Testosterone Killers

Testosterone Killers
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This site has so far provided you with some of the best ways to naturally increase production of testosterone in your body. However, there are some things that will thwart your efforts and prevent testosterone from being produced optimally.

Some of these testosterone killers are lifestyle behaviors while others are certain types of foods.

It is important to take note of the contents of this chapter because there is absolutely no point in consuming the recommended foods and supplements and then making mistakes that deplete your testosterone.

Foods to Avoid

There are particular foods that totally devastate your hormones and inhibit your ability to produce testosterone. We have categorized these foods into different groups:

1. Sugars

This includes things like soda, cake, candy, ice cream, and etc. The problem with sugary foods is that they drive up your blood sugar which then ultimately results in a crash. If you have developed the habit of consuming too much sugar every day, then this large fluctuation in blood sugar can lead to decreased insulin sensitivity.

In other words, your body is unable to respond to the excess sugar in the appropriate manner, thus necessitating an increase in insulin. As your sensitivity to insulin decreases so does your testosterone production.

You need to stay away from drinks like soda and other carbonated beverages. Ice cream is also full of sugars and some fats that are not suitable for testosterone production.

2. Refined grains

These include pasta, cereal, white bread, chips, and etc. The problem with refined grains is that they have been processed and drastically modified to remove all their natural benefits. Any kind of food that is made from white flour is bad for testosterone production. Upon consumption, these refined grains enter the body and

are quickly converted into glucose. If you are a sedentary kind of person, then all this energy will be turned to fat, which is definitely not conducive for testosterone. More body fat stimulates the production of estrogen, which causes the body to turn off testosterone production.

3. Vegetable oils

Most of the oils we use to fry our foods have been extracted from plants and then highly refined. These include soybean, sunflower, and canola oil. Now, we already discussed just how critical fats are to the production of testosterone. We pointed out that saturated and monounsaturated fats are the types of fats that help boost testosterone. However, the kinds of fats that are present in refined vegetable oils are polyunsaturated. This type of fat is linked to low testosterone levels.

Another problem with refined vegetable oils is that they contain a disproportionately high amount of Omega—6 fatty acids compared to Omega—3 fatty acids. The body needs a bit of both to function properly, but Omega—3 is an anti- inflammatory compound while Omeag—6 causes inflammation. Since these vegetable oils comprise mostly of Omega—6, the inflammation that results suppresses the production of testosterone.

There are many other types of oils that you can use to cook your food with, for example, olive oil or coconut oil. Just avoid these refined vegetable oils.

4. Milk

Milk contains high amounts of calcium, which is great for bone health. However, it is also high in lactose, which is known to inhibit testosterone production. For this reason, you should drink lactose-free milk or even almond milk.

5. Soy

Soy is a well-known estrogenic compound. Any food you consume that adds estrogen into your system is going to inhibit the production of testosterone.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol not only numbs your senses, it adds sugar into your system. Alcohol also increases the level of estrogen in your bloodstream, thus robbing your body of testosterone.

1. Stress

This is, without a doubt, the one thing that you need to avoid if you want to stay healthy. If you are constantly stressed out, then your testosterone levels will also suffer. If you were to take a look at your sex life and discover that it isn’t what it used to be, then the most likely culprit would be chronic stress.

Studies have shown that chronic, overwhelming stress reduces your testosterone levels and prevents you from enjoying a good sex life. When you are stressed out, your body produces cortisol, which inhibits production of testosterone. Yet the same studies also reveal that having regular sex can help you relieve stress. In other words, if you want to keep your testosterone levels high, then you need to chill out and learn how to relax.

The research was conducted on rats to determine how chronic stress affects them and their sexual behavior. One group of rats was placed in water and forced to swim. Rats hate swimming, so this was definitely a stressor for them. These rats were found to have a much more difficult time ejaculating than those who were part of the control group. After 3 weeks of chronic stress, the swimming rats were discovered to be experiencing a significant decrease in testosterone levels.

When some of the stressed rats were allowed to mate, the symptoms of stress dissipated, but they still maintained low testosterone levels. Those stressed rats that were not allowed to mate actually experienced a slight shrinking of their testicles!

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The bottom line is that chronic stress is bad for your testosterone and overall sexual health. Managing stress is a critical part of ensuring that you do not cause undue damage to your testosterone levels. Rather than start popping pills like Viagra, you should look for some powerful methods of cutting your stress, for example, taking deep breaths throughout the day, listening to some soothing music, changing your perspective of life, and eating the right kinds of food.

2. Lack of physical activity

If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk in the office, sitting in traffic on your way to or from work, and sleeping on the couch watching the latest TV series, then you are likely to experience a significant drop in your testosterone levels. Physical inactivity is a major killer of your testosterone levels.

Researchers took 30 young physically inactive men and put them through an exercise program that lasted 3 months. At the end of the study, they discovered that the testosterone levels in all the men shot up. Exercise has many benefits to the body.

Most often we focus on how it affects your weight, heart, muscles, and bones. However, it also benefits your testosterone and sex life as well.

3. Being overweight

Did you know that the circumference of your waist has a bigger influence on your testosterone levels than your age? This should be encouraging news for skinny old guys! You may not be able to do anything about your age, but there is definitely something you can do about your weight. The excess fat encourages production of estrogen and inhibits testosterone. By losing the fat around your waistline, you can significantly increase your testosterone levels.

4. Lack of sleep

This is one of the biggest factors affecting the testosterone levels of men all over the world. Sleep deprivation in men has been proven to reduce testosterone production by up to 15%. If you fail to get enough sleep over a span of one week, your testosterone levels quickly take a dip. In fact, this 15% drop in testosterone is way more than the reduction that occurs due to aging. Getting old is only responsible for a mere 1-2% reduction in testosterone levels in men.

If you experience disturbed sleep over an extensive period of time, your body begins to produce the stress hormone cortisol. This then leads to a lower production of testosterone. As more cortisol is produced, stress levels rise, and you become unable to enjoy a restful sleep. This cycle then keeps going, and your testosterone levels keep declining.

Drugs and Medication

1. Narcotic pain medications

Scientists have discovered that there is a strong correlation between continuous use of narcotic painkillers and low testosterone. According to an article published in the Journal of Opioid Management in June 2015, there is a strong association between narcotic pain drugs and hypogonadism. Now, before you throw out your pain medication, you should first consult your medical doctor on how to switch to some other medication.

2. Hair loss medication

There are particular hair-loss drugs, for example, finasteride (Propecia) that negatively affect testosterone and other hormones in the body. They prevent testosterone from being converted into an active metabolite. This leads to low sexual drive, sexual dysfunction, and even depression.

3. Use of anabolic steroids

If you are consistently using anabolic steroids, your body will identify the presence of the foreign testosterone and thus shut off the production of its natural testosterone. Most weight lifters take steroids to help them build muscle, but the problem is that the effect that these anabolic-androgenic drugs have on the body is permanent. Studies have shown that even after you stop taking these anabolic steroids, your testosterone levels remain low.

What you need to do from now on is ask yourself whether what you are consuming as food or medication is good for your testosterone levels. You should also begin to consider making lifestyle changes to become more active and lose weight. Sleep and stress are two areas of your life you always need to take care of. Your testosterone levels depend on it.


It is my hope and expectation that this book has helped you understand testosterone and how to boost it naturally. Testosterone plays a vital role in the life of every man. You simply cannot live without it, so boosting its levels, especially as you age, should be a priority.

Use the infonnation provided in this book to start living a better lifestyle, free from stress, inactivity, and lack of sleep. From now on, you will be watchful of everything you consume. Eat healthy, exercise, and live well. These are some of the best ways to ensure that your testosterone levels remain at optimal levels. If you continue to do so, you are guaranteed a better, testosterone-fueled life.

What you have learned here should be able to help you get started on your journey to turbo-charging your testosterone levels, cutting fat, building muscle, and enjoying great sex again!

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