in mind, it may be worthwhile to check out what the competitors are selling. My two favorite brands of penis extender are X4 labs and Sizegenetics. Both offer amazing results and comfort with some minor differences in their packages.

When purchasing, be sure to check out manufacturers online to determine if they are authorized in selling the Sizegentics. There are plenty of copycats out there that will try and sway you to make a purchase from them. Make sure that the retailer is a qualified and trustworthy representative. All distributors will offer the 6-month guarantee.


Sizegentics extenders are guaranteed to give you at least 1 inch to your penis when the instructions are followed and used for 6 months. I was able to see my first results in only 12 weeks and it was well worth the wait. For around $140, you can permanently increase the size of your penis and have an exciting sex life with increased pleasure and confidence.

Price: $199.95 – $299.95
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 2800 grams
Overall Score: A
Sold by:

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