Penis Enlargement Secrets of the Porn Stars

penis enlargement secrets


How Do They Do It?

I mean the porn stars, how do they do it? As a male pornstar, it is expected of you to have above average penile size as well as strong and thick penis erections.

How can I get it? Well the first thing you should know is that, if they can have it, you can. Having a bigger penis increases your chances to become famous in the porn industry.

Does that mean all male pornstars have larger penis?

Well the answer to that is a big no. There are male pornstars out there who cannot perform as explosive and spectacular as they usually do because of some reasons.

In the most frequent case, some guys have problems with weak erections, poor male stamina and low self-confidence.

Some just have small penis size, and the problem seem to be more permanent than those who have it occasionally.

So what do they do? They adopt some techniques which I am going to share with you. This technique provides natural, proven methods, exercises and tips on how to add several inches. We would also talk about impotency and what can be done.

Why do you need a big penis?

Well the harsh truth is that size matters believe it or not. Even though 85% of all women are happy with the penis size of their partner, only 55% of all men are happy with their own penis.

Women claim that what is important to them is a loving partner treating them well, well I don’t dispute that, but using the instrument of anonymous survey, the number of women claiming that penis size is important for them, is very significant.

There is no cause to panic if you have a small penis.

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Natural Proven Methods to add Several Inches to your Penis

Penis enhancement hand exercises: We would discuss more on this in the next chapter. Just know that this is a simple, natural and effective way to keep your penis in good shape, and most importantly, it is for the long run.

Natural Male Enhancement Pills: This is one of the fastest ways to gain stronger and bigger penile erections as well as lasting longer in bed with your lover. You may be confused on this, because some people’s take on this is that enhancement pills is temporal, well that is left for you to decide.

Cellular penis enlargement: 97% of men who apply this technique see gains of at least 2 inches, while 92% of men see over 3 inches of growth. This system just relies on naturally creating new cells in the penis, which would make it bigger permanently!

This point should have come under the cellular penis enlargement, but I have to separate it because of its importance.

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An Introduction to Natural Penis Enlargement

It is called Penis Enlargement Remedy: it has 3 phases.

Phase 1 which is known as the stem cell secret, phase 2 which is known as the body exercise, and the last phase, phase 3-accelerate.

It is worthwhile to know that the best penises are forged from very simple yet precise SAFE cellular growth.

This growth takes time, mind you, but it is a growth that any man can do at any age.

Penis Enhancement Hand Exercises

There are mainly three penis exercises, which are:

Horizontal Movement in the Jelq Exercise

  1. Warm up thoroughly: this includes placing a warm towel on your penis
  2. Masturbate until you are semi-erect. Note: semi-erect
  3. Oil both hands
  4. With one hand, you hold the base of your penis while applying pressure
  5. Milk from the head downwards
  6. Continue to apply pressure to the base of the penis when you reach the base, milk upwards to the head. 7. Repeat this exercise as many times as possible.

Penis Stretching

This exercise is aimed at making your penis longer. It is very simple to perform, and all natural. You form an ‘OK’ symbol with your finger and thumb, then you grab you penile head with a firm grip. Next, you stretch your penis in front of you and keep it in that same position for 10-15 seconds.

Lastly, you shake your penis a bit to restore the flow of blood.

Repeat the stretch again, but now you would stretch it up, right, left, down and up. Don’t forget to shake your penis to restore blood flow.

Natural Way to Cure Impotency

Eating habits: Inclusion of fibers, fruits, proteins, vitamins, etc. can go a long way. Maintain a balanced diet. This may surprise you, but eating the right food would naturally supply energy and also fresh blood in the body. Remember to take enough water to, for added benefits.

Exercises: exercises like brisk walking, PC muscle workouts, breathing, lower body exercises are aimed at increasing energy level and blood circulation around the male genital area. A very hard erection can be gotten if you take these exercises regularly.

Natural supplements: A good way to cure erectile dysfunction and boost your sex is by using herbs. Quality herbal supplements perform their function effectively. By taking this and taking up a healthy lifestyle, safely you can breakout the grip of erectile dysfunction and enjoy sex just the way you want it.

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