So what makes AriZe any different from the rest? The product’s claim to start working within 30 minutes of the first use and lasting for several days after. When using AriZe men take up to 2 capsules, with warm water, 30 minutes before having sex. Within half an hour, men should experience “rock hard erections” according to the manufacturer.


KamagraThe AriZe website is vague, only providing very basic information so to find out if the product was legitimate, we reviewed tons of online testimonials, interviewed men who had talked about the product on online shopping sites and even tried out the product ourselves for a month.

We took the product as directed, at least 30 minutes before intimate encounters. From the reviews and interviews gathered and during our own trial, the results were inconsistent and disappointing.

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The formula is a combination of 9 sexual botanicals including Asian ginseng, a mild stimulant shown to promise some success for treating erectile dysfunction. Horny goat weed is another ingredient used to stimulate sexual desire and activity.

Asian Ginseng

Asian Ginseng is possibly one of the most antique herbs that the human species knows of. It not only intensifies blood circulation but is also a remedy for relief of tension, worries anxiety and insomnia. It contains substances known as Ginsenosides which assist in the construction of blood as well as sperms; additionally, when a cream, which incorporates ginseng as well as other constituents, is locally administered to the skin of the penis, it assists in bringing about the early untimely discharge of semen in men.

The root of Ginseng has a shape that is sculptured like a human figure; when we talk about white ginseng, we are referring to the non-refined dried root of Ginseng whereas when we refer to the red ginseng, we mean the misted damp root of ginseng, which is either red or that of the hue of a caramel. The herb is from the root of a plant which is active throughout the whole year and which flowers in the belated spring and summer.

The Asian or Red Ginseng changes to red color when it is dehumidified by the heat of sun or steam; Since this exercise of dehumidifying the herb was initiated in Korea, hence it is also known as Korean Ginseng.

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  • Yes, a 4 pill sample is available; however, since it costs $20, most men would do better to purchase a full-sized box.
  • AriZe claims that their supplement offers big boosts to the male libido in less time than most other products on the market; however, they have not undertaken any scientific studies to back their claims and only have a handful of unverifiable customer testimonials on their website.
  • At first glance, $40 per box does not seem unreasonable, until you realize that a box of AriZe only contains 10 pills! Once men order 3 boxes or more at a time, they do receive a free box, however (most men are still likely to find that the overall charge is still quite steep).

Side Effects

Many of the reviews we found where negative and our own experiences did not provide any noticeable changes in erection size or sexual desire. AriZe has reported that facial flushing and an increased feeling of warmness can occur after taking their supplement.

Horny goat weed may potentially cause dizziness or vomiting. Supplementary symptoms could also take place because of the other ingredients in the formula such as an allergic reaction.

Is It Worth It?

The makers of AriZe seems to have made a lot of promises with little proof.

While the ingredients found in AriZe are helpful for treating erectile dysfunction, the quantity of product used is quite low, severely limiting the strength and effectiveness of the formula.

The lack of a product guarantee is the last straw, however, as we will never endorse any male enhancement product which doesn’t offer a money back guarantee or some kind of return/refund policy.

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