How To Enhance The Effectiveness of Your Penis Enlargement Program

To maximize your success as you begin your program, keep in mind these three important facts: Thousands of people have learned the procedures involved in controlling blood flow for a variety of different purposes. In applying these learning procedures to penis enlargement it’s clear that men of every shape, size, and description have learned to enlarge their penis.

By following appropriate procedures virtually all men can learn to use this method effectively. What are the appropriate procedures? One essential factor is being ready to learn. The only thing that can hold you back is the rigidity of your own self—image. A deeply etched self-image can erect subconsciously oriented inhibitions in the learning pathways.

At times it seems that the self-image can provide a passive oppositional aura which acts as a barrier that creates slow starters, causes plateaus, and precipitates other difficulties which interfere with the desired results. This underscores the importance of the Scripts. As you use your Scripts you will notice the careful emphasis placed on being proud of your body and in feeling good with yourself. All of the terminology throughout the Script been carefully selected to help break through any barriers that might be caused by a poor self-image and in fact are designed to help you enhance your own self-image. It is important to understand that you cannot exceed the limits set by your own self-image. However, you can improve your self-image and in effect adjust the limits upward.

It is no accident that because the self-image plays such a vital role in this program that so many men report improvements in many other aspects of their lives. In clinical studies, researchers report such diverse benefits as men feeling better about themselves, getting better golf and bowling scores and feeling happier in many other aspects of their lives. These changes seem to be a direct result of the improvement in self-image that takes place with the penis enlargement that occurs.

As you progress on your personal program there are a number of things that you can do to help enhance the effective— ness of the results. For one thing, as we have mentioned, you can work on improving your self-image in many other ways. For example, you can use the visualization techniques throughout your day – as you are walking, standing, sitting, working, etc. Another thing you can do to help is to learn more about your self-image itself.

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How to Overcome Plateaus

Your understanding of the role of the self-image in your life can be a great help to you if you should reach a plateau on the program, or are having trouble making a breakthrough. Understand that in all likelihood a setback is nothing more than a temporary barrier. But you can continue to progress by continuing with the program.

If you should reach a plateau you may find it helpful to think about some of the reasons why your subconscious mind may be erecting these temporary barriers. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you really want to be an attractive man
  2. If there is something holding you back, what is it?
  3. Do you recall ever having been told that you are not attractive
  4. Do you remember learning at some point in your life that you should not feel too proud of yourself
  5. Do you in some way feel that it’s bad to think about having a larger penis or did you ever get this impression ‘ through the words or actions of others when you were holding up
  6. Do you remember feeling anxious or concerned
  7. What other shackles from your past could be holding you back
  8. Are you afraid to be more attractive because you fear being with the opposite sex?

Look at some of the other aspects of your life. For example:

  1. Have you gone on diets in the past but never quite succeeded
  2. Have you started exercise programs and then dropped them
  3. Have you always wanted to have a “makeover”, but have never gotten around to it
  4. Have you thought about taking self—improvement classes, but have never done it
  5. Have you wanted to wear more stylish, more debonair clothes but have found yourself always sticking to older styles and more conservative apparel
  6. Did you start this program but then got “too busy” to complete it
  7. Do you think well of yourself – or are you always putting yourself down, criticizing yourself continually

In each case, the answers to these questions are, to a measure, controlled by your self-image.

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