Maca Root Benefits For Men

Let us talk about the recently popular plants grown in the North America. You might have not heard about it, but it has now become a popular herb and food.

We’re talking about maca root. The main reason for the wide usage of maca root is because it enhances male libido and sexual performance.

There are tons of benefits for using this root but here we’ll discuss the benefit for males only. So let us jump right into it.

The scientific names of maca root are Lepidium Peruvianum or Lepidium meyenii. It has been used for quite some time for its energy enhancing and mood stabilizing properties.


Powerful Ingredients

It’s composed of many powerful ingredients like amino acids, vitamins, phytonutrients, fatty acids and vitamins.

Maca root is prized because of its benefits like boosting hormones, helping with digestion, fertility and increasing energy levels.

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Benefits of Maca Root

Maca root has a long list of health benefits for men, most of which are aphrodisiac (increasing sexual performance).

But you should always consult your healthcare professional before self-treating with maca root.

Some major health benefits of maca root for men include:

Male sexual health

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Queer Qnter has noted that many human and animal studies have indicated that maca roots may actually help in increasing male libido and sexual performance.

A study published in the 2009 edition of “Andrologia”, found that men who took maca supplements for three straight months had an increase in sexual functioning in the 8″‘ and 12”‘ week.

No increase was seen in the placebo group.

There were two groups who received the supplement; one received 1500 mg daily and the other received 3000 mg daily. It was noted that the amount taken didn’t influence the desire level.

After a year, scientists wanted to know whether the elevated mood was the reason that maca had positive effect in enhancing male sexual functioning.

To check this, males between the ages of 15 and 30 were given 1500 mg maca, 3000 mg maca and placebo.

The tests were done after four, eight and twelve months to see how the individuals felt about their sexual desire and anxiety. The men noted an improvement in sexual desire after eight weeks.

Maca Root and Male Fertility

Maca root can improve fertility in men. It improves fertility by increasing the sperm production in men.

A study was done by J. Nieto and his colleagues which was published in the 2006 issue of “Andrologia in which it was found that maca root increases the sperm count just one day after treatment.

In the study, the subjects were given 2 grams of maca for 12 days and the sperm counts were tested after every two days.


The results showed that there was an increase in the sperm count one day after treatment and the sperm production also increased after the seventh day.

Maca root can help in treating male infertility but more studies are still needed to verify it.

A study was performed by J .Rubio and his colleagues which was published in the July 2006 edition of “Food and Chemical Toxicology” which showed that maca has the ability to reverse the male infertility caused by chemical exposure.

The subjects were tested for this study were given 0.8, 0.16 and 0.24 mg of lead acetate for 35 days.

The subjects were divided into two groups; the first was the control group and the other received maca for last 18 days.

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The results showed that the subjects which were given maca had reversed their lead-induced infertility and increased their sperm production.

Sexual dysfunction and Prostate Health

A recent study supporting the maca is beneficial for sexual dysfunction was performed in Italy where the researchers conducted a double-blind study.

About fifty men who had mild erection were selected for the study. Half of them were given 2400 mg maca root and the other half were in placebo. The results were viewed after 12 weeks.

These results showed that men who took maca supplements had an increase in the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) as compared to men in the placebo group.

The scientists concluded that maca supplements are quite beneficial for men with mild erectile dysfunction.

Maca root also benefits prostate health.

The color of maca matters when it comes to prostate health.

It is available in yellow, black and red forms and researchers compared the impact of each on prostate size of rats with induced prostatic hyperplasia (a health condition in which prostate is enlarged).

The results showed that the red form has prostate-reducing effects whereas yellow has a mild effect and black has no effect at all.

Increasing Energy

Maca root has the ability to increase energy levels in men. It also increases stamina.

There is evidence that athletes have used maca supplements in place of anabolic steroids for enhanced performance.

You should include maca extracts in your diet if you feel tired most of the time. A small amount can do wonders for your health.

Regulating Hormones

Maca contains a variety of amino acids, which function as the building blocks of hormones.

Research has shown that the hormones of men who take maca on regular basis are balanced.

Maca doesn’t create hormones but function as the building blocks for hormones.

General Health

Maca root improves the overall health of men in many ways.

It provides iron to the body and restores the red blood cells which help against cardiovascular diseases and anemia.

It also keeps the teeth and bones healthy and helps in the quick healing of wounds.

You would notice an increase in muscle mass if you use maca extracts in combination with a good workout.

But you should be careful while using maca if you have cancer related to testicles.

People with liver issues and high blood pressure should also consult a doctor before using maca.

How to take Maca?

Maca extracts can be consumed in a variety of forms like it can be added in recipes and used in tablet form. You should consume about 1,500 to 3,000 mg of maca in capsule form daily.

You can also intake maca in loose powder form. You should start taking 1 teaspoon per day and increase up to 3 to 6 teaspoons daily. You should keep this schedule for three to six months.


As you can see there are many Maca root benefits for men especially when it comes to enhancing libido. 

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