The Outlook of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can be helped or treated by a range of different treatments or techniques. It ranges from drugs, natural remedies, to surgery. Depending on the condition that is causing the Erectile Dysfunction treatments will vary.

Complications of Erectile Dysfunction

There are, of course, complications due to Erectile Dysfunction. They are psychological though. Here is a list of issues that are caused by Erectile Dysfunction.

• Unsatisfied Sexually
• Stress from Conditional Anxiety
• Stress from Embarrassment
• Low Self Esteem

Erectile Dysfunction has a definite psychological impact on many men, even when the cause of the issue is a physical one. Erectile Dysfunction can disrupt relationships and cause a host of problems. In this chapter you will learn many ways this issue can harm the psychological well being of a man, and ways to help ease the problems.

Common Emotions that are Experienced with Erectile Dysfunction

• Feelings of being less of a man
• Insecurities
• A low self esteem
• Sadness for the loss of sexual activity
• Afraid of approaching the opposite gender
• Scared of being in an intimate situation
• Feels angry or even aggressive
• Feelings of shame
• Worried about pleasing their partner
• Feels guilty about the Erectile Dysfunction

Common Emotions of the Partner

• Feels guilty about not being able to satisfy the man
• Feels helpless and unsure how to support him
• The partner may fee rejected
• They may feel unattractive
• Partners can feel confused or frustrated
• The partner may be suspicious of an affair
• They may be worried about the man’s health or wellbeing
• They may feel sad for him or themselves

Common Psychological Consequences

Performance Anxiety

It is a common occurrence in men that have when he sees that he may not be getting an erection fast enough. It will also happen if the erection is not firm enough or does not last long enough. It happens when he begins to think that the issue will happen during every sexual encounter. In turn, the anxiety can worsen the situation.

Unrealistic Expecations

Many males that have Erectile Dysfunctions seem to have unrealistic expectations. In turn, the expectations can exacerbate the issues. This is due because men will compare their performance with the expectation and then feel inadequate, as well as disappointed.

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Sexual Myths that are Myths

Intercourse and sexual encounters should go automatically. — Untrue Only a male should initiate the sexual encounter. — Untrue

Thoughts alone should always make a penis erect without direct stimulation. — Untrue

Both partners should be able to orgasm every single time, together. — Untrue

You can’t have sex without a proper erection. — Untrue

Men should be ready every time and be able to last all night. — Untrue

Relationship Stresses

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by relationship problems, and the adverse effect can be that the Erectile Dysfunction can cause the problems in the relationship.

Not in a Relationship

A male who is not in a relationship might feel ashamed or scared of actually forming a new relationship or approaching new sexual partners.

He may also have a fear of telling their partner about the sexual dysfunction due to the fear of rejection emotionally may make their partner feel rejected or even unsure of their love.

The male or partner may feel angry, sad, or guilty. They may not understand how to talk to one another about the issue. Inability to communicate will aggravate the relationship, and in turn cause more Erectile Dysfunction.

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It is important for the partner to understand that Erectile Dysfunction can affect both of the partners and that the partners play a key role in the treatment and the support of the male with the issue.

In order for the partner to understand what causes Erectile Dysfunction, include them in the appointments and learn how to cope with the situation together.

This will keep the relationship strong and keep it from falling apart.

Killers of Sex Drive

When you have an issue like Erectile Dysfunction, it is important to avoid happenings that will diminish your sex drive. It will worsen the condition. Here is a list of things that can kill your sex drive and worsen your condition.

Some individuals do a variety of things when they feel stressed. Stress from the work place, home, or in their relationship will cause stress and hurt the sex drive. You will need to pinpoint the stress and eliminate it. It is virtually impossible to eliminate all sources of stress; however, cutting it down just by half will work wonders.

Problems with Partners

This is one of the sex drive killers that strikes the most. For the woman, it is important to feel close to her partner in order to have a sex drive. For both partners, poor communication, fights, betrayal, or trust issues can be a big cause of this sex drive killer. It is suggested to seek counseling.


Having a drink or two will make you feel open to sex. However, having too much can make you numb. Being drunk is a turn off for your partner.

Lack of Sleep

Ask yourself if you have gone to bed too late. It is important to get enough sleep, as the feelings of fatigue will sap the sex drive pretty fast. If you have troubles sleeping, discuss it with your family doctor.


Kids can take not only sleep from you, but take much needed bonding time. Hire a babysitter and hit the town with your partner. The bonding will help you in the sex drive area. You can even try for an afternoon sexual encounter during the child’s nap.


There are certain medicines that will zap your sex drive. To be more specific, medicines for depression, high blood pressure, chemotherapy, and birth control can take away a person’s sex drive.

Poor Self Esteem

Feeling sexy is important when it comes to your sex drive. It is important to feel good about yourself. In order to fix this, go on a diet, get a make over, and anything else that makes you feel good about yourself.


When a person is overweight or obese, it cannot just affect their self-esteem, but it will also hurt their health. You need to consider counseling and a diet to rectify this situation and to get your sex drive back.


When a person is depressed, the pleasure of things is virtually shut off. This includes sex. If you expect that you suffer from depression, speak with your doctor about treatments.

Lack of Feeling Close

Sexual intercourse will occur far and few in between when there is a lack of closeness between the couple. Intimacy is more than just having sex. It includes holding hands, laughing together, and other bonding experiences that will help the relationship grow and the couple to feel like a team. If this is an issue then you will need to seek out counseling.

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