Choose a Penis Enlargement Goal

When doing penis exercises you can start by writing down your current measurements and add realistic numbers based on the examples I will mention in a section ahead. From there you will create your own goals based on your needs, and like I mentioned before, you can always change them and continue striving for more.

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The More We Know, the More We Grow

Alright, now I will give you some tips to use in case you are interested in male enhancement exercises.

Get Your Measurements

When starting penis enlargement exercises the first thing you have to do is measure the size of your penis. By doing this you will know your starting point for your records. It is really vital to know where you are standing in terms of measurements because this way you will be able to set goals and get inspired throughout the process by knowing where you are going. When taking measurements, please make sure you write them down somewhere. It can be in a notebook, your phone, or wherever you feel like. Just do it, because it‘s really important to keep that on file for your own future reference.

I remember at the very beginning when I started doing penis enlargement exercises I took my measurements for the first time and wrote them down. After some time (probably around 3 months), one day I woke up in the morning and saw myself in the mirror and noticed a huge difference in my penis size. I said to myself: “Woah! It was not like that when I started”. I really felt more confident and the results were fucking obvious! I immediately went to get the measuring tape and measured it. I went to the drawer and got my notebook where I had all my starting measurements and trust me, I was truly in shock. I had gained almost an inch in length and an inch in girth. I felt I had discovered one of the biggest secrets in human history. It was fucking science, man (lol). At that moment I knew the exercises were working in a ridiculous way. I got so pumped up that I started adding different routines and read more and more about the subject online. That‘s why I know you have to take and write down those measurements.

Some people ask me how many times a month they should measure their penis, and to be honest, there is no exact answer for that. You can and you should measure your penis as many times as possible because by doing that you will truly know yourself better. When you truly know your penis size, you know if you are measuring the right way every time you do it, plus you know if you are cheating yourself as well. But of course, don’t try to measure your penis every single day because you will end up frustrated. Always stay true to yourself and try to measure the penis the correct way each time.

What’s the correct way to measure your penis? I will show you how it is correctly done.

First, you will need the following:

Soft measuring tape – Straight edge ruler

For measuring the length, I recommend you use the straight edge ruler. Why?

Because straight edge rulers are easier to use when a flaccid penis is stretched out and you also get more accurate numbers when the penis is erect.

There are two ways to measure your penis: One is pressing the ruler to your pubic bone and the other is without pressing it.

– Pressed against the bone – Not pressed against the bone

Pressed against the bone

Here you will place the ruler over your penis and press it against your pubic bone. This type of measurement is the one most often used in the penis enlargement community, since they are larger numbers than the other method. I personally recommend this method over the other because when you place the ruler against the bone, that’s it! There’s no way for you to cheat next time you measure, because the bone will always be there stopping the ruler.

Not pressed against the bone

Here you will place the ruler over your penis, barely touching the pubic area. I use this method for better accuracy and also call this the “how it looks for real” measurement. This is the size you will see when standing in front of a mirror without grabbing it.

Measuring girth

When measuring girth you will use the soft measuring tape. You will place it around your penis, wrap it completely, and then write down your numbers. Try to always measure girth in the same places. For more accurate measurements, I recommend you measure the thickest part or the middle of the penis (mid-shaft). You can measure just one part if you like.

Measuring flaccid

When measuring flaccid length you can do it in the same as when measuring erect length. When measuring flaccid girth is kind of tricky because you will notice sometimes the penis has different sizes depending on lots of factors, including weather, your weight, the underwear you were using before measuring, etc. So you can measure at least 2 times on the same day, once in the moming and once at night and the most consistent number will be the correct one.

PE (Penis Enlargement) Golden Rules

Whether you are interested in practicing male enhancement exercises with no devices or by using devices like “The Penilizer”, you must know the basics. These are called the Golden Rules for Penis Exercises.

As if you were training to run a marathon or training for a bodybuilding competition, you must know there are some guidelines to achieve great results and staying healthy at the same time.

These “Golden Rules” are the following:

— Rest – Build Up Gradually — Focus On Your Body‘s Signs

Rule 1: Rest

When exercising any muscle, you need to understand first that the main ingredient to fortifying and developing them is rest. There are various sources suggesting a period of around 48 hours or more for a complete recuperation from the exercise, but each individual body will require a different approach.

It doesn’t matter if you are into any muscle training for well—being, bliss, or simply for the need to astonish a sex partner, usually you want to achieve results quickly. However, during the process of strengthening the penis, legs, chest, or any other muscle group, rest is as vital as the workout. Many people ignore this and end up injured and even sick. Overtraining can lead to diminished execution, elevated blood pressure, decreased immunity, and sleepless nights, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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From running, lifting weights, or any physical exercise you can harm muscle fibers, and this can create soreness. However, during rest periods, muscles get their time to recover, rebuild stronger and also increase in size. It sounds funny but bodybuilding actually does not exactly happen in the gym, but at your house when you are resting. That’s why is really important to start your penis training with common sense and at a slow pace.

A new study recommends that you should take at least 48 hours of rest since soreness in muscles can last for up to 2 days post workout. This is ideal for you to train more efficiently, recuperate better and avoid getting injured. These results are based on the athletes who were studied. If you are a newbie or amateur, specialists propose you should rest up to 72 hours between exercises, while others think that only 8 hours is enough for your body to recuperate and be ready. This will depend on lots of facts. If you feel extremely sore after 48 hours, make sure you warm up and stretch to see how your body reacts and feels. Then, you will know if you are able to resume the training.

After some reviews a meta-analysis showed that the ideal rest time for better strength development is 1 to 2 rest days between sessions. For newbies, 3 days off each week should be perfect while experienced athletes should take 2 days off each week.

But of course there are lots of different factors to evaluate when deciding rest time. These include and are not limited to how old are you, how hard you train, how  frequently you exercise, the type of exercise you are doing, what you eat, if you have any health conditions, etc. So make sure you are aware of all these factors and be wise. Resting in penis exercise is a MUSI‘, so don’t take any shortcuts and overtrain your penis. Be patient.

At the end, each individual’s required resting time will vary and there’s no exact formula for everyone. At least use the most common resting periods which are 2 days off each week. Like I said before, use common sense and pay attention to your body signs whenever you feel sore. Never hesitate to take some time off.

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Rule 2: Build Up Gradually

Your inspiration increases when you first focus on a healthy lifestyle, however, jumping into testing exercises without the proper preparation can put you at risk for burnout and damage. It’s essential to gradually increase your physical action so that you stay with your exercise routine. There are different ways for you to gradually build your wellness and achieve your long term objectives.


It is easier to add more physical action in your routine when you are tracking your time. The American College of Sports Medicine prescribes at least 150 minutes of physical activity (direct force) every week, or 30 minutes 5 times each week. The 30 minutes can be broken into sections of no less than 10 minutes throughout the day.

If you are new to penis exercises, 10 minutes at a time may be a great start. Start with an amount of challenging repetitions without getting exhausted. After 2 weeks,

try adding more time or repetitions to each session. Stay with those numbers for 1 to 2 weeks and then use the same process to add more time.


The intensity of the exercise can lead you to significant improvements in your wellness level. Intensity applies to a wide range of penis exercises and it can be adjusted in many ways. Strength training may involve an increase in the repetition speed or a reduction in rest time between sets.

Start with a pleasant intensity until you get comfortable with the exercise. Then, modify and increase the intensity and let the activity push you to do more.

You can increase the pressure either using your hands or by using “The Penilizer” device when you are doing the jelqing exercise. You can also add intervals between long jelq sessions to make each session more intense. These changes will give you the ability to exercise harder and longer.

Rule 3: Pay Attention to Your Body’s Signs

This is one of the most important rules in penis enlargement exercises. You may know how to train, how many days a week, etc., but knowing how to read your body’s signs is one of the most important rules. Only you will know how your body is reacfing after training.

The first thing I tell my clients about “the Penilizer” device is to use it with common sense. The body gives us signs for everything. If we are feeling soreness, the body will let us know. If we are feeling harder erections during the day, then the body is telling us that something is working great. It is up to us to read these signs correctly and not get carried away with the anxiety of achieving quick results.

There are healthy signs that tell us the exercise is working and that you are doing them the right way. Unhealthy signs are the body’s way of telling us to pay attention and take care. Thisis for sure. If you get pain after doing any type of exercise, please take a break and get some rest. Treat yourself the right way and you will see results in the long run.

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