An Introduction to Maca Root

Maca serves great nutritional value and it is one of the rich sources of minerals. It also contains amino acids, energy vitamins (B-12) and enzymes. It has significant value in remineralization of the body. Maca assists in maintaining hormonal balance in the system and keeps hormonal fluctuation under control.

Common Usage

• In many baked preparations and in roasted items
• In many health and fermented drinks like maca chia.
• It is used as a powder form to top up in vegetable salad preparation or also can be used to make soup.
• In farms it also being used to make land more fertile to get more quality crops

Clinical Usage

Apart from its importance in increasing sexual desire and fertility, it serves many more medicinal purposes as follows:

• Used in the treatment of anemia, also called as “tired blood” and also in chronic fatigue syndrome.
• For increasing stamina and energy level in the body.
• Used my athletes to increased performance and endurance level.
• As a memory enhancer

For women, it has a role in improving hormonal imbalance, menstrual bleeding problems and in early menopause cases.

• Other usage includes treatment of weak bones, cancer of the stomach, erectile dysfunction etc.

Studies have shown little side effects of Maca in the regular users who consume it less than 3 grams every day. Average consumers have shown good tolerance capacity to maca. Although due to the absence of valid information on the use of maca during pregnancy, it is advised to avoid using it. According to Health experts it is considered to be safe in consumption based on the data available.

Maca As A Natural Libido Booster

In recent few times, Maca has generated a great buzz due to its role in generating more libidos. It is also mentioned in the ancient culture of Incan about its effect in increasing sexuality level. This legendary plant is famous for sexuality enhancer for more than two thousand years.

This herbal plant has a chain of information passed on from generations to generations on its performance check on sexuality and fertility. Although there is little evidence found in the support of its medicinal and sexual effect theories.

Research or studies conclusion

Some randomized research was carried out that showed a beneficial effect in improving fertility among men. These researchers have claimed that maca roots has been effective in

• Improving quality and quantity of semen.
• Treatment of early menopause symptoms
• Enlarged prostate making it less in size over some procedure time.

Animal Studies

Maca studies have been also carried out on animals but not humans. Human studies are lacking in many numbers compared to the ones on animals. The results are more or less the same on the positive side to increase sexuality performances.

These animal studies have been carried out suggests that it is aphrodisiac in nature; aphrodisiac means any substance that improves sexual performances desire. Even though there is little evidence maca ineffective or note, many doctors have said that have seen the sperm count goes high as compared to few days.

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Types Of Maca Root Powder And Its Various Health Benefits

Due to its plethora of flooding health benefits to people, maca root is being considered to be in the category of superfood item. Most People know maca root as general, but few know that there are many forms of maca roots being cultivated and many forms of maca roots are available to consumption for home and commercial usage. These forms have different effects on different parts of body organs.

There Are Primarily Three Types Of Maca Roots

• Red Maca root
• Yellow Maca root
• Black Maca root

There Is Basically 3 Form Of Intake Of Maca:

1. Natural As A Vegetable Root: They can be eaten as a natural plant.

2. Tablets: The roots of the maca are cut and are processed into tablets form so that they can be gulped down along with water easily.

3. Powder: The other form of maca root is in powder form which can be taken directly with water or can be sprinkled in any vegetable or fruit and can be had like that.

Red Maca

Red maca powder is considered to be the rare type and it comes under highly popular root. It has almost similar benefits that yellow or brown types of root provide. The red form of maca powder has its own unique taste. Red maca root resembles purple cabbage and beet.

It contains a high level of antioxidants in it. One big difference between red maca and black maca is that they do not increase the direct volume of the male sperm; this benefit is typical to black maca only. The intake of red maca is very easy and it can be taken in powder form or can be consumed as a direct vegetable root as the taste of the root is very tasty and does not have a bad odor.

Black Maca

Black maca is referred to as a scarlet or even lavender group of maca. They belong to a reddish family and it is dark red almost black in color. Black maca is supposed to be different from other two and has very specific benefits. They are supposed to be most beneficial for the latent memory increase and also they are the only maca which is supposed to increase the volume content of the sperm in the male.

Along with the increase in the volume of male they also increase the mobility of the sperm. This means that the hitting of the sperm into the fertility organ of female becomes more and thus the conceiving process is helped greatly with the help of black maca.

The fatigue level is also increased in a person who takes black maca in comparison with the other color maca roots. The fatigue time increases to as much as 100 minutes where it originally was just 15 minutes, inside the water body.

Yellow Maca

This is one more kind of maca and also belongs to the same family and also has same properties as compared with other two. The main benefit of yellow maca is that it stimulates the fertility process greatly into the male and female.

An Introduction to Maca Root
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An Introduction to Maca Root
Maca assists in maintaining hormonal balance in the system and keeps hormonal fluctuation under control. Maca serves great nutritional value and it is one of the rich sources of minerals. It also contains amino acids, energy vitamins (B-12) and enzymes. It has significant value in remineralization of body.
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