X4 Labs Penis Extender | Fair and Balanced Review

In this review of X4 Labs, I will discuss why I consider it the best penis extender,  what makes it better than other brands, and how you can obtain maximum results for a bigger and thicker penis.

Size Is More Important Than Experience

My current girl made this statement in a discussion with a friend of mine about penis size. “Size is more important then experience.” In short, if a woman had to choose between: a man with a small dick, but alot of experience vs a man with a really big dick, and abit less experience, every girl should choose the latter.

Personally; after a year of penis extending and becoming a member of the big boys club, (shameless bragging for real) I agree with my girl. I have asked around to some other girls and right now the consensus seems to be MOSTLY agreeing with a few exceptions (possibly girls with smaller pussies / less experienced / never had a really big dick going in hard and deep).

X4 Labs Results

X4 labs has been selling penis extenders for over a decade with testimonials claiming gains of up to several inches in length and to a lesser extent girth. While you can certainly achieve these gains, I must stress these are long term results and will take 6-12 months to obtain on the high end and usually 3-4 months for the first inch.

Are X4 Labs Results Better than Extenders?

Unless, it’s a cheap product lacking enough tension, you can obtain results with almost any extender. The reason X4 labs tends to work better than the others is because of the superior comfort from the comfort sleeves. X4 Labs is the only extender company to use dual comfort straps which alleviate any uneven distribution of stress and tension and makes it so easy to wear all day.

Cheap extenders commonly use a plastic noose around the head of the penis to stretch it out. I have tried these products before and wouldn’t wish this form of torture upon my enemies. It’s very uncomfortable and not something you could tolerate all day which is required for adequate results.

Holding the penis is an extended state supports cellular division, which leads to the desirable size increase.

More Options for Comfort

One of the more unique design aspects to this extender is its ability to fit three different types of fasteners on its extenders. Specifically, X4 Labs’ extender accommodates velcro, comfort straps, and silicone tubes. Other extenders may employ one of these options, but X4 Labs is the only company to fit all three. The extender gains an edge over the competition thanks to its very original three-fastener design.

Why Cheaper Products Won’t Work

In order for an extender to work, it has to hold the penis in a consistently reliably outstretched manner. The construction of the extender and its rods most definitely are tough and reliable. You wont have to worry about it being easily damaged when stored or transported. Keeping the device in its accompanying case would further reduce the chances of any damage.

And back to why cheap products won’t cut it. A properly set-up penis extender that will adapt to your needs over time as you grow with the right accessories (extra rods, spare parts, comfort pads) will start around $100 and up with add-ons. Anything less and it’s probably just a novelty item.

If you’re going to be using something practically every day  for the next 6 – 12 months than I’d recommend your taken care of with everything you need.

What You Get With X4 labs

Extra comfort straps are included with the product. If the originals are damaged or need to otherwise be replaced, the added straps eliminate the need for placing any orders.

An instructional “how to use” DVD is part of the mix, which should not be dismissed. Getting the most benefit out of an extender is going to rely on using one properly. The DVD details all the necessary info for using the device correctly, which should maximize gain potential.

Setting up an online tracking account is also possible. For those who want to maintain proper progress, this is a very useful tool.

Product Line Up

X4 Labs has a variety of penis extender kits to fit the needs of its users. Below is a brief overview followed by more in-depth comparisons.

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Gold Luxury Edition Penis Extender

The flagship model from X4 Labs, this expansive kit comes with everything you need to develop a big thick penis. Seriously, this kit is for guys who want to develop monster cocks. It offer very high tension not found in ordinary extender.

4200 grams of tension is a lot for a penis and this is something you would gradually move up to as you grew bigger. Most extenders will offer anywhere from 1500 – 2,700g. Their nearest competitor, Sizegenetics, only goes up to 2800g.  So frankly, the Gold edition is really for guys who are in it for the long haul and want a massive penis. It also comes with tons of accessories for long-term use and maintenance.

Learn More: Gold Luxury Edition

Why 99% of Men Fail To Enlarge Their Penis

Why do most men fail to enlarge their penis using these methods? The answer is simple: they give up too soon. It takes discipline to do these exercises every day and most guysare far too lazy and give up far too soon. Don’t be one of them. Follow the instructions and you are guaranteed to see an enlargement in your penis.

How to Measure Your Results

In order to find out how big is big it is good idea to measure the erect penis. First, measure the length of the penis from the tip (glans) to the pubic area where the penis attached to the body, and record it, or simply keep it in memory as long as you don’t forget it. You can either use a ruler or a measuring tape for measuring penis length.

For girth measurement, it is best to use a measuring tape. With the penis fully erect, choose the widest point on the penis shaft, the wrap the tape measure on it taking note of its measurement. But, what if you only have a ruler, how to you measure girth? Well, you can take a piece of non-elastic string or cut a piece of paper .5 inch wide with length that can wrap more than your penis girth size. Wrap it around the penis widest point just as with a measuring tape, but with a paper mark where the exact measurement meet, take it off and then measure it with a ruler.

Length Measurement

Position the measuring tape at the base of your penis (where it attaches to your pubic bone). Measure your penis length by marking how long it is from the base all the way to the end of the tip.

Girth Measurement

Gently wrap the measuring tape one time around your erect penis (appr. 1cm from the body). Mark the measurement once you reach around the penis.


X4 Labs is extremely confident the extender will deliver the results promised and intended. So confident is the company, a special satisfaction guarantee has been made to all customers. The company asks that customers use the extender for a minimum of six months and follow all appropriate directions.

If no gains are made, the company will do more than just refund the money. X4 Labs fully intends to refund double (2x!) the money spent on the device. Registering the aforementioned tracking account is required to take advantage of this special guarantee. X4 Labs has gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. Considering the quality of its wares, the popularity is very much deserved.

X4 Labs provides guys with a comprehensive solution to enlarge their penis and how to achieve results and do so without inflicting pain or damage to their body.

Visit Official Site: X4Labs.com

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