An Introduction to Erectile Dysfunction

Many people are unsure of what causes erectile dysfunction. This book explores all the avenues and leaves you with a clear idea of how to fix erectile dysfunction forever. The complex nature of something like this is that men find themselves in a very vulnerable situation. It’s natural that a man will want to make love, and the body telling him that he cannot, can be one of the most difficult things that a man can go through.

How Erectile Dysfunction Can Affect Your Life

Erectile dysfunction is no silly or laughing matter. People may say a soft wiener isn’t a life-altering problem like world peace, famine or nuclear warheads in the hands of terrorists but hey, it is for men who suffer from them and their partners. Believe it or not, erectile dysfunction can affect one’s relationships.

A sexual relationship between a man and a woman is the most private relationship that anyone can ever get into and a man’s inability to have or sustain erections can significantly alter his relationship with himself and his partner. For one, the man suffering from erectile dysfunction can suffer from feelings of guilt and embarrassment that can discourage him from opening up to the other person. Over time, the man may stop being vulnerable in other areas of his life as well and may lead to a widening rift between him and his woman.

Sex is critical in terms of keeping a marriage strong and healthy. Because erectile dysfunctions normally keep married couples from enjoying each other in the bedroom, it can affect greatly affect marriages over the long term. Some experts estimate that 20 percent of failed marriages can be traced to erectile dysfunctions. And failed marriages are no silly or laughing matter.

For couples that are affected by a man’s erectile dysfunction, it starts with failed sexual advances. Over time, this can erode the couple’s closeness, intimacy and trust. The man who suffers from erectile dysfunction may start to distance himself from the woman both physically and emotionally due to fear of being embarrassed by a limp wiener. In return, the woman may feel she is no longer desirable and that the man’s passion for her is waning or ha already waned, which makes her feel unattractive and inferior.

In most cases, that’s not the case. Men will usually want to have sex with their female partners but erectile dysfunction prevents them from doing so both by preventing full course sex (with penetration) or discouraging them from making advances at all. As stated earlier, it can affect the woman’s own sense of self-esteem and intimacy with her man and as the cycle perpetuates itself, the relationship eventually deteriorates to the point that both partners’ hearts have drifted away from each other.

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Game over.

The women partners that are most vulnerable to being affected emotionally and psychologically by their male partner’s erectile dysfunctions are those whose sense of self worth and attractiveness are hinged on how much their partners want to have sex with them. Because a hard wiener is just about the only objective way of validating how sexually desirable the man finds a woman, a soft wiener despite erotic advances by the woman will lead her to believe she’s undesirable and unattractive to her man. From such feelings can come suspicions of infidelity as well.

Game over.

As erectile dysfunction continues to erode a couple’s sexual intimacy, either or both partners may subconsciously seek revenge by withholding sex even more, further worsening the situation. The partners may start to seek fulfillment and joy from other things instead of each other.

Game over.

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t just affect a man’s romantic relationship — it can also affect the way he relates to other people, such as co-workers and friends. How so? Even if his penile issue doesn’t directly get in the way of his non-romantic relationships, it can affect his self-esteem, morale and the ability to enjoy life. He may try to compensate externally by trying to look macho and virile but deep inside, he may be wasting away knowing he’s impotent.

The same erosion in self-esteem and morale may lead to reduced work productivity. As those two continue to erode, it can also affect his view of himself as an employee, manager or entrepreneur, which can discourage him from giving it his best. And because erectile dysfunction is — for many people — a silly and laughing matter, a man may choose to keep it to himself and feel isolated from everyone.

To summarize, men are affected both psychologically and physically by erectile dysfunction. As the average male lifespan continues to increase, erectile dysfunction will become an even more important issue in their lives. As such, everyone should be sensitive to and realize that sexuality really is an important part of our lives.

Medical professionals must be able to develop skills to guide patients. Erectile dysfunction may involve more than one factor and as such, the ability to use different methods to address erectile dysfunction can go a long way towards resolving cases of such. Such multi-faceted approaches should consider the nuances of existing partnerships and relationships in order to effectively address erectile dysfunction.

How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Your Partner

For many women partners of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, the problem is a sexual one. This despite the fact that most causes of erectile dysfunction are anything but sexual. Ignorance of erectile dysfunction’s true causes often worsen such women’s feelings of low-self worth, unattractiveness, anxiety, hurt and even anger.

As mentioned earlier, erectile dysfunction, especially if the man isn’t vulnerable enough with his female partner about it, can make the women feel either undesirable, that the man is having an affair or both. As this happens, women may start to confront the man about his inability to “stand up” by asking questions with some tone of anxiety, hurt or even anger.

Often times, the man suffering from erectile dysfunction may interpret such manner of asking as an affront or attack on his character and manhood and thus, worsens the situation by pulling further away emotionally and physically. His female partner may retaliate by pulling further away too, thinking that the man’s response was a confirmation of her suspicions. As this happens, the female partner may feel even worse about herself and may open the door for anxiety or even depression to come barging into her heart and mind, bringing along with them an even stronger paranoid feeling. And the crazy cycle continues to spin out of control until…

Game over.

The other extreme

While many women react to their male partner’s erectile dysfunction by pulling away, some go the other extreme: they go overboard in trying to seduce their male partners into “hardening up”. With the belief that erectile dysfunction is merely a sexual issue, they think that sexing it up even more by trying to dress in the sexiest and kinkiest undies is the key to making their men “stand up” and take notice.

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This approach, however, may be counterproductive. Why? Considering that erectile dysfunction isn’t purely a sexual issue, the man may feel pressured to have his wiener as hard as a rock. As he feels even more anxious about his inability to “stand up”, the more like his penis will remain flaccid.

The same thing will probably happen if the female partner tries to sex it up by becoming even more physical, say, stroking or sucking him harder. Because it’s not necessarily about sex or the female partner, doing so will just make the man more anxious and stressed, keep his wiener soft and lead to greater frustration for the woman.

Can you see why erectile dysfunction is a serious matter indeed?

Things That Affect Your Performance

The body is made up of different parts which each have their function. The penis is used for sexual contact and to reproduce. It’s also made for being a vessel for urine. The penis area of a man is a very sensitive area, but erection happens because of various things:

Stimulation of the penis

The British Journal of Urology received a report as far back as 2009 that studies on healthy men found that stimulation points, which were common indicators of erection, were quite specific. Men were asked what trigger points helped them to get an erection. Most replies were consistent and the glans (or the end) of the penis was one of the most sensitive areas for most men. Just below the glans a super sensitive area exists where the foreskin is usually attached to the glans in men who have not been circumcised, but it was also found that this area was also super sensitive in the case of those who had been circumcised. It was quite a surprise that areas that researchers thought may have been good stimulation points were not that high on the list.

The scrotum area, the nipples and the neck were not areas that made a man particularly erect. Thus it can be seen that the penis itself needs the stimulation or that thoughts directly related to the penis by the man stimulated by external triggers will direct themselves on the flow of blood to the penis.

In the case of erectile dysfunction this doesn’t happen so well.

What an erection is

An erection is when a signal is sent to the penis from the brain to tell it that penile blood vessels need to relax. It is this relaxation of the blood vessels that allow the flow of blood into the penis. This is then trapped within the penis to sustain erection.

From the above definition, you can see that an erection consists of several actions:

0 Thought
0 Message from brain to penis
0 Blood flow
o Trapping the excess blood in the penis

It sounds pretty basic and simple, but it’s not. For the mind to send the message to the penis, it has to feel stimulated. For the blood flow to make the penis larger, there has to be no problem with blood flow. For the erection to be sustained, the trapping of this excess blood needs to be efficient. Thus, it all depends upon other factors, so it’s complicated. We need to break this down into different areas so that you can see why you have dysfunction in the first place and some of the reasons are explored in the following chapters and will include things such as:

Prostate problems

Prostate health can be a reason for erectile dysfunction. In particular, conditions such as prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, hormonal disorders and prostatitis may be responsible for erectile dysfunctions.

When a man’s penis suddenly becomes unable to hard up, it may be a symptom of prostate cancer. As such, a doctor may probably require him to take a prostate-specific antigen test or PSA test. The doctor may also require a digital rectal examination to further validate this suspicion.

Prostate cancer surgery runs the risk of severing arteries or nerves that are responsible for a man’s erection. Men whose prostate gland has been removed via a surgical procedure called prostatectomy have a 25% to 80% chance of being able to enjoy erections. There are some “nerve-sparing” prostatectomy procedures that try to avoid severing important erectile nerves but even with such methods, erectile dysfunctions have a 50% risk of happening. Its because several factors come into play such as the surgeon’s ability, the man’s age and the location of the tumor. Even if the key nerves aren’t permanently damaged, it’ll take anywhere from 6 to 18 months for the nerve fibers to completely regenerate for normal erectile function.

Avoiding surgery to treat prostate cancer can still lead to erectile dysfunctions. Radiation treatment may harm tissues that are vital for experiencing erections. It is estimated that half of the men who underwent radiation treatment for prostate cancer experienced erectile dysfunction due to the external radiation beam as well as the implanted radiation- emitting seeds in the prostate.

Even non-surgical and non-radioactive treatments for cancers that have metastasized beyond the prostate, like some hormone therapy medications, can cause erectile dysfunctions. Some of these medications include goserelin (a.k.a. Zoladex) and leuprolide (a.k.a Lupron). Some hormone- based medications that may cause erectile dysfunction that aren’t as bad include bicalutamide (a.k.a. Casodex) and flutamide (a.k.a. Eulexin).

Another medical condition affecting the prostate that can cause erectile dysfunction is benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, which is a form of prostate enlargement that isn’t cancerous. However, it isn’t the condition itself that causes erectile dysfunction but some of the methods used to treat it like the prescription anti-testosterone drug finasteride (a.k.a. Proscar), which has a reported side effect of erectile dysfunction and reduced libido in 3.7% and 3.3% of the men who took it. Alpha-blockers like doxazosin (a.k.a. Cardura), tamsulosin (a.k.a. Flomax) and terazosin (a.k.a. Hyrtrin) are BPH treatment alternatives that have lower risk for erectile dysfunction.

Another prostate condition that can cause erectile dysfunction is prostatitis, which is acute or chronic inflammation of the prostate. Some of the symptoms that may indicate such a condition include frequent and usually painful urination, penile discharges and fever. Severe cases of prostatitis can directly lead to erectile dysfunction while milder ones simply make ejaculation painful, which reduces sexual pleasure and consequently, make it harder to experience normal erection.

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