Irwin’s Steel Libido

Steel Libido is a male supplement formulated by manufacturer Irwin Naturals to treat male impotence. It is classified as a sexual enhancer that claims to make with all natural ingredients. With an abundance of male enhancement scams out there these days, does Steel Libido really work as claimed? Or is Steel Libido a scam?

Does It Work?

Customer feedback and surveys confirm that Steel Libido is an effective libido booster. It is recommended that Steel Libido is taken up to 3x per day with up to four capsules two hours prior to intercourse. Some customers may discover that this gets within the method of spontaneity.


Steel Libido contains several libido-enhancing ingredients ranging from L Arginine, horny goat weed extract, Yohimbe, Tribulus Terrestris, DMG, tyrosine, Maca, Ashwagandha, and more. Like Vigrx Plus, the ingredients in Steel Libido have been proven to enhance sexual function, desire, and performance.

For example, L-Arginine and Yohimbe work synergistically to provide men with harder, stronger erections while Horny Goat Weeds and Tribulus maximize libido and increase testosterone production.

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Maca stimulates sex drive while Ashwagandha subdues stress. People who are addicted to coffee or tea in their morning to get boosted should know about maca root. Its root resembles potato and it has stimulating effect on brain just like tea or coffee that gives you a fresh start to your day.  The only positive side is being that unlike coffee, it doesn’t contain caffeine which serves as a health factor to your body. It is also being popular as an energy booster after heavy workout or morning jogging.

It charges up your activity by supplying nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Horny Goat Weed

A maximum-strength Viagra pill is 100mg. To get the same effect from Icariin, you’d have to ingest ten times that. That doesn’t sound so bad (after all, a standard Vitamin C pill is 1,0oomg) until you realize that most horny goat weed supplements contain just 10% Icariin meaning you’d have to take 10,ooo mg or ten large, foul- tasting pills to get the same results.

Nevertheless, it works; and that’s why horny goat weed is one of the top-selling male enhancement supplements available.


Tribulus is a flowering plant found in the tropical regions of Europe, Africa, and Australia. , In hormonal deficiency cases, Tribulus Terrestris proves to improve the condition by accelerating and enhancing the production of testosterone. Tribulus, while known as a testosterone-boosting herb, does not offer the benefits related to strength, muscle, or recovery.

It is a common supplement for its libido enhancing properties and supposed testosterone boosting properties.


According to most Asian physicians, ginseng works as an aphrodisiac for two reasons. First, it helps create a surge of vitality. Second – and more important – it revives and invigorates the body as a whole. This helps ensure an adequate supply of hormones and a well-functioning reproductive system. Ginseng is not used as a treatment for specific illnesses. Rather, it is an overall health builder and revitalizer.

Ginseng has a very gentle positive effect on stress-related erectile dysfunction. Important with that is a sufficient dosage. A daily intake of 10mg ginsenosides is described as useful in specialized literature (roughly corresponds to 1- 2g of high-quality ginseng root).


arginineArginine is an amino acid used by the body in healing wounds, helping the kidneys reduce waste, maintaining hormone balance, and regulating blood pressure.

A 1999 study published in BJU International confirmed that this had a positive impact on patients with erectile dysfunction. Although the human body can naturally produce Arginine, there are some circumstances that put an increased demand on the body for it; so taking supplements can help.


Tyrosine is an amino acid and antidepressant. When low sex drive is related to depression, nutrients that attack depression can help. Tyrosine also increases levels of neurotransmitters that control sex drive. Tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid because it can be manufactured by the body from phenylalanine. Both tyrosine and phenylalanine are available as nonprescription supplements.

Food sources: Lean red meat, poultry, seafood, soybeans, wheat germ, dairy products, nuts, seeds.

Studies have suggested it can promote strong sexual performance and stamina.


Dimethylglycine helps support the immune response whereas Bioperine Black Pepper extract is used to facilitate the absorption rate of the active ingredients.

Fast absorption is obviously important as you don’t want to wait a long time until you start to experience the benefits. It is recommended to be taken 3x per day with as many as four capsules two hours prior to i


Steel Libido contains the powerful and potentially dangerous ingredient Yohimbine which is derived from the bark of the Yohimbe evergreen tree. Yohimbe is a medicine based on a substance extracted from the bark of the African Yohimbe tree. It improves blood flow to the genitals and increases sexual sensitivity.

In addition, Yohimbe stimulates nerve centers of the brain that control sexuality. It leads to a sharp increase in receptor sensitivity, leaving fear and uncertainty behind. However, it doesn’t have the same effect for people with low blood pressure. Yohimbe is purely a male aphrodisiac.

It also helps alleviate the sexual side effects of certain medications used for depression. It can get the heart racing and the blood pumping; giving men cold sweat, anxiety, and insomnia to a dramatic degree.

Yohimbe is a stimulant, and there’s certainly a price to be paid for the erection-boosting benefit of this supplement.

Ashwagandha Root

Grown in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) is part of the nightshade family. It is known to improve resistance to emotional and physical stress.

Functions include activating your immune system, antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, enhances endurance and strength, helps preserve adrenal size, helps you deal with stress, increases libido and sexual performance, increases muscle mass, lower cholesterol, and protects your liver.


Tyrosine interacts with MAO inhibitors to increase blood pressure. Tyrosine competes with tryptophan, an amino acid used by the body to make serotonin. Tyrosine is an “upper”; tryptophan is a “downer.” If tyrosine enters the brain first, it primes the brain for alertness, stimulates memory and mental function, and promotes an elevated mood.

If tryptophan enters the brain first, it can slow down reaction time, cause sleepiness or lethargy, and even induce depression.

Who Should Not Use It

Furthermore, you should not use Yohimbine-containing products like Steel Libido if you suffer from the following:

• Schizophrenia
• Prostate Problems
• Liver Problems
• Kidney Problems
• Chest Pains or Heart Disease
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Do note that the supplement does include DHEA and Tribulus Terrestris which can elevate your testosterone levels above average levels when combined. Imbalance can create undesired side effects such as excessive hair loss and changes to the skin.

Men that need to keep their hormone levels balanced due to a medical issue should avoid taking this supplement for this very reason.


While reviews are generally positive, it’s a good idea that consumers choose a product that does not contain Yohimbine to prevent serious health complications. A popular alternative is the herbal supplement Vigrx Plus which is free of Yohimbine and other dangerous ingredients.

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Steel Libido is a male supplement formulated by manufacturer Irwin Naturals to treat male impotence that delivers modest to satisfactory results. There are some possible side effects with the ingredients but it should not be a problem if taken as recommended.

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