Extenzite (Expanzite) is meant to be taken daily, an hour or two before sexual activity. Each bottle features 60 pills containing a blend of natural herbs. With a substantial amount of male enhancement products on the market, it is difficult for any one product to rise to the top of the list. Extenzite, however, has claimed to do just that.

The company behind the product also claims they developed a highly potent formula capable of increasing penis size while simultaneously improving erection firmness and durability. The product is sold by Life Smart Labs, Inc. and may also be found under the name Expanzite. Expanzite reflects a recent name changed and the product appears to still be available under the Extenzite name.



Extenzite is meant to be taken daily, an hour or two before sexual activity. Each bottle features 60 pills containing a blend of natural herbs. For reasons it has not disclosed, Extenzite has decided to keep its ingredients list under wraps.

The website for the product simply informs men that it includes a blend of premium natural herbs, carefully harvested for their unique abilities. These superior ingredients have been chosen for their capacity to shoot more blood into the penis and offer improvements in all areas of sexual desire and potency.


I reviewed dozens of blogs, online reviews and testimonials to find unedited opinions on Extenzite and most opinions are of the same accord that the product works.

A lot of users commented that few side effects were experienced and the product consistently provided results within one hour of use. The increased energy and stamina experienced by many users made it easy to increase their sexual activity and gave them back their confidence.

In a large number of reviews, men also reported being able to please their sexual partners and delay orgasm.

My own use of the product also highlighted that Extenzite does a good job of improving the firmness of erections and there seemed to be some small but much-appreciated increases in penis length and width.

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  • The formula is patent pending.
  • Extenzite is sensibly priced; usually, guys can purchase 3 bottles for $60.


  • The name is a little too similar to another male sexual enhancer, ExtenZe.
  • Since Extenzite does not reveal its full ingredient list, it is impossible to determine exactly what side effects may occur when taking this product. For men who already take prescription medications or who suffer from any health conditions such as kidney disease or strokes, speaking with a physician may be a good idea to ensure that the product will not cause any serious negative effects.

Is It Worth It?

When it comes down to its ability to perform, Extenzite mostly delivers as advertised. According to the product manufacturers, Extenzite is “the leading male enhancer in both the United States and Europe”.

The product really seems to rev up the sex drive with a number of men stating that they were able to indulge in intimate moments several times a day opposed to previously struggling to perform just several times a week.

Although changes in penis size were small, overall the improvements in erection firmness and the ability to resist premature ejaculation make the product worthwhile for most.

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