Extengin is an herbal male enhancement sold in capsule form and trademarked by Life Smart Labs, INC., which also owns the trademark for Extenzite. The manufacturer makes several claims about their product including longer-lasting erections, increased drive,  and increased erection size after just a few weeks of use.

Supposedly, the product was available in Europe under a different name for years but has only recently been offered in the United States.


Extengin does have some powerful ingredients; however, our results were least impressive. We gave the product a full three-month trial. Even though we took the product daily as directed, the results were insignificant.

After a few weeks our erection firmness had slightly improved, however, our erections were in no way larger or thicker as promised.

Additionally, we did not gain the ability to get aroused faster or to recover faster after having sex.

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Ingredients in the formula include zinc, sarsaparilla, pumpkin seeds, oat straw, nettle, cayenne pepper, oyster extract, and ginseng. Men are directed to take 2 capsules; together these capsules provide 2170 milligrams of enhancement.

Zinc, for instance, is thought to be essential for preventing testosterone deficiency and prostate enlargement. Adequate amounts of zinc may also be necessary for maintaining a high sperm count and preventing impotence.

Both pumpkin seeds and oysters are rich sources of zinc. Cayenne pepper may be beneficial to improving circulation, allowing more blood to pump.


  • Sold on some leading supplement websites and moderately priced


  • Apparently, there is no official website for Extengin or any other products trademarked by Life Smart Labs, INC
  • Extengin does not provide any information on their ingredients; making it difficult to determine if the ingredients recorded on other websites are the correct and most current formula
  • Although Extengin claims that their product was a preferred male enhancement supplement in Europe, the fact that the original name for the product is not provided makes this claim impossible to prove
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Side Effects

Some of the ingredients in Extengin could be dangerous for those with food allergies.

Those with allergies to shellfish, for instance, may not be able to take the supplement since it includes oysters.

Although zinc is an essential mineral, excessive zinc consumption can affect the metabolism, the body’s immune system functioning and how other nutrients are absorbed.

Is It Worth It?

We did an exhaustive online search of Extengin reviews, customer testimonials and looked into multiple online stores to get a well-rounded understanding of Extengin.

We even conducted an extensive test of the product ourselves to see how it really held up.

Overall, we felt that the product was misleading and nowhere near being a leader. Even though the product only costs about $20 a bottle the price is not justified for a supplement that does so little.

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