Foods that Aid Penile Growth

What many men do not realize is that they may not need to spend hundreds of dollars when it comes to improving the quality of their penis.

I mean, you can if you want to, but wouldn’t you rather try it the organic way first?

It is much better for you if you stick to what is all natural, instead of pumping your system full of medicine.

In fact, here is a list of foods that you see everyday that can exponentially assist in the advancement of Little Willy!


Foods For A Healthy Penis

Dark chocolate

That’s right, you do not by any means have to skimp out on eating such a treat!

Dark chocolate has components that help blood flow reach the penis faster.

Plus, it will be a big hit for your lady.

If you have a female that loves chocolate, she will kiss you senseless for bringing a bag of delicious treats you both can share.

Low-fat yogurt

Stock up from the dairy aisle! Penis enlarging foods typically contain protein, which many yogurts, especially Greek, definitely have!


Even though this veggie resembles a tree may not necessarily assist directly with the growth of the penis. However, it most certainly helps in strengthening your PC muscles.

And if you are not a broccoli fan, try eating more carrots, tomatoes, or sweet potatoes, or all the above! Any veggie will assist you.


In order to achieve adequate blood flow to your cock, you must have a strong and healthy heart. Bananas are great little aids in helping your heart be the best it can be.

Plus, it is full of potassium, which helps with cramps, if you know what I mean, guys.


Packed with Omega-3’s and essential, good—for-you fatty oil, salmon is a great natural blood thinner, which helps in better flow within the blood stream.

The thinner your blood is, the better it can pump amino acids, but pumpkin seeds have extra!


They may be slightly stinky, but they sure can help you get kinky!

It has been proven that onions are great to consume in regard to better blood circulation throughout the body.

This means more blood for those penis exercises and lasting longer in the sack.

(Just make sure to brush your teeth or pop a breath mint in first!)


This sweet treat contains very high levels of Vitamin B, which promotes the production of testosterone.


Not only do eggs give you additional protein, but they are essential in the building up of penile tissue and balancing all of your hormone levels.


Garlic has the same compound as its cousin the onion to help with blood flow, but also protects your heart.


Figs contain exuberate amounts of amino acids, which enable and boost your sex drive as well as your stamina.


Consuming enough water throughout the day, not only gives you the energy needed to stay that one-of-a-kind freak in the sheets, but also helps your penis when flaccid look longer, thicker, and stronger.

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It is said that you need to drink at least 1.9 liters of water to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Penis Enlargement Vitamins

Even though natural foods are great, there are some other vitamins and minerals you could be taking to ensure significant dick growth.

Yes, it is medicine. However, consider this an herbal refresher for your bodily needs.

Not only do they help your little guy, but they will help boost your body’s health as well.

Vitamin A

This vitamin helps fight against all sorts of infections that can take hold of the body. Infections can withhold any sort of growth, including the penis area.

It can be found naturally in sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash—so stock up! Or you can get a supplement to take once a day in the form of a pill at your local superstore.

Vitamin B5

When it comes to recovering quickly and seeing results from all that dedicated time and energy put into penis exercises and stretching, this vitamin is here for you!

It can be found naturally in sunflower seeds, liver, and shiitake mushrooms, or can be taken orally. It helps you perform sexually at your best!

Vitamin C

Found naturally in bell peppers, broccoli, and guava, this vitamin is essential not only for overall health, especially when it comes to the immune system and keeping us from getting sick, but also is substantially important in terms of penis enlargement.

Vitamin D

Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction amongst other penile issues have been known to have a Vitamin D deficiency.

Low levels of this vitamin in your system could mean loads of disappointment when it comes to performance in the bedroom. You can also get this vitamin by spending copious amount of time out in the sunlight.


This vitamin is known to assist men with penile dysfunction issues, as well as promote major expansion of tissues, especially in relations to your little dicky.

This supplement is actually a core ingredient in many penis enlargement pills. It can be found naturally in beef flank steak, pine nuts, oats, and tuna.

So, see, you can still stay away from the male enhancement pills while garnering the same results. All you have to do is put forth the effort in eating, instead of swallowing a pill.

Gingko Biloba

Not only is this one of the best selling herbal supplements in a variety of countries, but it is also utilized to promote strong flow of blood throughout your entire body.

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