Side Effects of Damiania

Damiana is a useful herb that treats several disorders, including decreased libido, anxiety and depression. Because of its many health benefits, you might consider taking it in higher dosage. But this could lead to plenty of side effects related to excess damiana consumptions. Some of its known side effects will include the following:


How damiana affects your body will depend on the method of delivery

Diarrhea. Through its laxative effects, diarrhea may arise caused by consumption of this plant. If you are experiencing stomach discomfort and diarrhea, you should lower the dosage or stop using it for a while. Wait for it to subside before you begin to take it again. This is to help you determine how much of this plant’s components your stomach can take.

Effects on your emotions. The normal dosage of this plant can improve your mood. But if taken on larger dose, then it can have extreme effects on your emotions. With that in mind, you may experience hallucinations and manic feelings.

Hypoglycemia. This is the reason diabetics are not allowed to take damiana as it can lower blood sugar levels to the point that they become dangerous for diabetics. However, if you still want to take it, you can counteract its blood sugar effects by consuming foods high in carbohydrates. But you must not use damiana weeks prior to your surgery as it can cause blood glucose problems during the surgical operation.

Miscarriage. As it regulates or alters hormone levels, pregnant women are not allowed to take this plant because it can cause miscarriage. The leaf of this plant is ground up to create a tea. Or it is soaked in

alcohol to produce a damiana tincture. Because it is difficult to find damiana plant, you may purchase it in capsule forms, which are available in health food stores. These supplements are safe to be taken by healthy individuals. This means that it has to be consumed in regular doses. Opting to smoke this plant may lead to respiratory difficulty because smoking delivers a high amount of damiana components to your body. This may lead to hallucinations and seizures.


Damiana is generally safe for consumption. But you must also heed the side effects mentioned above. As discussed earlier, it is fairly safe to use damiana but its associated risks increase with the dosage. Keep in
mind that larger amounts are considered to be very harmful to the body.

Its recommended daily dosages are the following:

For damiana extract, it is safe to consume two to four milliliters three times a day. If you are taking it in capsule form, two to four grants of damiana are safe to be taken three times a day. But you must follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the product. As a tea, you can take one cup of boiling water three times a day. If you smoke damiana, you can feel its effects within a few minutes. The effects would last one to two hours. Smoking three to five grams of the plant’s leaves each day is safe.

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Overview & Conclusion

The uses of damiana are aplenty, even though scientists considered it a useless herb. It is not harmful when taken in recommended dosage. Clinical tests suggested that the herb dilates blood vessels; therefore, it is effective in improving sexual drive and alleviating erectile dysfunction. Mild constipation may also be treated with this herb.

The effectiveness of damiana is affected by various factors. As long as you are using it in its recommended dosage, you will be okay.

Today, this herb is recommended by herbalists to treat female sexual dysfunction. In fact, it has been recommended by some doctors as a remedy to treat female frigidity. This is one of the reasons damiana has been included as an ingredient in various Viagra-like natural supplements. You can also see it in love potions and cures for impotence.

Some spas in Mexico are using damiana into their beverages or skin products. For instance, damiana is being used together with honey as a body wrap. Its beverage form, on the other hand, can be enjoyed as a drink after dinner because of its sweet taste.


The medical uses of damiana are still being studied. But many individuals have already tried and tested its health benefits. This is one of the herbal remedies that offer essential health benefits to humans. It can be easily available at health food stores and you can purchase it online. As always, it is wise to consult your physician or healthcare provider about the use of a supplement that contains such a plant. This is especially true if you have a certain medical condition.

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