What confident people don’t do about Erectile Dysfunction

For many people, confidence is equal to being proud or self-centered. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The fact is, people who are truly confident about themselves don’t go around bragging about themselves or tooting their own horns. If any, confident people are either thought of initially as shy or indifferent. Shy because they’re often silent about their accomplishments knowing they don’t have anything to prove. Indifferent because confident people couldn’t care less about things that they’re truly capable of accomplishing. As such, confident what goes on around them or about what others think of them. people rarely overpromise and under deliver but usually under promise and over deliver. By doing the latter, they minimize the risk of broken promises

To help you become more confident, here’s a list of some of the things and commitments, confident people don’t do:

> They avoid humiliating or judging others because not only is it wrong, they are secure enough with who they are that they don‘t feel the need to put others down just bring themselves up. In fact, they do the opposite: they lift other people up because they’re not insecure.
> They don‘t try to bring attention to themselves because again, they‘re secure with who they are that they don’t feel the need to be noticed.
> They also don’t try to dismiss any attention that’s given to them freely. Because of the same sense of security, they‘re able to graciously and comfortably receive attention from others.
> They don’t brag about themselves or whatever they‘ve achieved. Why? Why not? They don’t need others’ approval to feel good about themselves so they don’t feel the need to brag.
> They don’t dismiss others’ compliments about them and their achievements either. In fact, being confident in who they are allows them to comfortably receive and acknowledge other peoples’ praises without letting those get into their heads.
> They’re not critical. Because they’re secure, they don’t feel the need to criticize others and as such, they ooze positivity and charisma, which attracts more people to them and make them feel even more confident.
> They don’t just talk about themselves. An offshoot of being confident about one’s identity and person is the ability to talk more about others than one’s self. They are genuinely interested in others and it shows in them asking much about others and genuinely wanting to know others better and praise them. As such, confident people make for great conversationalists.
> They don’t fuss over the small things. Because confident people are secure with themselves, they’re also confident about being able to handle situations and thus don’t make a fuss when things go wrong. Such confidence leads to a calmness in the face of challenges, whether big or small, which inspires the people around them to be as calm and collected.
> Confident people don’t focus on things that aren’t important. A big chunk of being confident is knowing what are the truly important things to focus on and as such, they’re able to stick to what’s really important and maximize their time, effort and resources.
> They don’t break promises and commitments. Confident people know when to commit and promise and when not to because they know the things that they’re truly capable of accomplishing.

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