Sinrex is a male enhancement pill that uses medically certified natural, safe and effective ingredients to answer to erectile dysfunction problems. The herbal supplement can offer patients the best of both worlds: affectivity and safety. Sinrex will not only improve the quality of the erection but can also help stimulate stamina and sexual desire. For those of you who are still curious about how all these work, read on and get all your questions answered.


How It Works

The main thing that makes Sinrex different from all the other brands out in the market is its unique combination of herbal medicines which have been used to cure erectile dysfunction.

The product also contains L-arginine and Tribulus that increases the flow of blood to the male sex organ. This action brings about stronger and longer lasting erections.

Other natural ingredients include Hawthorn Berries, Siberian ginseng, and Epunedum Sagitum – which all work to increase the production of testosterone and increase libido for a better sexual drive.

Tribulus Tribulus

Tribulus is considered to be an invasive plant in many places. It is also known by the name “puncture vine” because the small fruits have sharp spikes that are tough enough that they have even been known to puncture a car tire. I can attest that they are painful to step on!

The fruits (which are nearly rock hard) are the part used in herbal medicine. The herb has a long tradition in India where it is considered to be an all-around restorative. However, the herb clearly has an affinity for the urinary system.

Studies show that Tribulus is an effective diuretic, though what other effects it may have are not clear. Traditionally, it is held that Tribulus is a safe diuretic that nourishes the urinary system and does not deplete the body of potassium and other electrolytes, as do some diuretics.


Ginseng has benefits for the whole body. For me personally, I like to take a shot of ginseng just before working out because it really helps me with mental focus and concentration. Other benefits of ginseng include heart health benefits, important for men since so many suffer from heart disease, and immune support. But it really benefits just about everything.

Perhaps that’s why it’s becoming so popular: even ginseng growers in New Jersey are starting to profit handsomely off of the amazing total-body supplement, something I read in an eye-opening article recently.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko or ginkgo biloba (gingko will be used from this point onward for consistency) is a tree notable for its species’ immense age, having been found in fossil records from the Permian Period approximately two – hundred million years ago, which most species (96%) were not able to survive. This herb increases the amount of blood flow in the vessels which is the primary process that brings about penile erection. This is also a very popular Chinese herbal medicine used to help improve blood circulation all throughout the body.

Gingko biloba contains in it many beneficial biochemical compounds. Some of these have the ability to perform monoamine oxidase inhibition. Monoamine oxidase inhibition keeps the body’s levels of L-monoamine oxidases in check, as irregular L-monoamine oxidase levels cause neurological disorders, including but not limited to sexual dysfunction.

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Sinrex also contains extremely high amounts of antioxidants such as Lycopene and EGCG which helps remove harmful free radicals and carcinogens from the system.

Antioxidants are an important element for promoting prostate health and normal sperm production.  Sinrex is the only male enhancement brand that is known to contain antioxidants.


Creatinine is also a very important part of the medication’s formula. This substance helps promote better physique and body build. It also helps slow down the body’s aging process increases its ability to regenerate cells and tissues.

Other Ingredients

As mentioned before, the product is a combination of herbs and important compounds that help improve blood flow to the organ. So here are a few more equally important ingredients that the product contains:

Cuscuta seed

Cuscuta seed is rich in antioxidants that fight off cellular damage caused by harmful free radicals and carcinogens. This herb has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a variety of ailments, which includes erectile dysfunction.

Copper chelate

This compound helps increase fat metabolism, preventing unnecessary fat storage in your body. Ample amounts of copper in the system have also been known to help reduce the risk of heart diseases by increasing the amounts of low-density lipoproteins in the body.


This substance helps promote better absorption of all the other herbal ingredients in the formula. This ensures you that all the other potent compounds in the medication are absorbed by the body and put to good use.


The natural herbal treatment is made specifically to produce stronger and harder penile erection. It can also help the body produce more amounts of testosterone and therefore, help improve sexual drive in the process.

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