Tabak’s Health Products have been providing health and beauty products for well over a decade. The company offers several products for male sexual enhancement including Arouser. Arouser is a one-a-day sexual supplement designed to help men have “extraordinary fun and excitement” in the bedroom. It’s described as having a mix of natural botanicals used to treat declining libido associated which is often with age and stress. It also claims to boost vigor and increase sexual energy.


KamagraWe really wanted to report some positive news on Arouser; unfortunately, we did not experience any significant results. After using the product for a month, we did not notice any significant changes in sex drive, excitement or in any of the other areas in which we hoped to see improvements.

We also scoured the internet to search for online reviews, testimonials, forums, blogs and every other possible location we could find to compare the opinions of the average user. They seemed to share our disappointment with the formula. Besides a slight increase in feeling “horny,” no other positives were noticed.

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Arouser contains a full month’s supply in each bottle and men take the one-a-day capsule with a meal. The formula only contains four ingredients:

Catuaba Bark

Actual bark from the Catuaba tree, this herb is an ancient aphrodisiac first used by the natives of the Amazon Rainforest for libido enhancement.

Tongkat Ali

This aphrodisiac can be found in Indonesia and may be useful for improving testosterone levels in the blood and helping men maintain erections. It is pertinent to mention here that Tongkat Ali’s hormonal contribution advantages also assist normal make-up of sperms.

In a survey, seventy- five men who consumed Tongkat Ali every day were detected to encounter meaningful improvements in sperm quality, improvements that lasted for months after the initial study. Around fifteen percent partakers even reported new impregnations in their partners.


This ancient Chinese herb is used for treating impotence.


Leaves from this small shrub have long been used to increase the sexual drive.


  • At $30 a bottle Arouser is sensibly priced. A free full month supply is also obtainable for a $5 processing fee.


  • Tabak’s Health Products describes the products in generalities; no specific claims are made about what the product can offer men suffering from libido issues. Therefore, the product comes across as inadequate.
  • Although Tabak’s Health Products does have an online website, there is insignificant and insufficient information provided on the Arouser supplement.
  • It is not possible to find Arouser in stores; the product is strictly available online through the Tabak’s Health Products website and by several other online retailers.

Side Effects

One of the first questions you may ask is what are the long-term effects of taking this product. With Arouser, there does not appear to be any lasting results that will occur with regular use. It is possible that some of the ingredients featured in Arouser could interact with other herbs or certain prescription medications. Tongkat Ali may also cause side effects including insomnia, flushing, and aggression with prolonged use.

Is It Worth It?

Tabak’s Health Products does not do a good job of explaining exactly how this product works. Another problem with Arouser is the formula.

Some of the ingredients may help add a little more kick to a man’s sex drive but it is little available in the way of the ingredient. We suggest men look for a stronger product to boost libido and sex drive.

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