Like many of you, I have tried a bunch of different male enhancement products and most of them sadly did not work. Boostultimate is one of the top-selling testosterone boosters on Amazon and is formulated to increase stamina, size, energy, and more.


One of the advantages of Boostultimate is that it contains all natural ingredients that work fast. Users have reported alleviation of erection problems within days of taking the supplement and have reported increased energy levels.

Other products can leave nasty side effects that include nervousness and anxiety. Not only does it work as a libido booster it’s also used to boost muscle gains in the gym.


It is advised you take Boostultimate two times per day for increased vigor and erection power. Other reported benefits include an increase in flaccid girth and increased libido and confidence in the bedroom. When you are in an environment with new girls your testosterone will increase.

Can it really be improved? Can your manhood really magically transform from mediocre to magnificent?

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I think the value in PE activities is if you participate in the minimally life-invasive kind. A few stretches and jelqs every day, to keep your dick limber. It’s like stretching other parts of your body.

I gained about 0.5″ in length over a month of adding it to my daily habits. The gain stayed, I do it occasionally now, but not too regularly. I didn’t think of it as a “gain” so much, as I thought about it as “reclaiming” function I already had.

If you’re in martial arts, you can stretch your legs a bit each day, help with kicking, etc. You’re not really creating something new, you just allow your body to function at its best.

I think if you treat PE like that, it’s fairly healthy. If a few stretches each day let the tissues in your dick expand to their natural full capacity, great. That should have been happening all the time.

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Use it or lose it. The more erections you have, or the harder erections you have, the better erections you’ll continue to have. It’s like working out.

“Growing monster dicks” on the other hand… is a little different. Such a mindset can really fuck people up psychologically. It’s like stretching to become a human pretzel, or working out to look like Arnie when you’re BMI is 17.

Mindset-wise, there’s a fine line between working to function at optimum, or just getting fixated on an extreme goal and potentially injuring yourself. So stretching and jelqing moderately every day, keeping your dick at 100%, maybe gaining an inch or 2 over a few years… seems pretty healthy.

If you’re hanging weights on your dick for hours every day or wearing one of those stretchers (because you ‘need’ a bigger dick in 3-6 months)… you might want to re-evaluate your mindset/self-esteem.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t be obsessed with monster dicks as their hobby. All the power to them. People go to all sorts of body extremes for fun and as a pastime. But if its some attempt to repair your self-esteem or confidence, or to impress girls… you’re not doing it right.

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