Maca Enhancer

Maca Enhancer claims it will help men enjoy longer orgasms, strengthen erections, and allow men to delay ejaculation for longer sexual encounters and improved sex drive. The question remains, however, does the product really work?


Maca is a Peruvian root and the herb is often known as Peruvian Maca. The root has been used for centuries to treat a host of problems including stress.

Thanks to its range of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, it’s also useful for providing energy. The herb is included for its reported abilities to boost sex drive and increase stamina.

Additionally, the makers of the nutritional supplement claim it will help men to grow their penis size, improve fertility, boost mental performance and support the immune system.

Nonsexual benefits claimed to include the ability to regulate stress, enhance energy and an immune system protection to help prevent getting sick as often. Other sexual enhancers are also included in the product including horny goat weed, a popular Chinese aphrodisiac.

Another ingredient included which is useful for increasing blood circulation to aid in gaining erections. Para-para, a plant from the Amazon jungle is also in the product and may have positive effects on the libido, sexual performance and strengthening erections.

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Maca Enhancer recommends a unique dosing schedule that requires a three-month obligation. Since we were eager to experience the many sexual benefits that that the pills list, we made the full 3-month commitment. During the first month I took three pills a day, I then switched to two pills a day for the second month and one pill a day for the third month.

This unique dosing schedule was recommended by Maca Enhancer in order to build up levels of these ingredients to gain sexual benefits, then 1 tablet a day would be efficient in order to maintain results. While on the regimen, I did experience some positive results, mainly in the form of greater energy and stamina. Most of the other claims, however, appear to be unfounded since we gained no increases in size, libido, immune system strength or fertility.


$60 a bottle is not exactly a bargain. Claims of between 1 to 3 inches in penis growth are exaggerated.

Side Effects

Sweating, stomach upset and headaches appear to be most likely to occur and may be a result of the stimulants found in the pill.

Is It Worth It?

There is some scientific research to suggest that maca may be a useful ingredient for increasing sexual potency and ability. So far, however, there is no reason to believe it will actually help produce permanent changes in penis size in erect or flaccid form.

We found that the long commitment required to take the product was less than desirable. We did, however, appreciate the boost in energy and stamina we experienced.

Although there are some positives to be found from Maca Enhancer, our research leads us to believe that there are more potent sexual aids on the market, which do not require a long commitment in order to get results.

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