Benefits of Maca Root

In this article, I discuss the benefits of Maca Root.


Providing Energy

In the morning time, people across the globe have a habit of taking tea or coffee so that their day goes on smoothly and they do not feel sleepy. Instead of that, if someone shifts his energy in taking maca roots then it will be really helpful and will definitely boost up the energy level of the person. He need not start his day with the caffeine intake rather start the day with the natural source that provides energy, to continue the day, without any side effects.

Maintains The Sexual System Of The Body

The presence of estrogen into our body that comes naturally by its own process, misbalances the other hormonal system of the body. Maca roots stimulate the hypothalamus and also it nourishes the glands like pituitary glands. These glands are the main regulatory glands of our body.

They regulate all kinds of hormones in the body. Due to maca, these main glands are regulated and because of this, they bring in balance to our other glands like thyroid, pancreas and adrenal glands. Hormones like thyroxin etc are the main source for maintaining the digestive system of our body.

Works According To Body

Maca works according to the needs of the body. It does not work individually but rather it adapts to the body condition and then it works in accordance with the body system. If in a body, there is the production of too much of a kind of hormone then maca regulars the production and dampens the same and if in some other body there is a lack of some kind of hormone then it regulates that gland helps in proper secretion of that particular hormone. In short, it works differently in different bodies and the way that is best for the body.

During Menopause

Maca regulates all kind of gland into our body. They are also helpful for women when they are undergoing the process of the menstrual cycle and it also increases the time of start of menopause, which maintains a lot of hormonal balance in women. Menopause is one state after which, the women body undergoes a lot of changes and the women have to bear

a lot of frequent mood swings. Menopause brings in some difficulties in the female body and it affects the mental process of the female segment, greatly. Maca helps in delay of the time and thus maintains the female body in correct shape for a longer duration.

Maca Helps In Relieving Cancer And Depression

Macca regulates the hormones and tissues of the body. Cancer is the development of extra unwanted tissue into the body. Now, when maca regulates the tissue of the body it does not allow deposition of any unwanted tissue into the body and thus helps in overcoming any cancer into the body. The root is also a great mood regulator. It helps in maintaining a good mood rather a positive mood of the person and thus it keeps depression away from the mind of the person.

Depression is nothing but the mental state wherein the person goes into an all-time low mood swing and sometimes also leads to suicide attempts on the part of the person. Maca helps in getting over all such mental conditions of the person.

Maca Being Nutrient Rich Substance

Maca is one natural substance which has natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that helps in the regulation of all the other glands and hormones. This is the reason that they can overcome serious diseases like depression and cancer. This is the reason that the menopause in the women body is delayed because maca contains such substance that enhances sexual stimulating hormones like estrogen, responsible for the smooth menstrual cycle.

This menstrual cycle delays the menopause.

Easy Consumption

The duration for which the root has to be consumed is very easy. One has to start with a half spoon of the powder and then it can be increased to 2-3 spoons, taken on a daily basis. This increase can be done within a period of two to three weeks.

It is best to keep one day off if the person is taking a dose of three spoons of Maca on a daily basis. The root is easily consumable and one need not keep a lot of safety measure while taking it just that the substance is supposed to be taken at the exact time in all the days. The gap of 24 hours should be maintained while taking the dose daily.

Easy Medium Of Consumption

One can take half a spoon of maca in any form and there are no hassles in taking the same as the taste of the substance is good and can be consumed easily. One can sprinkle it on top of any fruits like banana. It can be mixed in the soup that one takes. Salt along with maca root powder is a great way to health and has a perfect delicious taste.

It can be taken as a dessert as a mixture of honey and maple syrup. It can be mixed in any herbal tea and start a great day with it and it can also be used to sprinkle as a spice in some snacks items like popcorn and any rolls.

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Good Source Of Pure Protein

Maca contains around 20 % of pure proteins in one ounce of the powder. This is a great way of increasing the proteins in the body and is comparable to the protein content in some plant seed. Proteins are the building blocks of the muscle into our body and it is a must for anyone undergoing the process of a heavy workout.

After work out is the time when one should take maca because that is the time when the muscle has undergone a lot of pressure and is worn down. One

will need maca during that time so that it can directly enter the muscles of the body and helps in its recovery and its development.

High Iodine Content

Iodine is supposed to be present in the seafood in high amount and that is the reason that the people taking in the high amount of seafood never have to suffer the problems related to thyroid glands. However, for vegetarians who do not take seafood, iodine goes lacking into their body. The plant’s roots also contain iodine but again these days because of hybrid plants and soil erosion, iodine intake from the body is decreasing. This is the reason that more vegetarians suffer from the problem of the thyroid.

Now, maca is the perfect source of iodine for the vegetarian mass and they can take the dose of maca and increase the iodine content into their body. Around 20 grams of maca contains 100 micrograms of iodine and one needs around 150 micrograms of iodine into the body on a daily basis. If a person is taking maca on a daily basis they do not have to bother about the thyroid gland of their body.

Cholesterol Regulator

There are two kinds of cholesterol present in our body; good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is an important constituent of the body and it should be present in the body in an adequate amount so that the bad cholesterol of the body can be eliminated out easily. Bad cholesterol is bad for one’s body and should be eliminated out form the body otherwise they will be deposited in muscle and make it fat unnecessarily.

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Maca is one plant that contains a lot of plant sterols like sitosterol and such and they are the molecules that are most resembling nutrient to good cholesterol and thus can help in reduction of bad cholesterol from the body. Maca roots thus can help our body in overcoming any disease that is related to the heart, by the elimination of bad cholesterol which affects the heart the most.

Removal Of Food Craving

Maca roots contain almost about 9% of fibers into one ounce of powder. This is a good constituent of fiber a kind of food can have. They help in a lot of ways. Fiber is the material that helps in the storage and retention of water into the body for the longer duration of time. If one has fibers substance just before lunch and dinner then the consumption of food becomes less in that meal and one eats less of carbohydrates and fats. This helps in maintain the fat content of the body and the person does not become fat.

Fiber is also important for the body because they help in the times of constipation and maintains a proper digestion system into our body. If one has maca powder, sprinkle on the raw vegetable and then have them, it becomes a double benefit for the taker and then it adds on to the fibers content of the salad. This helps in the regulation of body process greatly.

Reduce Prostate Enlargement

Prostate enlargement leads to prostate cancer in the human body and this can be reduced by the intake of Maca root specifically red maca root. This root is very red in color and is very thick in nature. The sex hormone that is enhanced with the intake of Maca roots, it also stimulates the prostate glands and thus helps in stopping prostate cancer into the body. When the sexual hormone is taken along with the testosterone into the body is helps greatly and it shows results within 21 days of the treatment process.

The weight of other body parts was not affected during the treatment process, which means that there are no side effects caused by the whole process of the reduction of prostate enlargement.

Increase In Sperm Count

One type of maca root is black maca. This kind of root, epically the fragments of the black roots, is supposed to be effective for the sperm creation of into the body. The fragments of black maca are supposed to contain a substance known as ethyl acetate, which when mixed with one more substance, then it shows a great increase in the sperm level of a person.

Males who eat maca can show a great development of the sexual hormone into them because of which the sperm count of the male is increased. This root can also help the male who does not have enough sperm count so that they can help their partner infertility process.

The male can take the black maca fragments in many ways like they can consume it raw and also can make it in a powder form and can take a plain dose of the powder along with water. Maca taken in any way shows a great result into the body of the person and helps his sexual hormones greatly. Apart from being a great help for males it also is a great help for the women segment of society. In the female body, it helps in the maturation of the egg follicles. This process helps in conceiving of the baby and removes any complication, from the male side and the female side.

Post Menstrual Sexual Activity

After the menopause, the sexual activity with the female segment of society decreases greatly and their body is no more into the condition of that process because of non-availability of sexual hormone into the female body. This is the main reason for any kind of depression and physical train that the women have to undergo. The anxiety level of the female segment increases because of this and they remain in a constant state of depression after menopause hit their body.

This is the time when maca roots come in handy and they stimulate the growth of sexual desire into the body of the female and thus maintains the anxiety and depression level of the female. A normal dosage of around 5 grams is enough, on a daily basis, to maintain the proper body functions of the female segment of society. This process does not change the other hormone level of the body thus causing no harm and side effects into the female body.

Sexual Hormone Affecting Female Bones

Once the female body has reached menopause and the secretion of sexual glands slows down, then it also affects the bone structure of the body and the strength of the bones is decreased into the body. In some cases, it also affects the height of the female. This entire sexual hormonal related problem can be resolved with the intake of maca roots as they are supposed to increase the sexual hormone inside the human body.

They also contain some amount of calcium into them which affects the bone structure of the body positively and thus helps in proper maintenance of bones in the older age. The bone mineral density which is lost due to the loss of estrogen, the sexual hormone of the female body, is regained again with the usage of maca roots by the women past age of forty.

Dysfunctional Sexual Process

Apart from the normal process of menopause, there are a few female cases and also women in general terms have a low libido for sex in their daily lives. The orgasm process for female segment of society is a great difficulty for women class.

This is just the opposite of their male counter partners. For a male segment of society, orgasm is a normal process and an easily available process. These differences are the main reason that the women section of society usually remains unsatisfied during the sexual process and remain depressed and frustrated.

When the female section of society takes a regular dose of the root then their anxiety level increases and thus the whole sexual process becomes pleasant for them and helps in alleviating the mood of both the partners equally. This is a great source of maintaining a great mental balance in the life of married couples and living a healthy and happy life.

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