Ziapro is manufactured by the very same company that brought Viapro – another equally popular penis enlargement pill, into the market.

The manufacturer claims that the product is one of the very few formulations that have gone through actual scientific research and clinical tests.

It’s believed to help improve the quality and the quantity of erections and over-all sexual satisfaction for both partners.

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Ziapro is made up of 21 different herbal ingredients that have been harvested from different parts of the world.

Major constituents include L-arginine, Shilijit fruit, Safed musli extract, Ashwagandha extract, Velvet deer, Maca root, Smilax extract, Saffron and Catauba extracts.

Most, if not all of these herbs have been harvested and used by local tribes in different parts of the world to help improve libido and sexual potency and even cure impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Maca Root Extract

Maca has an undeniable several scientific studies have also confirmed that the root has a positive effect on endurance and energy levels. The herb contains a unique balance of protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, plant sterols, vitamins and minerals.

These components work together to keep the body at ideal conditions. Maca can balance hormones without the rough and severe effects of hormone replacement therapy. This quality makes it to serve as a blessing for those with low levels of testosterone; Maca can treat low libido in both men and women.


The pill needs to be taken 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The manufacturers strongly discourage product users from taking more than one pill in a day.

Side Effects

Ziapro has the ability to dilate blood vessels, increasing the flow of blood to the male organ.

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As a result, product users are expected to have stronger and longer-lasting er0ections.

The increased blood flow can also improve organ sensitivity, resulting to better orgasms. Aside form that, Ziapro is also believed to help control ejaculation and improve libido and sexual desire.


Many of the customers who have used Ziapro complain of not seeing any significant results at all.

The medication did not in any way, help create better and more frequent erections or improve their sexual desire and libido.

Product users have also reported a number of negative side effects associated with its intake.

This makes it extremely dangerous for people who have pre-existing diseases and health conditions.

Is It Worth It?

Apart from that, most if not all of the product’s ingredients are totally unknown to consumers.

The official product website does not contain any helpful information about them as well.

This has left product users in the dark, dangerously taking the drug without knowing what exactly these substances are.

Although the manufacturers have claimed that Ziapro has been tested and proven safe to use by actual clinical tests, these findings have never been published in actual peer-reviewed medical papers which makes it quite questionable.

And lastly, the website does not have a feedback page for actual product users.

Online reviews about the product are very scarce and hard to find as well, making it so much harder to research about the affectivity and the safety of the drug.

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