Does Sizegenetics Increase Penis Size?

The SizeGenetics Extender has been on the male enhancement products market for a number of years. Several other companies sell similar devices, but this popular male enhancement device seems to receive some of the best testimonials from those interested in increasing the length and girth of their penis. Quality construction, comfort, and added bonuses — combined with effective results — are what contribute to these positive reviews.

How it Works

An extender is a device that stretches the penis away from the body. The outstretched penis is held this way until pressure is released from the traction device. Those who safely follow the directions should experience increases in size with consistent use. The size increases come from cellular tissue of tissue and the stretching of the ligaments on the pubic bone.

Sturdy, Durable, and Reliable Construction

In order to deliver the necessary amount of traction, an extender has to be properly constructed from quality materials.SizeGenetics has produced a device that absolutely fits this description. Additionally, the high-quality construction adds to the extender’s ability to deliver the necessary pressure. Specifically, the extender generates a generous 2,800 grams of tension. Amazingly, this is done in an incredibly comfortable manner.

Comfort Mechanism

The uniquely comfort mechanism reveals the designers of this device put in an enormous amount of work to make sure the device was easy to wear. Anyone who wishes to experience significant increases in penis length does have to put the time in. The device has to be worn for many hours per week. An uncomfortable device is going to turn off even the most dedicated customer. SizeGenetics realized comfort was the path to success, which is why new developments in extended comfort were prioritized.

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The advanced comfort system can be used “58 different ways”. The various different ways the device can be adjusted ensure not only the most desirable fit is experienced, but also that maximum gains may be achieved. The original name for the 58-way comfort system was the 16-way comfort mechanism. The name change alone shows that SizeGenetics is always seeking to improve and advance previous versions of a device.

Added comfort and expanded wearing options are critical to experiencing success. The manufacturers knows this, which is why such consistent advancements are always a priority. Added comfort features also include a fabric-covered latex grip, a silicon noose and comfort strap, and foam rubber protection pads.

The extender can be purchased on its own or as part of a special Ultimate System. The Ultimate System comes with a host of added items including an instructional DVD, cleaning wipes, a travel case, a lock and key and even seduction and fitness eBooks. Online instant access to the PenisHealth site is included and should be of great value.

The Extended Guarantee

SizeGenetics seems very confident that customers are going to be pleased with their results. A 100% six-month guarantee is included with every purchase. If the user follows the proper directions and does not see results within 180 days, a full refund will be provided. SizeGenetics absolutely has much more to offer than a number of other penis extender manufacturers on the market. With this in mind, it may be worthwhile to check out what the company is selling.

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