An Introduction to Natural Penis Enlargement

Are you sick of feeling like you don’t measure up in the bedroom? Fed up of covering up in the locker room? If you’re tired of being ‘below average’ then you’ve arrived at the right place. I too was once in your position feeling hopeless and short changed, I noticed at a young age when I was 15-16 looking around the changing rooms at high school that I hadn’t quite grew like my friends and others.

This led me to become a very shy and insecure individual especially around women. I had my first sexual experience at 17 which wasn’t very pleasant, I then became very tentative towards sex and I put so much pressure on myself which lead to erection problems at a young age.

My Research on Products

I began to do some research to see what products where on the market, what they claimed to do and how they could potentially help me overcome my problem.

Penis Pumps

I first came across the penis pump which I’m sure you’ve heard of and its claims. I was amazed at the results of my first time use of this product, within 15 minutes of pumping blood into my penis I had expanded in width from 4.5 inches to 7.5 but of course these results would slowly subside over a few hours.

I researched the market more on this product and began a programme designed for me to gain length and girth with the penis pump, although I gained a lot of confidence in the bedroom with this I had to use it around 1 hour before having sex which was very inconvenient.

Several months later I stopped using the penis pump and noticed I really hadn’t made any significant changes, and that the gains I did make would always subside over a period of a few hours. The pump is great for anyone with erection problems, however if used inappropriately you can cause damage and injury to yourself, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before use of a product like this especially if you are susceptible to blood clots or bleeding.

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Jelqing was the first exercise I used where over time I saw noticeable long term gains. To perform the jelq you simply make an ok sign with your hand, using lubricant or baby lotion starting from the base of your semi erect penis, slowly drive blood towards the head and alternate hands for a considerable amount of repetitions.

To allow greater head expansion, stop 1 inch before the head of your penis. I researched more on different jelqing methods, girth exercises, manual stretching and most importantly how to exercise the PC muscle. As we move on further throughout this book I will provide you with a beginner’s programm that worked for me and how to introduce more advanced exercises into your routine.

What Are Penis Exercises and What Are The Benefits?

Penis exercises have been specifically developed for your penis. Penis enlargement and enhancement through regular exercise is a reality and a success story that’s shared by thousands of and now you. The exercises designed focus on developing stronger pelvic floor muscles and expanding and stretching the tissues of the penis enabling it to generate new stronger and thicker tissue cells.

This process is much like exercising other parts of your body, where exercises encourage new tissue cells to form, building stronger muscle tissue which then increases tissue mass.

Expansion, Contraction, Stretching

If you want a thicker, longer, harder penis, then just like bodybuilding you have to start out with the basic exercises and put the time and effort into your penis exercise regime.

Penis exercises are safe, natural and encourage your penis to grow much larger with added health benefits. Change occurs by using expansion, contraction and stretching.

The exercises can range from a basic exercise to an advanced workout that consists of multiple exercises.

The main goal and benefit for most men is a larger penis. There are many sexual health benefits to exercising the penis that include more girth, length, harder erections and more sexual stamina.

Indirect benefits including self Confidence outside the bedroom also comes with penis exercise. When you feel good about your penis, you feel good about yourself, which will have a positive effect on every other aspect of your life.

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How Do Penis Exercises Work?

Just like bodybuilding, this method works on the same principles to increase muscle mass. We’ve all learnt that the penis isn’t a muscle, but this isn’t completely true. At the base of your penis there are the pelvic floor muscles and when strengthened they can have a very positive impact on the quality of your gains of a bigger, harder erection and the ability to last longer in bed delaying ejaculation and even having the ability to have multiple orgasms.

Don’t Treat it Like A Muscle

Studies show that although the penis is not a muscle of the same type as your biceps, it is made up of a large proportion of multiple types of smooth muscle tissue.

Stretches lengthen the connective tissue layers which are known as the Tunica surrounding the shaft of the penis. During this process it allows for further growth as the smooth muscle tissue grows. This process offers more than just growth, it can help cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Half of your penis length is hidden inside of the body attached to ligaments, therefore it’s actually larger than you may think. Stretching the ligaments results in an increased penis length bringing the penis forward.

Side Effects and Drawbacks

The Penis Pump

For most men the penis pump if used correctly can be safe but there are many potential risks. Incorrect usage can cause pain and bruising.

It an cause blue-purple coloured skin, a feeling of numb and coldness while constriction band is fixed in place.

Most common is pinpoint sized red dots which are caused by bleeding under the surface of the skin of the penis.

Uncomfortable to wear, may need to shave pubic hair at the base of penis so that the pump can engage in a decent seal.

In my own experience, over use can lead to struggling to gain an erection.

Penile Silicone Injections

Abnormal shape
Diseases and infections
Blood clots and ultimately death

Weight hanging

Method has been around for hundreds of years
Length can be increased
Uncomfortable to wear — 6-8 hours per day for decent results
Dangerous if you lift too much weight too soon
Risk permanent damage to your penis


Can have detrimental effects
Implant problems, inflatable device fluid can leak or the pump device can fail

Penis extenders

Results in length can be achieved (I actually gained just under an inch)
Claims girth can be achieved
Must wear this device for 6-8 hours per day for best results
Adjustable. Safe if used with care

Pills and Creams

Increase erect and flaccid size of tissue of penis
Increase libido and erection strength
Increase sperm production
Boost testosterone production
Boost potency and fertility
Help increase the length and intensity of your orgasm
Help stop premature ejaculation

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In my experience of the above products, only a handful of products actually worked which I’ve tested and reviewed on this site. I felt very miss lead and drawn in by false marketing. Each seller would have in big bold letters — used by porn stars. In the frequently asked questions — how long should I use the product?

Their answers were that the results are permanent and you control your growth, it isn’t necessary to be larger than 9 inches which may be too large for most women and that the choice was mine. This light my eyes up and of course I hit the buy it now button, only to be disappointed a few months down the line with 0 results.

You should be aware of the results each seller claims and always question before you buy. Online forums are a great way to review products that you’re interesting in and to find out if anyone has actually gained any positive results.

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