It is common for sex experts to concentrate on giving sex advice that aims to please the female partner in bed. Pleasing the woman seems to be the ultimate goal in intimate relations. Oftentimes, the male partner’s needs are often overlooked, especially when it comes to reaching his sexual climax or orgasm.

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What Semenax Can Do


As you get older you get more control and can last a lot longer. My problem now is that I am 40 years old, and it has becoming increasingly harder to come at all.  This is why I started taking foods and supplements to boost me ejaculation power.

That pleasurable, mind-blowing sensation is rooted in the production of more semen. This is where Semenax comes in because it offers a quick and effective way to boost your sex life by helping your body produce more semen.

Boost Semen Production

With a larger production of semen, the muscles involved in the male orgasm work quicker and harder. The muscles only contract when there is enough semen. More semen increases the speed and the intensity of the muscle contraction.

How Can It Help?

You may suffer from the following:

  • Loss of connection with your partner — Notice that while you are having sex, you feel connected with your partner, and see her as an attractive, sexy woman. A moment after you ejaculate, you might still love your partner, but you feel less connected to her, less interested. You might also feel irritable . A moment ago you would have done everything for her. A moment later, you would hardly do nothing. Suddenly the fridge or the TV or your social media feed is more appealing. Women can feel it and they mention this as one of their least favourite aspects about a man’s ejaculation.
  • Tiredness, sleepiness, loss of energy and vitality — It’s a common experience that men get tired and even fall asleep after sex. In a scientific study, a male rat was introduced to new females one after the other, and he literally kept going until he died.
  • Loss of masculine presence and direction — Do you notice how you become more docile after sex and how you lose some of your masculine presence?
  • Inability to handle intensity — You cum too fast because you don’t know how to handle the intensity of your sexual energy.  Can you see how this is affecting your own life?

Greater Sexual Pleasure

When you learn to control your ejaculation you can have sex for longer — much longer — and to experience new kinds of pleasure and orgasmic states that you didn’t imagine were possible.

Another aspect of pleasure is your partner’s pleasure. When you can control your ejaculation you can bring your partners to new heights of pleasure, multiple—orgasms and ecstasy. It’s not just because of the extra time you are able to move inside her, but also the increased sexual energy that you have. You will find that you are suddenly able to bring women to orgasm with a light touch and sometimes with a mere gaze.

Amino Acids

Because of the l-lysine, l-arginine, and muira pauma in Semenax, the natural production of semen in your body becomes turbo-charged. The fluids that come from your seminal vesicles, bulbourethral gland, and prostate gland increase dramatically.

Your seminal plasma also increases. This significant improvement happens after two to three months of daily supplementation.

All Natural Formula

Many still wonder if Semenax really works. You may be one of them. You should know that this product is very different from the other products that promise the same thing (e.g. Viagra).

What sets Semenax apart is the fact that is not composed of chemicals, which usually have dangerous side effects. You don’t even have to get a prescription to purchase it.

This product is a result of a brilliant combination of amino acids, herbs, and extracts.

The natural ingredients used are effective because they have already been used for centuries in improving the male sexual performance and potency.


• Zinc Oxide & Zinc Apartate
• L-Lysine
• Swedish Flower Pollen
• L-Arginine HCL
• Catuaba Bark
• L-Carnitine
• Epimedium Sagittatum
• Pumpkin Seed
• Maca
• Vitamin E
• Pine Bark Extract
• Sarsaparilla
• Avena Sativa Hawthorne
• Butea Superba
• Muira Puama
• Cranberry Extract

Muira Puama

Muira Puama, the botanical name of which is Ptychopetalum olacoides, is ordinarily known as potency wood on account of the fact that since times ancient, it has been used as an aphrodisiac; Research trials have disclosed that this intrinsic restorative medicine has assisted men to revive their libido as well as erectile function.

This fantastic corrective medication which dreams up from the Amazon rain forest(hence also referred to as Viagra of the Amazon) has proficiency to outstretch up to fifteen to twenty feet in height. The herbal alcoholic or water-alcoholic solution is prepared from the tree, utilizing its bark, root, flowers as well as fruit.

Maca Root Extract

Maca has an undeniable several scientific studies have also confirmed that the root has a positive effect on endurance and energy levels.

Maca itself does not carry testosterone or any other hormone; it excites the body to manufacture as well as organize the hormones to attain a wholesome and beneficial hormonal balance; Maca in fact functions to elevate the level of free natural testosterone, which assists in revival of fresh-faced juvenile and active energy.

No matter whether the Maca is available in red, yellow or black hue, it functions fairly well; Maca is well—received amongst the body builders on account of the fact that it carries a high proportion of proteins as well as other nourishments that are beneficial for the construction of muscles; One reason many people take Maca powder is to restore energy levels.

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Catuaba Bark

Catuaba bark, although not gender specific, has been used by men the world over without any reported adverse health effects. Catuaba is a small flowering tree that is native to the Amazon. In the Amazon, the bark is collected from the trees and used in Brazilian herbal medicine for sexual dysfunction and as a libido enhancer.

This exotic and very effective aphrodisiac is a highly regarded, and until recently, well-kept secret amongst folks in the Amazon. This rare vine is in the same family as the “mother of all medicines,” Ayahuasca.

These ingredients have been proven to improve the quality of the erection, increase the production of semen, enhance the health of the prostate gland, and heighten levels of testosterone.

Epimedium Sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed)

Since the good old days, this plant has been used to revive sexual urge, stimulate erectile function and diminish fatigue. It has been seen that the herb heightens the manufacture of testosterone, sexual energy and takes away inactivity. This herb may adjust the levels of the hormones cortisol, testosterone, and thyroid hormones, such that their subsided levels are brought back to well—balanced levels.

Horny goat weed it seems, acts by inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme, in the same way that Viagra works.


Carnitine is made from lysine and methionine in your liver, kidneys, and brain. Therefore, being deficient in carnitine implies that you may lack lysine and methionine. Iron, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin C are also necessary to make carnitine.

Functions of carnitine in your body include improved mental focus and energy, increased oxygen availability and respiratory efficiency, lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol, raises HDL (good) cholesterol, and energizes the heart.


Zinc is essential to good reproductive health, with high levels of zinc being present in seminal fluid. That said, zinc from supplements doesn’t seem as readily used by the body as that from food (and also it’s easy to overdose with tablets, causing problems with the absorption of calcium and copper).

For these reasons, adding good sources of zinc to your diet is a great idea. Among the best sources of zinc are seafood (especially oysters), poultry, lean meat, skim milk, beans, nuts, and whole grains.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins contain a wealth of nutrients that are proven to enhance many aspects of human health. The antioxidants in pumpkins ensure that people feel young and vital while the zinc contained within pumpkin seeds helps the body to increase blood flow to human sexual organs. Pumpkin pie spice has also been shown to help increase libido in both men and women.

If you are ready to change your diet as a means to improve your sex life, it might be time to change your perspective on pumpkins. They are not the most well-known aphrodisiacs, but they are incredibly powerful and potent. If pumpkins are inconvenient, try snacking on pumpkin seeds which contain all of the vital aphrodisiac aspects of the pumpkin itself.


arginineL-arginine, an amino acid found in many zinc-rich foods including meat, dairy products, poultry, and fish, helps the body make nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is key to relaxing the blood vessels feeding the penis to create an erection. While l-arginine can be obtained through supplements, it again is generally more efficient when found in food.

More Intense Orgasms

In physiological terms, the male orgasm happens when the pelvic region, the penis, and the prostate simultaneously pulsate and contract.

The pulsation and contraction are accompanied by elevated blood pressure, muscle tension, increased heart rate, muscle contraction (pubococcygeous muscle, anal sphincter muscle, muscles around the penis, perineum, and rectum), and increased respiratory rate.

All these sensations result in a release of accumulated tension.

Orgasms vs. Ejaculation

Orgasm is different from ejaculation. Seconds before the actual male orgasm, the seminal fluid gathers in the urethral bulb at the base of the penis. This gives the male partner that urge to ejaculate. While reaching the orgasm stage, the testicles tighten and move closer to the body.

Then, the urinary tract closes, allowing the ejaculate to come out of the penis, and not out of your urinary bladder. Ejaculation itself is a muscle spasm. It is spontaneous because it is based on a reflex. The reflex comes from the base of the spine. It then brings about the ejection of the semen. The spasm that happens gives the male partner a pleasurable sensation.

More Benefits

Taking Semenax can give you many benefits such as the following:

• An increase in excitement and depth to your sex life
• You see the desirable results right away if you take it daily
• The volume of your ejaculate increases
• You have an improved power behind your ejaculation
• You achieve more prolonged, more intense orgasms
• You experience harder erection and more stamina
• You have an increased sex drive

Sex should be a healthy, positive, fun and satisfying activity for both men and women. With Semenax, pleasure for both parties is definitely assured. After a few weeks of daily supplementation you will notice that you are experiencing bigger and more powerful orgasms.

Overall Score: A/A-

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