Practicing Using Your Thrust Muscles: How to Move for Better Sex

One of the things that women want when you make love is regularity in your thrusting patterns. They’re a bit like the engine of a Rolls Royce. Sometimes they need more throttle, while at other times, they are quite happy for you to take your time. However, the rhythm of the thrust is what’s important. You must be steady in either situation, never speeding up or slowing down.

For this exercise, you need to stand up. You may find that you can do this best in the shower, because you are already in the standing position. Shape your hand into the all familiar jelqing position and use a little lube if you want to, but not too much. As you would normally use your hand to stimulate the penis, then gently coax the penis to semi hardness and then full hardness.

Place your hand around the penis, but this time, instead of using the hand movement to encourage the penis to grow, use your bodily thrust through your fingers to move yourself as if making love with a woman. This helps the muscles get into a familiar rhythm for the thrust, and as you do this, try to make your thrusts even and hold yourself back from ejaculation. You need to do this until you cannot hold the position any longer and feel that need to ejaculate. Holding yourself back is key in this exercise. You do not want to give into the feeling of ejaculation, because that will not be helping you.

The Thrust Used with a Woman

If you are conscious about the size of your penis and your lasting ability, there is a very good fix that you can use which depends upon two things — your sensitivity toward the woman and your ability to be loving and kind to her. Both are very important for you to remember, as your lady will be stimulated exponentially.


The reason that you use foreplay to help you in sex is not only to warm her up, but also to make her damp and receptive to your passion toward her. But remember, just like with the jelqing act, you don’t want her too wet! You just want her wet enough to accept you inside her and make it easy for you to enter her. You will find if you take the time to make sure she is ready for you, that she will become more receptive to your actions.

The next thing you should know is there is that there are two types of foreplay that come into play here. One of those is by using the forefinger and the next finger to make her clit hyperaware of your presence. You will her clitoris within the lips of her private area, and buried beneath a hood. Feel for the area which has that raised portion and you can’t go wrong if you give her delicate strokes. You do not want to start off hard, because all women need to be worked up to the occasion. Instead, rub her very softly to start off with so you can see how receptive she is to your touch.

As you move your fingers in a circular motion, you should feel whether she is responding or not. If not, move your hand slightly, because you can bet she wants to respond to your ministrations and you could just need a little adjustment to make all the difference. There are 8,000 nerve endings in a woman’s clitoris, and unless you know what your lady likes, you will not be able to stimulate her to her liking.

The other area that you can find is the area just inside the vagina. If she is lying on her back, place your fingers inside her and cup the hand slightly as this  helps you to reach that area that she is most sensitive to. This is otherwise known as the g-spot. Every woman has one, you just have to make it a point to find it.

The other method of foreplay is tenderly sucking the clitoris area. Women thoroughly enjoy this. You may have to move her onto her back so you can have full sight of her clitoris, but it is well worth it. Once you can open her lips with your fingers in a scissor like motion, and you have a clear sight of her clit, suck the area around the clit into your mouth to dampen it enough for penetration. You always have to make sure your lady I ready for you. Not to boost your ego or anything, but women are made completely different. There are women smaller than the rest, and without properly readying them, they can be hurt from your ministrations.

Next, the thrust you are going to be taught here is subtle, but a very good way to deal with not being confident about your size if you are on the smaller spectrum of the chart. Ask your lady if you can spoon her. That means both lying in the same direction with you behind her, cupping her breasts with your hands. Women love this position, and even if you don’t manage to make love, it doesn’t matter. The caring nature of a woman will be happy with the cuddling and kissing, and you can reach her breasts and hold her close to you.

The advantage of this position, if you have a smaller than average penis, is that you can really penetrate deeply by letting the penis slip into her just after a quick jelq. She won’t know you have done it because it happens behind her, but this increases the width of the penis. When you find that you are adequate enough after the quick jelq, lift her into doggy style where you have access to give her full thrust. You may be asking, why not missionary? Well, if you are less that average, the advantage of ‘doggy style’ is that you get the entirety of your penis inside of her. It will make her feel as if she is being completely filled, and that you are the biggest of her lovers if done correctly. However, remember, as you enter her, don’t be too quick. You will still need to take it slow the first time you directly enter her with the entirety of your penis.

Secondly, remember that thrusting should start off slowly and build up—there is no rush to the finish line. If you try rushing it, you may impose premature ejaculation. Try to use regular thrusts and even take breaks if you want to. If you find it not to be working and she is more frenzied than you, then I suggest providing more affection toward her. Kiss her back, run your fingers along the contours of her body until you calm down enough to start again. A woman loves feeling like they are the center of your universe, so a little petting and kissing will go a long way.

Again, it’s not a good thing to let a woman see you jelqing because they see this as a failure on their part on not being able to make you hard enough. That’s a complete no-no. Instead of that, choose sexual positions where you can hide that jelq and give her the satisfaction she craves.

Once you have practiced jelqing for a while, you will know how fast you can make yourself as hard as you need to be, and can use this every time you need to get harder and larger. It will help you lose some of the anxiety you may feel in the presence of a woman. If you need to escape to the bathroom to do it, then make a good excuse — a freshen up perhaps. Then after you have taken care of business, you can show her what you have in mind and do it with confidence. You have to remember that women are sometimes every bit as nervous as you are, so they will be very understanding.

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Hone your Thrusting Skills with These Motions

The hips of both men and women do not lie! And when it comes to being the man in the bed, you need to work on your hip movements too, to ensure that your lady friend reaches maximum sexual desire! Here are some movements and tips to keep in mind the next time you are getting down and dirty in the sheets!

– Shallow Thrust — When it comes to the vagina, the outer third of it is the most sensitive. In fact, the G-spot lies just a mere 2 inches inside

In doing so, this will make it easier to last longer when you are ready to insert your cock into her during round two, or three, or four…

– Masturbate prior to sex — Having the opportunity to ejaculate an hour or two before initial sexual intercourse makes it easier for you not to come to the point of ejaculation so quickly during sex. Masturbation leads to you better pacing yourself later. Sex without masturbation is kind of like going somewhere with a loaded gun. It may go off unexpectedly. And if you are with a very turned on lady friend, she is not going to be happy that it happened to her. So, to refrain from that happening and the unending embarrassment to follow, stroke yourself a little while before climbing into bed with her.

– Edging — The process of edging is essentially delaying the point of orgasm. This method is best practiced during masturbation. It is very painful at times because you can develop what men call ‘blue balls,’ but in the end, you will be able to hold yourself back from the point of ejaculating too soon. In doing this, you must first have to become close to the “edge”, and then allow yourself to come back down from that orgasmic high. It is a very safe technique that is very essential to those who prematurely ejaculate often.

Learn how to consciously take slower breaths. Intentional breathing helps you to focus on the way you are taking in and letting out air, instead of casting all your attention to how good your dick is feeling during sex.
Practice kegels on a regular basis. This is to help work the PC muscles so that you can eventually take charge of holding in and flying your penis during intercourse.
Or you can use the start and stop method if your lady is A-Okay with it! The simple way to do is when you get it on, stop during climax. You must wait it out before trying to start again. If you start too soon, you may end up ejaculating too early, even with your precautionary measures. So, take a long enough break so you feel your need to ejaculate subside. These breaks are a great time for foreplay, which women LOVE. So, it is a win-win for both of you!

– Penile base squeezing — This is where those cock rings come in handy, or you can simply use your hand. Putting pressure on this area of the penis keeps you from ejaculating too soon. While you should never bend the penis, imagine how water stops when you bend a hose in half. It is the same scenario here. If you squeeze your penis for a length of time, it will cut the need to ejaculate just like the hose does to the water.

– Perform yoga and Pilates along with penile exercises — Add these to your regular penis exercises for an even stronger ability to control orgasms. It will cause your body to relax, thus your exercises to be more fruitful. There are many poses you will not be able to accomplish if you are a beginner, but with time, you will be able to do them with no problem. Plus, if your lady is into yoga, that may help you out a bit as well in her department.

– Try out perpendicular sexual positions — Switch it up a bit in bed! Do you ever get tired of the same boring positions? Well, this will help with that. You can be adventurous in bed, not really allowing you partner to know the reason why you are switching it up so much. These positions actually help in avoiding the most sensitive areas of the penis. This allows men to not enter a woman, but allows them to glide back and forth along the shaft part instead. Face one another on your side or spoon.

– Watch her previous to sexual activity — Making masturbation a part of foreplay is something that women can do for you to really rile you up. Convince your lady to masturbate for you. This way, she is already closer to orgasm before you enter her or touch her at all. She will believe  that you are trying to be naughty, but in reality, you are getting her close to the edge. So, when she does fly over the edge she will begging you to stop instead of keep going.

Here is an example of a routine that you can utilize to help you create a longer stamina in bed and ensure penile growth:

1. Masturbate until you are 100% erect, continuing masturbation right to the edge of orgasm, but do NOT orgasm.
2. Allow erection to fade until it reaches around 85%.
3. Perform 5 second enhancing kegel jelqs until your erection fades to 75%, then repeat steps 1-3.
4. Once you have reached 10 minutes of doing steps 1-3, edge one more time before you cool down.

Proper Nutrition is Essential to Penis Growth and Longevity

Especially as a man, it is vital that you are fueling your entire body with the correct substances to maintain healthy and adequate growth. Ensure that you are consuming 20-30 grams of protein every 2-3 hours per day. This ensures that you are maintaining the perfect levels of nitrogen balance, which is crucial for growing of tissues. If you do not know what kind of foods carry protein here are a few to list: meat, poultry, seafood, soy products, seeds, nuts, and beans. If you glance at the back of the package, it will tell you whether there is sufficient amount of protein in it or not.

If you wish to accelerate the results of the exercises you have read so far, it is recommended to spend a little bit more money on high quality male enhancement supplements, instead of leaning towards cheaper options. The better-quality supplements usually contain vasodilators, an ingredient that expands the arteries that enable your penis to fill with blood during your exercises. Obviously, they contain larger amounts of testosterone which is a major body building block in terms of male enhancement. Increases in these hormonal levels means more power behind your little guy.

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