Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction

Acupuncture can help treat erectile dysfunction in several ways.



First, acupuncture can help bring libido back to regular levels and reduce stress, frustration, tension, fear and anger for increased sense of arousal.

Second, acupuncture can help improve the health of one’s nervous system, increasing arousal and consequently, blood flow to the penis.

Third, it has been established that acupuncture can directly improve penile blood flow and help alleviate erectile dysfunction.

Lastly, it can help rebalance one’s body and release endorphins, which can help a person make do without medications that increase the risk or exacerbate existing erectile dysfunction. As you’ve learned earlier, some prescription medicines cause erectile dysfunction.

Natural and Safe Alternative

Acupuncture can be a natural and safer alternative for treating erectile dysfunction. A capable acupuncturist will diagnose a patient based on his existing symptoms and medical past, from which he or she will identify the optimal acupuncture points for optimal treatment of the condition. Treatments may range up to 20 sessions (one per week).

What to expect

If it’s your first time to experience acupuncture, especially for treating your erectile dysfunction, you may wonder — what should you expect? As with any other competent health professional, the acupuncturist won’t go straight away to pricking you with needles on your penis.

He or she will first inquire about your lifestyle, health, medical conditions, behaviors and any medications you may be currently taking in order to get a good general assessment of your condition. Among other things, she’ll check out your tongue and measure your pulse.

You’ll be fully clothed during your acupuncture sessions. The acupuncturist will simply raise your pant leg sleeves, arm sleeves and shirt for leg, arm and stomach needles, respectively. Normally, he or she will play relaxing music so you can rest while the needles remain pricked on your skin for up to 50 minutes.

When the session’s done and the needles are removed, you’ll simply go back to your normal daily routine or plan. In fact, you‘ll do so with an increased sense of vigor and energy due to the energizing effects of acupuncture. Many people actually fall into deep sleep during the sessions, which is also carried on later at night. The next day, they feel even more energized.

Does It Really Work?

Is there any evidence of acupuncture’s efficacy in treating impotence or erectile dysfunction? Yes, several studies have established that already. In particular, let’s look at a study conducted in Austria by Paul F. Engelhardt, MD and his colleagues on the effect of acupuncture on physiological erectile dysfunction.

The study involved 13 men with an average age of 42 years who suffered from physiological erectile dysfunction.

Controlled Experiment

To make sure that these men’s impotence weren’t just psychological, each men were given “erection” drugs for 3 straight evenings and using what’s called a Rigiscan testing, all men in the group experienced a full erection and thus, establishing that their erectile dysfunction wasn’t psychological. They were split into 2 groups and each group were treated differently.

In the first group, the men were treated with acupuncture for erectile dysfunction while the other group was also given acupuncture treatments but in areas that weren’t relevant to treating erectile dysfunction. The objective of using acupuncture on different areas was to determine if a placebo effect was present and strong enough to give patients relief by simply giving them ideas that they’re being treated for impotence.

In the first group of 7 men, each underwent 2 acupuncture sessions weekly for 10 weeks on areas that are acupuncture-related for treating erectile dysfunction while the men in the 2″“ group (6 men) went through 4 weeks of acupuncture but on areas or acupuncture points that weren’t related to treating erectile dysfunction.

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This group was the placebo group.


The study showed that none of the men in the placebo group experienced erectile dysfunction relief with the placebo treatment and as such, were transferred to the other group or the non-placebo group. At the end of the study, 8 of the 13 men reported that they were cured of their erectile dysfunction and about 2/3 of them reported that the acupuncture therapy yielded good results and didn’t demand additional therapy anymore.

The remaining 1/3, however, reported that the improvements brought about by the therapy wasn’t sufficient that they asked for more therapy and were treated with Viagra.

Works on Emotional Level

Another doctor, James Dillard, M.D., said that acupuncture seems to work on an emotional and psychological level in terms of treating erectile dysfunction. He says that as acupuncture sessions make men feel much better about themselves and more relaxed, their erectile dysfunction gets better.

A director at a North Texas urology center, Michael Heltemes opined that acupuncture can possibly help men address their impotence issues and that merely dismissing it as an alternative treatment without adequate evaluation of information may be a disservice for men who are looking for relief from impotence.

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Sexual impotence can happen to any man. It doesn’t spell any kind of failure on the part of the man, and it can simply be a message from the body to say that something is wrong and needs addressing. Once you address the problems that have arisen, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a full sex life beyond erectile dysfunction.

Listen to what your body is telling you. Don’t guess at what the remedies are. Speak to professionals and find out factual information on why your body is not functioning to its optimal levels.

This site has shown you that there is a combination of reasons why this may be happening, but the hope out there is well founded. Even those at an advanced age can still experience erection even if this means employing different methods outlined in this book as a temporary measure while getting the body back into the shape it needs to be in for optimal sexual performance.

The dialog between you and your partner is vital to healing. It is also vital to finding out about each other’s trigger points and improves your love life enormously. Men and women don’t automatically know all of the answers, but together they are able to find out where their lovemaking techniques need a little more help.

Once you discover the reason, this makes recovery much easier to handle and you and your partner can indeed go on to enjoying a wonderful love life, once all the body’s needs are met.

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