Sexual Performance is Everything

Performance is everything. Let’s think about that statement for a minute.

Many experts, healthcare professionals, and some women in an effort to comfort and console men, as well as highlight other important aspects of a relationship, will tell you that this statement is not true.

It is politically incorrect.  It is a statement that can intensify or add more anxiety to the problem.


Sex is Important for Relationships

I admit a loving relationship is more than sex. (notice I didn’t use the words “just sex”) such as respect, trust, honesty, communication etc. Just as a car is more than its engine, where would it go without the tires or a battery or gasoline? (or electric charge) Guys, in relationships we all know what it’s like when a woman is in a bad mood, frustrated or unhappy.

Well, what do you think happens when a man can’t get, keep or maintain an erection?

Importance of Sexual Pleasure

Exactly, now so what do you think happens when she experiences sexual pleasure or when she feels special, appreciated, attractive and loved? Exactly.

When I use the term performance, I am speaking primarily of the ability to have sexual intercourse, not the techniques or the prowess.

Believe me, when you are able to have an erection, naturally, on command, whenever you want, the meaning of performance will quickly shift because your ability and confidence will soar.

Now that we understand performance, I will briefly share some of the important things that negatively affect our ability to perform.

Sexual Performance Anxiety

There is the fear that you won’t perform or satisfy your partner. The worry your penis doesn’t measure up.

Concern about premature ejaculation

You might be diagnosed with premature ejaculation if you: Always or nearly always ejaculate within one minute of penetration. Are unable to delay ejaculation during intercourse all or nearly all of the time.


Too much stress for too long can affect the body’s hormone levels which can affect the arteries and cause them to restrict blood flow which can cause Erectile Dysfunction.

Lack of Sleep

You can be in the best shape of your life and do everything correctly as far as your eating habits are concerned but if you deprive your body of the rest it needs, your erection will pay the price.

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Sleep and proper rest is a MUST.

Health Concerns


Not only does depression affect the body’s biochemistry, but it also affects every area of a person’s life.


Contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes

Major erection killers

Heart Disease

When the arteries are restricted this affects blood flow and can cause ED


Affects the nerves and the blood vessels needed for maintaining an erection

Gum Disease

This one may surprise you but some studies have shown a link between severe gum disease and ED but there is a relationship between you oral health and your overall health.


High blood pressure as well as medication to treat depression and many other common illnesses can cause ED.

Alcohol or Drug Use

This should be obvious but I have to ask the question. Does alcohol and/or (illegal) drugs really provide any benefit? Okay, wine in moderation does provide some benefit.

Liquid courage is not one of them. Seriously, If you need help – get help.


All of these things discussed that affect ED and our performance can be greatly improved by making better lifestyle choices in the area of health and fitness.

For most of us, they don’t have to be drastic changes but many times it is one or two simple choices that make a huge difference.

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