Rockhard Weekend

Rockhard Weekend

FDA says Rockhard Weekend may be a Dangerous Getaway. People who purchased RockHard Weekend, which was marketed as a sexual enhancement supplement, may have gotten much more than they bargained for.

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The name “RockHard Weekend” is definitely the type of name for a sexual stimulant that gets men chuckling and gives them a sense of hope. Just the name conjures up the image of an exciting weekend full of nonstop sexual encounters and free from the embarrassing issues of premature ejaculation, weakened libidos and feeble erections that quickly come and quickly go.

Instead, with such an exciting name, men expect to enjoy powerfully intense sexual encounters. Created by RockHard Laboratories, the company states that their pill is designed to be used as an on demand, sexual stimulant. After taking the pill a short time before getting intimate, guys can anticipate more durable erections that last for an extensive number of hours and better performance.

Unlike clinically tested and highly regarded products such as Vigrx Plus, Rockhard Weekend has been come fire by the FDA for failing to disclose hidden ingredients.


RockHard Weekend is more than just another sexual stimulant. The pills unique marketing strategy includes a complete lifestyle experience. There is the RockHard Blog where men can skim articles about women, take sexy polls and read interesting sex facts.

There are also RockHard events taking place at clubs, conferences and other locations throughout the year. Another interesting feature of the RockHard brand is the RockHard Girl, a sexy spokesperson for the product who can be seen at various RockHard events. Of course, there is also RockHard gear including T-shirts for both sexes along with bottoms for women.


After reviewing all that the RockHard lifestyle has to offer, we look at the actual male enhancement product. The RockHard Weekend supplement features an interesting blend of several ingredients frequently featured in male enhancement products.

Tongkat ali, for instance, has been associated with increasing sexual drive while horny goat weed is also thought to help boost sexual interest. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3 is essential in the creation of sex hormones and can help stimulate more blood to flow to the penis.




Under Investigation By FDA

Reported by the Washington Post, the FDA has cracked down on the manufacturers of Rockhard Weekend for their claims of making a 100% all natural herbal supplement. Laboratory tests have come back showing that a suspicious and potentially dangerous ingredient had been found in their product and not disclosed to consumers. This ingredient is an analoge to sildenafil citrate – the active ingredient in Viagra.

Taken without a doctor’s prescription it can cause  a sudden and potentially dangerous drop in blood pressure if taken with medication that include nitrates; nitroglycerin. Ingredients found in Rock Hard Weekend come from China, a country notorious for using mislabeled, illegal, and dangerous products. Their is very little oversight in the manufacturing of these products.

Bottom Line

RockHard Weekend may be the most impressive name for a male sexual stimulant that we have ever encountered. The products embrace of a cool sexy lifestyle is also interesting. As much as we appreciate the apparel, blog, and other lifestyle elements of the brand, it seems that more attention has been put towards these areas than on creating a formula that can live up to such an incredible name.

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Rockhard Weekend 62% NO NO 30 Days Read Review $29.00

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