This is a review for Zencore Plus the treatment that has recently been touted and gained some popularity because of the fact that it enhances libido with a blend of natural herbs. It is said to help men restore their confidence, make erections last longer and stay firm, increase energy and sexual desires, as well as not offering many of the side effects that come with many of the other treatments said to increase libido.

There have been few positive reviews of the Zencore treatment. More than 100 reviews of the remedy have been posted, and many trials have been run. The average experience of the treatment left many men wanting more results. Many men didn’t experience anything at all, and the few that did saw the result last only an hour or so, not anywhere near the 24 hours that is advertised with the product.

Does It Work?

Zencore is too expensive, and they claim that’s because it gives the results while remaining completely natural. This means each box of Zencore is 60 dollars, and each box only contains 30 capsules, which means you only get 15 uses for 60 dollars. That’s four dollars per use. Zencore also simply boosts libido, instead of helping treat the root cause of something such as erectile dysfunction. It simply isn’t worth the money.

Side Effects

The side effects of the alternatives certainly aren’t here, however the new slough of side effects that are associated with Zencore aren’t much of a consolation. Many of the men who took Zencore complained of chronic sweats, jitters, and heart palpitations. In fact, Zencore was recalled in 2006 because in collaboration with other medications, it could cause heart failure. These side effects are much worse than the headaches and nausea associated with many of the other libido boosting medications on the market today.

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This is the one place where Zencore really shines. Zencore can be purchased either online, in stores, over the phone, or via fax. They are available for questions or comments online, over the phone, and via email. The company also has a 60 day money back guarantee for those who aren’t pleased with the results. They stand by their promises to provide day one results and do so completely naturally.


While the Zencore treatment has excellent customer service, and it is clear that the company stands behind the product it makes, it simply is not worth it. With the many negative side effects, most of which are much worse than the general headache and nausea associated with comparable treatments, it is more danger than one would want for the amount they are spending.

Zencore may work for some, and for those willing to give a try the customer service is great and the money back guarantee will ensure that you don’t lose money on the product; however it is suggested to go with another more reliable medicine for a libido boost, one that is probably cheaper as well.

Below is a comparison of our top-rated male enhancement pills.

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5. 84% YES YES 180 Days Read Review $38.95

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