Routines to Boost Your Penis Size

Now that you have acquired all sorts of new knowledge about how to make your penis an even better player in games played in the sack (and otherwise), now it is the time to put all that information to the test. Learn about some of the best exercises to utilize when it comes to growing your mini you. Penile exercise methods are not setting up your Little Willy at the gym on a barbell bench, flexing and doing cock-ups. The penis is created uniquely in such a way that those types of exercises wouldn’t do a darn thing. But the routines in this chapter are those that your own penis can perform! It is all about extending the amount of blood flow that runs through the penis and stretching ligaments.

Dedicating time to perform regular penile exercises over the course of 3-6 months, will not only increase the length and girth of your penis, but will drastically improve your sex game as well. You will discover that you have much better control over ejaculation times, an increased intensity in your orgasms and firmer, longer-lasting erections. The routines here are divided up into beginner, intermediate, and expert. You will probably wonder as you work your way up to expert level why you hadn’t performed these exercises before now!

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Basic Stretch — (4 x 15 seconds each direction) — This exercise helps with the lengthening of the penis.

1. Ensure that your penis has been fully warmed up and ensure that it is fully flaccid.
2. With your strongest hand, grab the penis right behind the head.
3. Firmly pull penis in front of you until it reaches a comfortable limit of stretching. It is crucial NOT to pull your penis to the point that you are in pain. This could result in tissue damage.
4. Hold the stretch for 1-15 seconds and take time to relax in-between pulls.
5. Repeat 2-3 times. When done, ensure that you relax and massage the head of the penis for 1 minute afterwards to restore circulation of blood.
6. Once you have taken the time to relax for at least 1 minute, perform all above steps, but pull penis slightly upward, then downward, then to the left and to the right. Make sure you are relaxing for at least 1 minute in-between changing directions.

-Basic Jelq — (3 Minutes) — This exercise assists in not only the lengthening of the penis, but also the broadening of its girth.

1. Make sure you have thoroughly warmed up, and apply lubricant to penis.
2. Massage your penis until it reaches to about 70-80% erect. It should still be partially flexible to conduct the remainder of the jelq.
3. Taking your thumb and forefinger, encircle the base of your penis so the blood is entrapped within it. 4. With a light grip, slide your hand towards the penile head.

You should be able to feel blood being forced toward the tip.
Before your hand reaches the head, grasp base of penis with other hand and use same technique.
Release the hand that is by your penis head and repeat this “milking action” with your second hand. Take 2-3 seconds per slide, which equals 1 repetition. Continue until you have done desired number of repetitions. It is recommended not to do more than 10-20 repetitions at one period of time.

Horizontal Movement — (2 minutes) — This exercise aids totally in the expansion of penile girth.

Massage your penis until it is 70-80% erect. You want it to be partially flexible in order to continue this exercise. Apply liberal amount of lubricant.
With thumb and forefinger of left hand, encircle base of penis to trap blood. This will be your “pressure hand” and will remain in the same spot throughout this exercise.
Utilizing the right hand, grasp right behind the head of your penis just tight enough to trap blood.
With both hands grasping your penis, you should see blood start to entrap with your penis. This is called the starting position. Maintaining slight pressure, slide the hand that’s behind your penis head, down the shaft. You should feel blood being forced down your penis during this motion.
When your hands meet, reverse process and firmly slide your “sliding hand” back to the penis head. Take 2-3 seconds per slide. One time back and forth equals 1 repetition.
Continue steps 5-6. However, it is recommended not to do more than 15 times per one sitting.

– Basic PC Clench — (50 reps) — This exercise assists in overall penile health.

8. This exercise is best utilized at the end of any penile workout. It assists in the enlargement process, by allowing major blood flow to head toward the penile area.
9. Massage your penis until you are fully erect.
10. Squeeze your PC muscle so that your penis makes an upward motion and the head of the penis fills with blood.
11. Hold and squeeze this position for 3-5 seconds and relax. This equals one repetition.
12. Continue steps 3-4 until you perform the desired number of sessions.

It is recommended not to conduct more than 20 per sitting.

Warm Down – (2 Minutes) — This exercise helps with blood flow back to penis after all that exercise.

13. This is the same as the warm up. You need to take the same cloth you used to warm up, soak it in hot water before engulfing penis and testicles with it for 2 minutes. You don’t want to get it too hot that it will burn you, but you will know the proper warmth to make it so you do not harm yourself.

Intermediate Penis Exercise Routine

Once you have conducted the first set of routines for anywhere from 6-12 weeks, it is time to step up to the intermediate level of penile exercises. If you stay at the beginning stage without moving up, you will not gain anything out of those routines. Your body will become adjusted to doing them, so that is the need to advance to the intermediate stage after that length of time.

– Warm up (2 minutes) — Ensure you take the time to warm up the same as the beginners routine. It is vital to the health of your penis if you do so.

– Double Handed Power Stretch — (4 x 20 reps) — This exercise assists in strengthening the suspensory ligaments of the penis.

Take the head of your penis and stretch it out in front of you, holding it for 15-30 seconds.
Grasping your penis firmly, pull it to the right until you feel pressure along the side. Hold for 15-30 seconds.
Now do the same as step 2, but stretching your penis to the left. Perform the same as steps 2 and 3, but stretch penis downward. Stretch penis upward for 15-30 seconds.
Repeat steps as many times as you feel comfortable with. Ensure that you rest your penis and arms in-between reps. We wouldn’t want you to risk injury.

– Jelq, Hold and Kegel — (2 minutes) — This exercise not only increases gland size but strengthens PC muscles for much improved erection power.

Perform the basic jelq from the beginners routine, but along with this, you are going to combine a Kegel as well. It’s multitasking at its finest.

– Sit Down Stretch — (2 Minutes) — This exercise is pretty self- explanatory in that it literally stretches the penile tissues.

Massage your penis until it is 30-40% erect. Stretch your penis as far as it can go towards your backside. Slowly sit down on the penis. If you are not careful, you can get hurt.

Dry Jelq — (1-2 Minutes) — This exercise uses the skin of the penis to work blood flow to the erectile tissues.

Massage your penis until it is anywhere from 40-80% erect. Utilizing the “OK grip,” grasp the middle of your penile shaft firmly. Pull back skin of the shaft by stroking your penis loosely towards base. Get as close to the pelvic bone as you possibly can for more effectiveness.

Tighten your grip around the base of the penis and slide your hand towards the glans, squeezing for 1-2 minutes. Apply enough pressure to force blood flow up the penis.
Ensure that you are not jelqing the glans of the penis. With the duration of the time, you have completed 1 stroke of the dry jelq.

Long Schlong Heli — (1 minute) — This exercise utilizes and

works all the tissues and ligaments of the penis in an even fashion.

Massage penis until it is 40-80% erect.
With your dominant hand, grip the base of the penis with the “OK grip,” getting as close to your pubic bone as possible.
Make circular movements with your wrist which will cause your penis to swing in a circular motion.
Increase rotation speed gradually until you are making 5 rotations per second. Perform this step for duration of 60 seconds. It is important that you work up to this step. Do not automatically start 5 rotations per second, as this could lead to injury.

Expert Penis Exercise Routine

After you and your little guy have endured an additional 6 weeks on the intermediate routine, it is time to move up to the big league of penile exercises! These can be used all at one time or can be used individually, depending on how much time you have and the desired growth you want to achieve, which is what we all want in the end. We want that growth, and comingling along with that will result in the anxiety to disappear from our performance.

– Stretching Blood Flow — This exercise is utilized to help in the promotion of blood flow throughout the body and within the penis.

1. Massage your penis until the point of full erection.
2. Put one hand under the glans, and the other at the base of your penis closest to pelvic bone.
3. Squeeze both hands until you feel a comfortable tension, then rub hands back and forth, meeting at the middle.
4. Ensure adequate cool down time.
– The Pressured Schlong — This exercise is one that many men use to help in overall penis enlargement.
5. Ensure adequate warm up time.
6. Hold the tip of the penis, just below the glans.
7. Pull forward and hold stretch for 10 seconds.
8. Then apply just a bit of pressure with your thumb from base to head for no more than 10 seconds.
9. Move thumb back to the base, applying pressure. Do these for 10 seconds.
10. Place other thumb under glans and apply pressure.
11. Rest and massage penile head.
12. This is equal to one repetition. Repeat as many times as you desire.

Ensure adequate warm up time.
Massage your penis until it reaches up to a 60% level of erectness. Pull back foreskin and grab penis just under the glans.
Firmly, but slowly, pull penis towards you until you reach a comfortable limit.
Put thumb of your other hand halfway on shaft and press down. Hold this stretch forward and then downward
Release your penis from this downward push. Move your thumb to another point on the shaft and repeat steps 5-6. Be sure to alternate hands between repetitions.

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The A-Stretch — This stretch using angle manipulation in order to affect the dorsal side of the upper corpora cavernosum.

Ensure adequate warm up time.
Massage your penis until it reaches a max of 60% erectness. With first hand, retract the foreskin (if uncircumcised) and grab your penis behind the glans with the overhand “OK” grip.
Firmly, but slowly, pull penis forward until you reach a nice and comfortable stretch.
Place wrist of second hand underneath your stretched penis. Rest second hand on wrist of the first hand.
Push wrist of second hand upward, utilizing it as a type of lever, while you pull downward with first hand. Maintain stretch for 10 seconds.
Release both hands. Repeat until you do as many reps as desired. Ensure adequate cool down time.

The Double Hand — This is an advanced variation of a milking technique that is utilized to restrict blood flow.

Ensure adequate warm up time.
Massage your penis until it reaches a max of 60% erectness. Retract foreskin (if uncircumcised) and grab penis behind glans with first hand.
Firmly, but slowly, pull penis forward until you reach a comfortable stretch.
Grab shaft of penis with second hand using the standard “OK” grip an inch above the base, and then pull backwards towards the base. Hold this stretch in both directions for 10-15 seconds.
Release both hands. Repeat for desired number of reps.
Ensure adequate cool down time.

– The Advanced Power Jelq — This is an intense variation of the jelq that is used to expand the tunica that surrounds the major erectile bodies.

Perform the same as the basic jelq in chapter 3, only 3x the repetitions and at twice the speed. Apply more pressure, but not to the point of it being uncomfortable. Since you are now in the advanced stage, you should be able to handle additional pressure for longer periods of time.

– The Plumped/Erect Bend — This exercise encourages engorgement of blood and gains regarding girth.

Ensure adequate warm up time.
Massage your penis until it is 100% erect.
Grab the base of your penis with one hand on the “OK” grip
With your other hand, gently pull your penis in a downward motion for 10-15 seconds. Stop if you feel any sort of pain.
Repeat step 3, but in an upward, right and left motion.

Ensure adequate cool down time.

Dry Milking — This exercise promotes penile expansion in both length and girth.

Ensure adequate warm up time.
Massage your penis until it is 50-65% erect.
With one hand in the “OK” grip, place it around base of penis close to your pelvic bone.
More this hand forward until it reaches the middle of the penile shaft and stop in the middle. Do not release your grip.
Perform step 4 multiple times until you feel that you have worked this area of the penis.
Ensure adequate cool down time.

The Horse Squeeze Uli — This exercise was designed to help with thickness of erection by expansion through the forcing of blood under pressure.

Ensure adequate warm up time.
Massage your penis until it is 90% erect.
With one hand, form the “OK” grip and place it at base of penis close to pelvic bone.
With your second hand, make another “OK” grip, but make the hole as small as a dime.
Place second hand over the penile glans.
Slide second hand back and forth from the glans to the base. Perform this action as many times as you desire.
Ensure adequate cool down time.

‘I‘unica Stretch — This stretch targets the tough tissue areas of the penis that are sometimes hard to enlarge.

57. Ensure adequate warm up time.
58. Massage your penis until 65% erect.
59. Take one hand, grab the penis and pull straight up and hold 10 seconds.
60. Repeat step 3, but do so downward, and to the right and left.
61. Ensure that you are feeling a nice and comfortable stretch in the tunica area of the penis.
62. Ensure for adequate cool down time when complete.

– Clamping Exercise — This method uses cable clamps to rile up internal pressures in the pelvic area, which enable for girth enlargement.

63. Ensure adequate warm up time.
64. Massage your penis to the point of 100% erection.
65. Wrap the base of your penis with your penis clamp, make sure it is as
close to the pubic bone as you can possibly get it. 66. Tighten the clamp and perform kegels to initiate blood flow. 67. Leave your penis clamped for no more than 5 minutes. If you are experiencing any pain while clamping, take it off right away. Leaving it on can result in injury, and we do not want that. 68. Ensure adequate cool down time afterwards.

As you can see, it does not take a lot to learn the techniques behind enlarging your penis if you put in the time and effort. Also, by doing this, you become more self-confident and achieve your goals when it comes to being more than adequately awesome in the sheets. You may now realize there is quite a bit that goes into growing your little dicky, and I hope that you take the time and dedicated effort to really perform the exercises with the entirety of this book sufficiently. If not, it could result in danger and harm to your little guy, which I am sure he would not appreciate—nor your lady friend. It could also lead to major disappointment and frustration, for if you do not follow the rules and guidelines listed, it may take much longer to see any sort of results from your hard work and effort! And that is what we want to see—those results.

Any parts of these routines can be done separately, or all together in a series. Ensure that you are only performing them 3-5 days a week. If you do them every single day, you may have to stroll around town with a sore cock and it will keep you from any type of sexual activity as well, which no man wants. With a little time, you will no doubt start to see an increase in size in regard to the penis you have been bestowed. And if you already have a penis that meets all your expectations, these exercises and stretches are still a great idea to perform on a regular basis. They are mostly here to ensure the health and overall quality of performance that your penis is responsible for! The keeping of a nice cock is not just about sex, but to increase the longevity of your life as well. Good luck in your penis shaping ventures!


Whether you are a beginner to penis enlargement, or just want to experiment with the potential that you have, this book covers just about everything that you need to know—with a little extra added into the mix. A lot of what you feel comes from your lack of confidence with the fairer sex, being that you are of the masculine variety. However, once you overcome this and do the exercises contained in this book, you will find that you become very comfortable with your own supernatural performance and she will be happy too.

Sometimes women don’t let you know whether they have climaxed or not. They make all the right noises, do all the right moves, but you never really know. If you have doubts, ask her where she likes being touched and give her a chance to share that intimate part of her nature with you, because I will tell you right now, it’s a complete turn on and will help harden you up like nothing else. Let a woman know it’s acceptable to tell you her sexual fantasies and share yours with her as well, because this helps you to relax and lose that sense of anxiety every time the bed scene happens!

There are those who think that the size of the penis is everything. If you choose positions which are deep, you will find that this extends the length of the penis that actually enters your female partner. For example, one prize position is where a woman lies in the standard missionary position and the man enters her. He then takes her legs and places them around his neck. This, and the doggy style position, are the best if you feel a little nervous about how you were endowed. It will give you the optimal depth you’re searching for, and give her the illusion that you are greater in size, which is a win-win.

Also, the trick to making love, is to always remember foreplay helps the penis to glide in place, but too much foreplay may actually take the feeling away. Thus,  you need to be able to split the difference so that there is still friction when you enter your partner. If you have issues about different positions, there’s another way to increase the sexual pleasure that is great. If you haven’t experienced Tantra Sex, then this is another way that you and your partner can discover each other, using a system of massage that’s second to none. The areas that are massaged include the area just behind the testicles, which is a very sensitive area indeed, as well as massaging every inch of the body, heightening your senses by enjoying mutual massage. The good thing about this type of sex is that it is the giving rather than receiving that is vital to the mix. Therefore, your partner will not be expecting performance and much of the problem that men have is performance anxiety.

If you find yourself among their number, then cover the bed in towels and talk about mutual massage, because this helps you to feel at ease and lose that anxiety. Performance anxiety comes from worrying too much about whether you have what it takes. We start second guessing ourselves, and what we do with our partners. We may think we will not be adequate enough, and that she will hate what we are doing. Hey, we all do that. However, we all do have what it takes to make our lady friend experience passion like no other. It’s just a question of how you use it! Take it from me, there is enough information in this book to help you to overcome those anxiety issues and start making love with more confidence and savoir faire.

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