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Penis Stretching Variations

Erectile dysfunction is plaguing millions of people. Many seem to forget that erectile dysfunction also affects blood circulations, stress levels, blood pressure, and of course, sex life. Some names like Viagra have become known in the average household, however many people prefer natural alternatives.


Sextagin HardcoreHow many of these medicinal treatments are legitimate and help remedy the situation? Sextagin claims better erections, increase stamina, and increase in penis size.

Sextagin Hardcore contains the powerful and potentially dangerous stimulant Yohimbine. Yohimbine comes from Yohimbe tree bark and works by increasing blood flow to the penis.

However,  Yohimbine is notorious for its side effects which include: heart palpitations, excitation, insomnia, kidney failure, seizures, dizziness,  sinus discomfort, irritability, intense headaches, frequent urination, bloating, rash, nausea, vomiting, and heart attacks.

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The advantages of Yohimbe on the male sex urge are as follows: high-powered erections which could be maintained for prolonged periods,  upgraded libido, stronger ejaculations.

Currently, Yohimbe is sold as a sexual health add-on and is usually consumed in the form of capsules. Many partners have acquired the aphrodisiac advantages of this pre-historic long -lived herb because it has helped them to establish and endure erections. Ample verification implies that this herb can intensify the levels of testosterone in men.

Tribulus Terrestris

An aphrodisiac herb was shown to increases levels of the hormones testosterone, DHEA, and estrogen. High doses of Tribulus Terrestris can lead to a feeling of restlessness, insomnia a rapid heartbeat, and elevated temperature.

Other ingredients include Cayenne Pepper, Astragalus, Catuaba Bark Powder, Licorice, Orchic, Oyster Extract and Boron, Zinc, Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Korean Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, and Yohimbine.


Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), also known as “Indian Ginseng” has traditionally been employed as an aphrodisiac, and as such may help people with psychologically induced impotence. This supplement causes drowsiness and therefore should never be taken by those using other sedatives, with the usual cautions about driving or operating machinery being applicable as well.

Wild ginseng is also harvested in various U.S. states, believe it or not, although there are some pretty strong regulations regarding its availability according to state laws. With the popularity of herbs like these rising, don’t be surprised to see more and more foragers and more and more harvesters throwing their hats into the proverbial ring in the coming years.

Sample recommended dose: 200 to 400 mg daily; I like to take it right before working out or doing some sort of task that requires intense mental concentration.


Regarded as a potent male libido booster since Ancient times, Sarsaparilla treats several disorders of the genitor-urinary system.

Pumpkin Seed Powder

Contains a mood-elevating amino acid that has been shown to increase alertness, and give you an energy boost in the sac.

Muira Puama Powder

A tree bark was shown to increase libido and an increase in sexual desire.

Is It Worth It?

For the majority of people looking for an erectile dysfunction remedy, Sextagin is not worth it. The health risks associated with Yohimbe outweigh the benefits. It is suggested that you use a safe and clinically proven alternative like Vigrx Plus.

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