The Eerexor male enhancer is designed to enhance sexual functioning and pleasure for men. Use of the supplement supposedly allows men to develop firmer erections while swelling the length and girth of the penis. These results are described as being permanent, and as a result of using Erexor, orgasms will be more intense. Developed by Bionutricals International Inc. the product is just one of their many health and wellness supplements currently available.



There are some customer reviews available on Erexor, these reviews, however, are not complimentary. Instead, most reviewers bash the product for claiming that men will make permanent increases in erection size.


Erexor is taken with a meal and water and men can take up to 3 capsules at a time, no more than twice a day. Erexor contains a blend of nine botanical ingredients.

The most controversial ingredient is Yohimbe, bark from the West African tree is thought to increase blood flow to the penis and allow the blood vessels to further dilate.

As a result, erections are achieved quicker and men are more easily able to maintain their erections. Another well-known male enhancement ingredient is the aphrodisiac Peruvian Maca responsible for giving men more energy and vitality.

Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry leaf, and the amino acid L-Arginine are all in the Erexor formula to improve circulation and allow for an increase in sexual ability and arousal.

Catuaba bark, Damiana leaf, Avena Sativa and Tribulus Terrestris complete the Erexor formulation.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris works by causing the body’s pituitary gland to work harder and to make more of its luteinizing hormones, which in turn causes more natural testosterone to be made in the body by the testes.

Tribulus Terrestris has also been determined to intensify the count as well as motility of spermatozoa (the male germ cells found in semen which penetrates the ovum or egg of the female to fertilize it). A research done in Bulgaria and Russia revealed the occurrence of vivid and striking reforms when Tribulus Terrestris was supplemented by men who suffered from surplus sperm antibodies.

After usage, for a period of four to six months, the impregnation rate increased by sixty-one percent on account of the fact that T.Terrestris was able to elevate the levels of testosterone as well as DHEA (a hormone which is spontaneously prepared by the human body, and is utilized for diverting the process of aging; it is used by athletes to intensify muscle mass and toughness; men use it for treatment of erection problems.

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Maca Root Extract

Maca has an undeniable several scientific studies have also confirmed that the root has a positive effect on endurance and energy levels.

By normalizing hormonal levels, it has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system, helping it work more effectively. Research has shown that it can also improve seminal volume. It may even be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. For couples planning to commence a family, there are specifications that Maca can revamp the chances of conception.

Maca is currently available in the market in form of powder as well as capsules in the strength of 300 milligrams to be taken three times a day.


Yohimbe is something you might be a little shy to walk up to the cashier or pharmacist with because it is known as a libido enhancer first and foremost, or shall we say a cure for sexual dysfunction.

But you shouldn’t be embarrassed to walk up to the pharmacist with this because of that feeling, rather you should be embarrassed to be buying it from the drug store, to begin with!  Yohimbe is also great for physical energy and stamina in athletes, and it can also help to increase testosterone making it a great all-around herb for men. One of the things I’ve noticed about these types of herbs is that the ones that are used for sexual health are also quite useful in the gym and for testosterone production in general as well.


  • Erexor does not have an official product website and Bionutricals International Inc. only provides detailed product information to registered resellers.
  • Apparently, there are no money back guarantees associated with Erexor.
  • Men can take up to 6 capsules of Erexor a day. A bottle of the formula only contains 60 capsules. For men looking to take the product daily at maximum strength, this would mean 180 pills in just one month of use! Despite the fact that one bottle of Erexor only costs about $20, the price can rise to over $60 a month for men taking the full dose every day.

Side Effects

Of all the ingredients included in the Erexor formula, Yohimbe has the most well-known side effects.

The product is associated with problems sleeping, anxiety, rising blood pressure, dizziness, sinus pain, headaches, increasing need to urinate, nausea and vomiting.

The available information on Erexor is very limited and the Bionutricals International Inc. website sheds no further light on what makes this male enhancement supplement a good bargain. Additionally, there have been no clinical studies done on the product.

Is It Worth It?

Although there are not a lot of customer reviews to browse, most of these complain about the many side effects of Yohimbe that they have experienced and the lack of results achieved.

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