Penomet Review

Penomet is a high-quality penis enlargement device. This innovative device is designed according to cutting-edge penis enlargement science.


The Real Benefits

  • Add 1-3 inches in penis size
  • Gain stronger erection and enjoy a better sex
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Achieve maximum growth and sexual stamina
  • Develop the size by inches
  •  Gain stronger erection and enjoy a better sex

How does it work?

The Penomet is convenient and easy to use.

  • Pick one of the accompanying gaiters. It is best to use one with the lowest pressure if you’re a beginner.
  • Put the gaiter on the main cylinder and place it around your penis.
  • Pump the device until the seal is tight.
  • Use the pump for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Release the valve once you’ve finished pumping.
  • At the beginning of each pumping session, change the gaiter to a higher pressure when you feel comfortable enough.

Your penis will grow bigger and longer after just one use. However, this gain is temporary. In order to see permanent results, you must use the Penomet between 6 to 10 weeks. Many believe it’s easier to use a pump than an extender. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that more men use them than extenders. When I first bought the Penomet pump, I thought I had to use it with water. I was okay with this suggestion, but once I read the instructions I discovered that I could use it like a regular air penis pump.

Yes, I finally used it with water and realized that it was more comfortable. I only use about 2 inches of water. I usually take a shower and then use the pump. Thus, I tend to be well relaxed during this time. I also discovered that it works best for me when I’m standing up. This makes a better seal and uses less water. The Penomet doesn’t work for me when I lay or sit down.

My Suggestions for Using Penomet

  • Shave your pubic hairs
  • Moisten your pubic hairs before using
  • Pump while standing up to avoid pain
  • Experiment and use different gaiters
  • Push in inguinal hernias, if present

Unfortunately, I have an inguinal hernia. It is next to my penis and pushes out when I’m standing up. I thought it would get in the way of my pumping, but I haven’t experienced any problems at all. I just push it aside and keep pumping.

The pump gaiter edges are wide enough so that it pushes up against my hernia, but it isn’t uncomfortable. In addition to a hernia, the area above my penis is very sensitive. So, I have to make my abdominals tight so that I’m not uncomfortable. Usually, I switch to a lighter gaiter. Now, not everyone will think about this, but don’t forget to shave your pubic hair. Yes, it’s possible to lubricate the hairs, but make things easier by shaving instead.

Compared with other penis enlargement methods, the Penomet Penis pump is safe and effective. It’s much better than pills, surgery, cosmetic enlargement, and traditional penis pumps. One of the drawbacks of surgery is that requires a lot of time to heal which can cause complications. Moreover, the risk of side effects can’t be ignored. While pills don’t require much time, they often contain harmful substances which cause various complications.

Unlike other alternatives, Penomet is medically approved and provides better results and comfort without causing side effects.

What Happened When I Use Penomet

In the beginning, I just tested the pump. I didn’t stick with any type of schedule. I did this for about two weeks. I then set up a plan so that I could get the penis I wanted. My plan was to pump 10 to 15 minutes each session. I usually did 10 to 12 because when I went over this time, I wasn’t comfortable anymore. Gradually, I was able to work my way up to 15 minutes with no sweat. Penomet manufacturers suggest that you go as high as 20 minutes once you reach the 4th week of usage. Yeah, this is possible if you listen to your body along the way. If anything hurts, stop pumping.

When I first started using Penomet, my penis was 5 inches long when it was soft and 5.75 inches when it was erect. I measured according to the Penomet cylinder. Once I start pumping, blood rushes to my penis and I get a huge boner. Sometimes this happens so fast that I have to breathe deeply and exhale gradually until the erection slightly goes down. I don’t want to get too excited because I’m trying to grow a bigger penis, not get off. But I have to admit that pumping does feel good.

Now, I’ve been using the Penomet for some time, and I’ve seen a dramatic increase in my penis. Now my penis is 6 inches when soft and 6.75 inches when erect. This is about an inch of growth. In addition, my penis is thicker, but I don’t have measurements to give because I’m not documenting thickness.


I know I’ll continue to get good results if I pump more. But I’m happy with my current results. When I look in the mirror, I can tell the difference in my penis. It hangs longer and looks harder. My penis looks and feels much better when it’s hard. I think the Penomet pump works in all directions of my penis, which means I get more blood flow. Basically, with more blood flow, all gains should be permanent. This might be a bad assumption, but it sounds logical to me.

What if I want to buy one anonymously?

Yes, you can! You can order Penomet online from their website. All you need to do is fill up a short form and provide your credit card details for billing purposes. And you can have the peace of mind that your information will not be shared with third parties. Upon approval, your package is delivered to your doorstep in a plain box. No bold letter names screaming what you have purchased. Shipping is done the same day the payment is processed, and you can expect your purchase within a week.

How To Use The Penis Pump?

The best part about Penomet is that it has been designed to be used fast because it’s simple and very straightforward. THere are 6 simple steps that you do to be ready to use the penis pump.

Step #1

penometFirstly you need to choose a detachable pressure gaiter.

They actually suggest you start with the purple 60 gaiter.

Alternatively, start with the Gaiter that has the lowest pressure. which is almost always going to be the 60 gaiter. Sometimes depending on when you get it they do like to change the color for each gaiter.

Generally, though each gaiter comes with a label and a color chart for you to easily know which gaiter is the strongest and which are the lower strength ones.

Step #2

Now, this step is simple, all you need to do is attach the gaiter to the main Penomet cylinder.

Like I said its a very easy step. Just ensure that you have a good connection to ensure that it will hold the pressure once you start to pump the device.

You can see from the diagram of how easy this is to do but remember you will get full instructions and an exercise routine to stick to after you buy a Penomet kit.

Step #3

Now you need to fit the Penomet over your penis. It’s best to do this in the bath or shower, although it is recommended to be done in the bath or shower it’s not essential and can be placed over the penis on its own.

Now once you have fitted it over your penis you will need to gently pump the Penomet a few times.

You need to pump it until you can feel the pressure start and for the vacuum seal to be created correctly.

Step #4

Now just relax and site back. Then every 2 – 3 minutes as you feel the pressure subside simply re-pump the Penomet to increase the pressure. This process is continued for a full 15 – 20 minutes.

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It’s important that you don’t over do it or keep it on for over 30 minutes especially when you are first starting to use it.

Step #5

That’s it really but when it comes to time to remove the penis pump then you gently release the pressure by pressing the valve at the end of the Penomet cylinder.

You press it and move it slightly to the side this will release the pressure and water. By doing this gradually you are able to remove the pump quite easily without any discomfort at all.

Remember for best results following this Penomet penis Exercise plan which will tell you how long to use it for, which gaiter to use and when.

It pretty much covers everything you need to know about the actual routine of using it.

Step #6

As you use it more and more and if you are sticking to the exercise routine you will become more experienced in using it and of course far larger. Now just start the process next time using a stronger or higher setting gaiter. This will start you off with the increased pressure that you will need to continue to grow.

If you are using it daily which you should be and leave it for the weekend to have a break you will start to see very effective and permanent results. This first time you use it you will see a significant difference in just the first 15 minutes of use.

What Has Quality Certifications Penomet Received?

Now, this is really important and one that I felt was essential to add to this Penomet review.

In general, the more certificates and certifications a product has the better it is and the better it performs. Well, Penomet is by far the leader of the pack.

They are so passionate about the quality of there penis pump that they have received many awards and certificates. The Penomet device is made up of many different components and each one is crafted to the highest level of precision. To get certified they have had there product scrutinized and tested by a number of international companies.

SGS Certifications

Penemote certificate from SGS 2Penomet received a certification as a ROHS Class 1 product (which is testing and compliance of the silicone under laws of the US and European Union including the EEA).

It was certified to be completely safe and effective as a being toxin-free device in relation to the polycarbonate in the cylinder as well as the release valve.

It contains 0% trace elements of any forbidden substances.

CE Marking

Penomet certificate from CE 1This is extremely unique as CE Marking has only ever given 1 certification and that went to Penomet.

The manufacturer of the product meets all compliance requirements of the EU Legislation. This is great news for consumers because many other pumps have unsafe and incorrect manufacturing practices but they still sell the products overseas.

Penomet meets all requirements and is manufactured in as strict conditions as that of the highest quality medical tools and instruments.

ISO Certifications

Penomet certificate from ISO 3Penomet was tested and passed with flying colors to receive the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This ensures that the Penomet services and products are 100% reliable, safe and of extremely good quality.

It received an ISO 900:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 all this means that the penis pump is made and manufactured under the same stringent rules as all medical devices, machines, and instruments.

It has a full hospital grade level. So as you can clearly see from the above certificates Penomet is an industry leader and has been proven to be safe and most importantly it gets incredible results.

Check out some Customer Testimonials

So Do I Recommend You Buy Penomet and How Much Does It Cost?

Okay well, the short answer is YES I would highly recommend the Penomet Penis pump. It has helped me increase my confidence and the size of my penis which has led to a much happier wife.

It has many positive reviews and leads the industry above and beyond all the standards. So save yourself a headache and the possibility of wasting copious amounts of money trying other inferior products and give Penomet a try today.

Remember you get a full 3-year warranty and the results are guaranteed as well.

Okay, now I know what you are probably thinking “How much does Penomet cost?” Well, the good news is it’s extremely cheap for what you get with the complete kit.

You have 3 different options to choose from.

Penomet Premium 3.0 Kit

There’s the Penomet premium which comes with the 3.0 version including the pump and the number of different gaiters including the 60,65,70,75 plus you get the extreme force gaiter number 80.

You also get instructions and a comfortable shower comfort strap. On top of this, you get a digital exercise guide handbook plus a printed instructional booklet.

This particular package is there best seller and offers the most for the investment you can see the full prices and everything included in detail here. By getting this option you’ll save over $160 which is pretty incredible.

Penomet Extra 3.0 Kit

The 2nd choice is called the Penomet Extra. now this one comes with the pump version 3.0, gaiters ranging from 60,65,70 and 75.

You also get the digital exercise handbook and the printed instructional booklet.

When starting out this can be a very good option and then when you have completed using the 75 gaiter and need to move up you can always just grab the 80 gaiter to increase your size even more.

The difference with this one is you don’t get the extra gaiters or the shower comfort strap.

Penomet Standard 3.0 Kit

The final choice is called the Penomet Standard kit. It comes with the Penomet pump cylinder and you will also get the gaiter number 70 force level.

You also get the digital exercise handbook plus the printed instructional booklet. This choice is a good one if you just want to get started using the penis pump but I do recommend after 2 – 3 weeks of using the same gaiter you should increase the force.

Once the 2 – 3 weeks have passed simply get the additional gaiters that you require which will be the 75 and 80 gaiter. It’s also recommended that you grab the 60 and 65 gaiters to add to your exercise routine.

To see the price of this one and all the other then you can go here to see the details. Now whatever one you decide to pick up they will all come with discreet billing and shipping for your own privacy.


So to sum up “Penomet is by far the best, quickest and cheapest option to help increase the size, length and girth of your penis, I give it two thumbs up and my full recommendation”

To see all the details and to get Penomet at the reduced prices plus to see all the details simply click on the link below to go straight to there official site. If you enjoyed this Penomet review site then please like and share it around.


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