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Phallosan is a breakthrough medical device that was created by researchers to increase penis size and strength by using a brand new technology. With over ten years of experience in the production and application of systems for penis extensions.


Phallosan has developed the penis extender of the century. Phallosan is a patented device to straighten and enlarge your penis and has revolutionary improvements. It comes with a suctions system that will not only increase the size of your shaft but also increases the size of your glans at the tip of your penis. It comes with 4 different suction bells to adjust to any size, and are made of allergen-free medical grade silicon to be guaranteed comfortable and allergy free.

The penis straightening and enlargement is done by new cell formation, which is activated through stretching and suction and the belt assists at keeping the penis stretched at all times. Phallosan penis extender is even safe to sleep with because the suction caps will self-adjust to any changes in pressure and shape. It is a remarkable product and one of a kind and recommended by physicians and surgeons. It results in permanent enlargement of both length and girth and is the best form of therapy without surgery.

Truly a magnificent product, and one of a kind the Phallosan is easy to use and very comfortable. It also comes in discreet packaging with a small case to easily blend in with everything else.

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My Review

Phallosan ForteI heard about the Phallosan penis extender technology and being a scientist myself in the field of microbiology, I was surprised at how such a process of regeneration of cells is applied to the penis, and it can give results. I knew right off the bat that this product was going to work and I bought it right away. I also looked at some other systems, but none of the others also focused on the cavernous bodies along with the penis, therefore I knew this was the right product for me.

Shortly after receiving it in the mail, I strapped on the belt and the suction cups and I was amazed at its level of comfort, and durability. I was literally walking, jogging, and even sleeping with it being on. I kept the device on throughout the day for 4 months, and now I’ve seen in a 2-inch increase in penis size, and my erections are stronger than ever. I have never felt this great about my penis size before.

My girlfriend is also very happy and has even referred it to her friends to buy the penis extender for their husbands. I told all my friends about it, and they are also surprised by their results. This is really a great technology and it works!! I will continue to use it again for another few months to see my full potential but I’m sure I will be even happier with the results.


Here is a break down of my review.


The price is very low for the type of technology that they use, and the quality of material that the penis extender and suction bells are made out of. It is truly remarkable how they managed to keep the price so low, and the quality so high. Definite 5 stars for price.

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Highly effective, and fast resulting size increases leaves it at the top of the ranks for effectiveness. The PhallosanPenis extender is a very good penis enlarger and is guaranteed to give fast results permanently.


Extremely comfortable, and reliable, the Phallosan penis extender is so comfortable you can even sleep in it, and also carry on your daily activities without having any worries or discomfort.


The penis extender seems very durable and can withstand many movements, however, the belt might not last as long as predicted.


Phallosan penis enlargement products have been classified as a class 1 medical product in accordance with the European health authorities. It enlarges the penis along with the glans by applying vacuum tension to the whole penis. Phallosan penis extender is patented and is one of a kind, nothing on the market can imitate or copy the technology used by Phallosan, and it is based on stretching of the penis and cavernous bodies and adds inches to the penis permanently. It is supported by many doctors and recommended for use after surgery by many surgeons. The third generation vacuum bell condoms are made by medical silicone and are comfortable to wear and last longer.

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The Phallosan penis extender has appeared in Men’s Health magazine( 09/2007 and 06/2009), in MANNER magazine 05/2009. It also appeared in many press reports including BILD-Zeitung, Medical Tribune (Feb 2005), Medical Practise Urology Nephrology (may 2003), Men’s Health Bulleting Nov 2002, and TV Aptheke (July 2003)


Phallosan is extremely comfortable and easy to use, the best part about it is that it makes your whole penis larger including the glans, it does this by applying suction to the glans with its patented one of a kind suction bell condoms.


You have to tie a belt around you which sometimes can be a bit uncomfortable and make you feel strapped into something, other than that though you end up getting used to it and happily wear it.

Product Add-Ons

The Phallosan package comes with:

  • Foam rubber covered silicon ring
  • Adjustment buckle for the belt
  • Elastic belt
  • Nickel-free clip for vacuum condom
  • 3 sizes of vacuum condoms
  • Glans protector cap
  • Pump ball
  • Template for condom selection
  • Instructions in 15 languages

Final Conclusion

Phallosan has proven to work miraculously and give wonderful results, it is a different design that most other penis enlargers but still works in a similar way by stretching the penis and enlarging it. It is, therefore, also beneficial to curing the curvature of the penis due in part to Peyronie’s disease and has many benefits in penis health and strength.

It is truly a penis extender to have and use most often, and it is comfortable and durable. The vacuum technology allows the whole penis to enlarge as opposed to most other devices that only focus on the shaft. The Phallosan penis extender is also medically approved and recommended by physicians.

Price: $339.99
Guarantee: 14 days
Tension: up to 2700 grams
Overall Score: B
Sold by:

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