Warming Up With Penis Exercises

Warming Up With Penis Exercises
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Warming up the penis before exercise is very straight forward as it takes little effort. The most popular choice of warming up to increase blood flow is by using a hot flannel. Simply rinse and wrap around the penis and testicles and ensure both stay covered. Ensure the temperature is hot, but comfortable enough so that it doesn’t burn. Keep your member wrapped for 2-3 minutes and repeat, try to repeat this process halfway through your routine to maintain blood flow. Other than using a flannel, taking a hot shower or bath is just as effective.

The Pelvic Floor Muscles

At some point in your life you’ve probably heard of Kegels, and perhaps thought only these exercises apply to females to strengthen the vagina after child birth. Well males can greatly benefit from Kegel exercises too!

Kegels are specifically designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can help you to improve the quality and duration of your erection. Other benefits include a more intense orgasm, indirect enlargement of the penis and can help cure erectile dysfunction. You can maximize your overall results by combining Kegels with Jelqs or stretches. The most common method of finding your PC (Pubococcygeus) muscle is while urinating, slowly contract the muscles which will either stop or slow the flow of urine, those are your pelvic floor muscles. I had been advised not to do this as it can cause infection and instead a safer method is while you’re erect, simply move your penis up and down to find your pelvic floor muscles.

For men Kegels are a great way to improve the overall health and hardness of the penis and enables you to last longer in bed. Kegels have one goal which is to strengthen your PC muscle. This muscle is similar in both men and women, it stretches from the tail bone up to the pubic bone which creates a hammock — like muscle floor. The Kegel exercise is different to all other penile exercises in that it contracts and strengthens real skeletal muscles — the pelvic floor muscles. Just like women, men can find Kegels very beneficial to improving their sex life. It is common that men skip out on Kegel exercises as I once did, because they are the only exercise that do not directly enlarge the penis. However, Kegels have a much wider range of other benefits, few of which that can cure problems or enlarge the penis directly. Some of these benefits include:

Increased blood flow helping you achieve a longer lasting harder erection.

Improved erection angle.

Increased ejaculation force and volume giving a more intense explosive orgasm.

Helping you to control your ability to ejaculate, allowing greater sexual stamina.

Indirectly enlarges the penis with increased blood flow.

Helps cure urinary incontinence and the ability to hold in urine for longer especially during the night.

A healthier prostate and can be used in treatment of prostate swelling and pain due to BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Can help prevent prolapsed pelvic organs.

Kegel exercises

The PC muscle is easy to find, as I mentioned before these are the muscles you use to move your penis up and down while erect. Just focus on lifting the entire pelvic floor upward, and continue to breathe throughout the contraction. Hold the contraction for as long as possible, don’t worry if you can only hold it for a few seconds or not at all. Try to record how long you can hold the contraction for, slowly release and repeat for 6-10 repetitions. Each time you Kegel gradually build up the duration so that you can squeeze the muscles for ten seconds each time.

It’s always best to start off slowly and increase intensity over time. This is my recommendation to get you started with Kegels:

For the first four weeks try to achieve 50 reps per session, 3-5 days per week having rest days in-between. Try to maintain each contraction for at least 5 seconds depending on your existing pc muscle strength. As you become more experienced with Kegels and perform them more frequently, your pc muscle will become stronger and you’ll be able to hold the contraction for a much longer duration. Gradually work your way up from 5-10 minutes per day incorporating more Kegels into your routine. Once your pc muscle is conditioned, you’ll gain the ability to stop yourself from ejaculating, which is possible by tightening the contraction for around 5-10 seconds before the point of no return. You can practice this while masturbating, when you feel you are about to ejaculate, simply hold the contraction for 5-10 seconds. This is called edging. Once the urge to orgasm subsides simply release the contraction, this process may take weeks, months or even years to perfect.

Combining Kegels with Jelqs and stretches will promote more blood flow to the penis which will enhance the effectiveness of each exercise. Kegel exercises can be fun to add pleasure to your sexual experience. When a woman squeezes her pc muscles her vagina walls tighten, increasing the pressure and pleasure for both involved. As you start to practice Kegels you may unconsciously Kegel during sex, which may cause you to ejaculate too soon as continuous contractions quickly drains the strength and endurance of the muscle.

I understand it may be tempting to Kegel as much as possible at first, but it’s important to not overdo it. Instead of seeing positive results the whole process will become counterproductive. Bodybuilding is a great comparison as someone who over trains their muscles would become too sore or injure themselves being unable to continue. This will do more damage than good. Always listen to your body and allow yourself time to rest and recover to reap the full benefits.

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Reverse Kegels

Although Kegels are great, performing them alone and nothing else will cause muscle imbalance and will unlikely cure premature ejaculation.

Reverse Kegels are a reasonably new concept and are quickly becoming recognised as another natural technique to use a long side normal Kegels to last longer during sex. A great way to improve sexual stamina is by relaxing the Pubococcygeus and Bulbocavemosus muscles. It may even be more effective than performing a strong Kegel contraction just before the point of no return. Performing this exercise can be quite confusing at first and especially knowing what muscles to use and how to use them. The movement you need to perform is a little strange so you could be confused if you are performing them correctly or not and even if you are performing them correctly you may question how they can help you last longer. As this is a relatively new exercise the internet doesn’t have a lot of reliable sources on it, so I’ll explain how I perform the exercise and it’s many benefits and how to incorporate these exercises into a routine.

As these are reverse Kegels obviously it’s wise to practice normal Kegels first as with reverse Kegels they target the same muscles but in a reverse type of way. The muscles you’H use will be ones you probably aren’t even aware that you have and it may take time to master the ability to squeeze and relax them. If you get used to normal Kegels first, you’ll have a much greater chance of being certain you’re performing reverse Kegels the correct way.

Step by step guide to performing the reverse Kegel:

  1. As explained above the most common way to perform the normal Kegel and to locate the muscles used are by stopping the flow of your urine. Well to find the muscles you’ll be using to perform the reverse Kegel, this time try to force the flow of urine to go faster. This is a reverse Kegel of the BC (Bulbocavemosus) muscle. Once you’ve found this muscle it isn’t necessary to continue forcing the flow of urine
  2. Sit down, relax in a chair and stimulate the muscles you would use to pass wind or as if you were trying to do a number 2 on the toilet. Try not to actually follow through though! Doing this exercise will be working the PC muscle in reverse and it’ll probably engage the BC muscle too. Note that It is still uncertain the importance of being able to do a reverse kegel with the two front and back muscles. From experience I felt that the front muscle is more effective than the back in controlling ejaculation. But it’s a good idea to learn both as you will probably find you need to concentrate on relaxing the whole area to develop any type of control. Isolating the muscles takes lots of practice so don’t worry if the entire area moves while practicing as you will  develop better control in time.You will probably have noticed in each of the steps that you pushed out and tensed your stomach muscles, particularly the lower stomach muscles. If you haven’t noticed do them again and take notice of how your stomach pushes out.Do the same again but this time concentrate on breathing throughout the exercise. Breathe in while performing the exercise and allow your stomach to rise which is breathing from the diaphragm. We breathe by expanding our chest but alternatively we can breathe by expanding our stomach. Doing this will help you to focus more on the movement of the front muscles sitting between the anus and testicles.Putting it all together this time breathing from the belly, do the urinating and the number two motion together keeping some light tension in the stomach. You should be able to isolate the muscles much easier while tensing and breathing to perform a good reverse Kegel. To perfect any technique, it takes a lot of practice so keep it up taking 5 minutes each day until you perfect it.Once you’ve mastered that stage it is time to advance to performing the reverse Kegel without breathing and tensing which will take a lot of practice to get right, you may still use tension and the expansion of your stomach which is fine but try to limit how much you rely on it. Key is to be as relaxed as possible, concentrate on breathing slowly, deeply and focus on the muscles you are contracting. Focus on the muscles, relax them and try to encourage them with muscular control. To test the control of your ejaculation you can try 3 different things to prevent the point of no return. 1st is while you’re masturbating and you are about to reach orgasm try the normal Kegel squeeze and see what effect that has on your sense of control. 2nd after that try the reverse Kegel and see how this effects your control and sexual arousal. 3rd try to relax the entire area. Experiment however you like there is no right or wrong way to do this but try to be a little creative. I experimented with this for a month or so until I discovered that the 3rd option of keeping the entire area relaxed was the easiest way for me to control ejaculation. While I felt some tension I experimented more with the reverse Kegel and it helped to restore more relaxation.If you’re going to try reverse Kegels during sex try to experiment with what works best for you, from my experience the best way to incorporate these were when she was on top and I was on my back.This way you have more chance to relax and isolate the right muscles. Try not to squeeze too hard as you could have an accident and I’ll have no blame for that!

    An important point to make is that most men do normal Kegels to strengthen their PC muscle, favoured over the BC because forums and information elsewhere say that a strong PC muscle is the best option to use to stop themselves from ejaculating. This has led many men to over train these muscles and actively squeezing them throughout sex believing that this will give them a stronger erection or delay orgasm. Doing this will only encourage you to ejaculate sooner than you would like. Try this the next time you masturbate, clench your PC muscle consistently, and see how fast you feel the urge to ejaculate. Kegels should only be done before the point of no return or to give yourself a better erection during the beginning. If you wish to last longer in bed then try to keep both the PC and BC muscles as relaxed as possible during sex.

  3. Performing reverse Kegels are a great way to help you achieve this:1. Doing reverse Kegels as well as normal Kegels will help you develop control and balance of the pelvic floor muscles. If you still haven’t mastered how to stay relaxed during sex, performing reverse Kegels will help to achieve a more relaxed pelvic floor to be able to last longer in bed. If you advance reverse Kegels to a high enough level you should be able to perform reverse Kegels so well that you’ll be able to stop yourself from ejaculating. You should experiment but having an equal control of both muscles will give you 2 options for control during sex. Try to keep relaxed and use the reverse Kegel during sex and if all fails you can switch to the standard Kegel squeeze before the point of no return. Also doing reverse Kegels actually helps you to avoid creating an imbalance within the pelvic floor muscles and over-training. To get the most out of these exercises you shouldn’t worry about pure strength and instead work on balance and control.
You may want to do the beginners Kegel routine and then add these exercises at the end spending 3-5 minutes on them. Try to focus on relaxing the muscle as this is your main goal.

You can perform these by either lying or sitting down in a relaxed state.

Concentrate on breathing, taking in deep breaths.

Take a breath in for 5 seconds and perform a reverse Kegel using belly tension or not, whatever you can do.

Release and relax for 5 seconds

Perform this a further 9 times achieving 10 sets.

Repeat the same process accept hold a little longer for 7 seconds, try to breath out at the end of each repetition.

Once you have performed these try to do a reverse Kegel a further 10 sets with just normal breathing. Notice that it is quite a lot harder when you breathe out.

Now try to hold the reverse Kegel for around 30-60 seconds or for however long you possibly can.

This is just a basic routine to get you started so that you feel free to add more sets and duration to each repetition you hold for.

Routine 2

Instead of doing the reverse Kegels after the normal ones, do them alternatively, remember it’s all about balance, mix it up however you like. It’s up to you how many reps and sets you do but don’t over-do it. A max of 20 minutes is a good guideline to avoid over training.

Routine 3

The last one is to perform the Kegel routine on one day and the reverse Kegel routine either the next day or on the same day at a different time of day. No evidence yet suggests that one way is better than another but in my opinion having variety in your program allows your muscles to adapt to training. As much as you surprise and confuse the muscles, the more positive results you’ll get.

You may notice an improvement in your pelvic floor muscles in as little as 4 weeks. You should be able to see or feel your testicles lift when you perform the exercise correctly. Kegels can be fun as you can do them anywhere, it requires no assistance from your hands or legs — you can perform them while you’re at work, watching TV or driving.

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