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In this review of X4 Labs, I will discuss why I consider it the best penis extender,  what makes it better than other brands, and how you can obtain maximum results for a bigger and thicker penis.


extender has been on the market for 10 years and the company has done a solid job of continually improving the design of new releases. Minor improvements have led to greater improvements in the traction device. Traction is what causes the growth in the penis.

Holding the penis is an extended state supports cellular division, which leads to the desirable size increase. One of the more unique design aspects to this extender is its ability to fit three different types of fasteners on its extenders. Specifically, X4 Labs‘ extender accommodates velcro, comfort straps, and silicone tubes. Other extenders may employ one of these fasteners, but X4 Labs is the only company to fit all three. The extender gains an edge over the competition thanks to its very original three-fastener design.


One reason why men may not wish to use an extender is they have heard horror stories about how uncomfortable lesser models are. The silicone harness combined with an accompanying comfort strap make wearing the device for extended (but safe) durations much easier than is the case with lesser models. Competitors that produce extenders with cheap parts absolutely do not provide anything with value or comfort. X4 Labs has a decided edge over these “fly by night” companies. The extenders produced by X4 Labs do not provide comfort at the loss of durability. In order for an extender to work, it has to hold the penis in a consistently reliably outstretched manner. The construction of the extender and its rods most definitely can be described as reliable. The extender won’t be prone to being easily damaged when stored or transported. Keeping the device in its accompanying case would further reduce the chances of any damage.


Extra comfort straps are included with the product. If the originals are damaged or need to otherwise be replaced, the added straps eliminate the need for placing any orders.

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An instruction “how to use” DVD is part of the mix, which should not be dismissed. Getting the most benefit out of an extender is going to rely on using one properly. The DVD details all the necessary info for using the device correctly, which should maximize gain potential.

Setting up an online tracking account is also possible. For those who want to maintain proper progress, this account is very beneficial.


X4 Labs is extremely confident the extender will deliver the results promised and intended. So confident is the company, a special satisfaction guarantee has been made to all customers. The company asks that customers use the extender for a minimum of six months and follow all appropriate directions. If no gains are made, the company will do more than just refund the money. X4 Labs fully intends to refund double (2x!) the money spent on the device. Registering the aforementioned tracking account is required to take advantage of this special guarantee. X4 Labs has gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. Considering the quality of its wares, the popularity is very much deserved.

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