Best Penis Extenders That Work | Full Reviews [UPDATED 2017]

Penis extenders are one of the most effective ways to permanently increase the girth and size of your penis without risky surgery. It lengthens and thickens the penis by stretching it for an extended period of of time.

Best Penis Extenders On The Market

Below are my recommendations for the best penis extenders. These are durable high-quality products that come with everything you need to start growing. This includes comfort straps, extension rods, step-by-step programs, extended warranties, and iron-clad money back guarantees.

Some of the best sellers include:

X4 Labs – Currently the most comfortable strap based extender on the market, X4 Labs is easy to use and comes with everything you need to make gains. I Purchased the Premium Edition package and could not be more pleased. I’ve worn it around the house all day without slippage or discomfort and have grown nearly an inch in the past 6 months.If you’re committed to long term growth and a no-compromise system than check it out. Read: In-Depth Review.

Sizegenetics -Arguably, the most popular penis extender around and for good reason, it works. Sizegenetics is often compared with X4 Labs as the most comfortable and complete system availabel with both of them delivering exceptional results. The only real difference between the two is Sizegenetics is slightly cheaper with a smaller selection of packages.In terms of technology and performance, they are both exceptionally comfortable and trusted brands that offer real results. Read: In-Depth Review

X4 labs

This is the first penis extender I have owned and quite possibly the best.  What I really like about X4 Labs is the incredible comfort and ease of use. The InfiniteFit comfort straps provide extra comfort and a snug fit around your penis by supporting dual straps. This provides more even tension around the penis and allows you to wear it longer throughout the day.

Logically, this is better because the more you wear the product, the quick and better the results you can achieve.

Another benefit of X4 Labs is the incredibly flexible pricing to fit every budget. You can spend as little as $100 and start reaping the benefit of permanent penis enlargement with a complete penis extender package. This includes extension rods, comfort straps, instructional DVD and more to get you started.

There is a lot of competition between penis extender manufacturers so it’s nice to know there are excellent options that go above and beyond to provide additional value.

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Another very popular brand, Sizegenetics offers amazing comfort using its 58-way comfort system. Made from high-quality medical grade components, adjustments are made with amazing precision to ensure the wearer is always comfortable.

I can’t stress enough how important comfort is when your penis is under constant daily tension. The Sizegenetics comfort system allows your penis to fit snug and comfortable and provides almost 50% more tension than inferior brands.

Even still,  I found X4 Labs to be the king of comfort because it uses dual comfort straps as opposed to one to  spread the tension more evenly along the shaft.

That’s not to say Sizegenetics isn’t a good product. There are several things I like about them such as the locking protection case which provides privacy from prying eyes.

The penis health DVD is also really useful as a complete penile exercise program. This can help you achieve stronger, longer-lasting erections, improved ejaculation control, and better sex with your partner.

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Quick Extender Pro

Another reputable brand, Quick Extender uses a patented double strap system much like the top-selling X4 labs. In fact, Quick extender is on the best values on the market. Their introductory price is only $113 and comes with everything you need to get started. More importantly, all of their extenders comes with the dual strap system meaning comfort is always prioritized.

Quick Extender gives you everything you need without unnecessary upsells and add-ons that provide little value to the end user.

If I were to chose one of their packages I would go with the Deluxe Standard Edition. Your get all the essentials which includes the double strap system for maximum comfort, extra extension rods for continued growth, a convenient travel case, and dietary supplement called Rixer XL which improves blood flow to the penis which is beneficial during cell-division.

The flagship Deluxe Limited Edition costs nearly twice as much and comes with a 3 month supply of Rizer XL, better sex instructional DVDs, and a vacuum pump, which if you have read my other articles are not effective for increasing length. That’s why I prefer the Standard Edition package. It’s half the price and gives you all the essentials.

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Jes Extender

Jes ExtenderOne of the first penis extenders on the market, Jes Extender was clinically tested by the British Journal of Urology in April of 2011. They went on to say “It seems that penile extenders represent the only evidence-based technique of penile elongation.”.

Jes Extender is competitively priced and comes in a range of packages depending upon your budget and needs. Like other top-tier products exceptional comfort is achieved with the use of foam based comfort straps. The Jes-Extender gold package provides the best balance of performance, comfort, and value. It features an extra wide comfort strap to cover the entire shaft, a convenient carrying case, and training DVD.

Next up is the platinum package which costs three times as much with the only difference being the rods are platinum plated. If you like platinum it’s great, but,  it provides absolutely no benefit to increase penis size. Being a budget-conscious consumer I would stick the Gold package which offers everything you need.


ProextenderProextender is another top-notch penis extender that shares the same comfort, design, and quality of it’s competitors. The manufacturer, Leading Edge Health is well-known in the male enhancement community and has been selling products to improve mens health since 2001.

While the Proextender does deliver on the claims and is easy-to-use, their pricing is less flexible since they only offer two packages.

The orginal Proextender comes with necessary extension rods, comfort noose, DVD program, and a cardboard travel case. For an additional $100, you can upgrade to the Deluxe Proextender which uses a metal case to protect your investment and provide additional privacy.

You also get Vigrx Plus, one of the best natural male enhancement supplements to boost blood flow to the penis for harder, laster-long erections, and a bottle of a Semenax, a proven all-natural semen volumizer.

While my top choice for extenders goes to X4 Labs because it offers the most comfort and most flexible pricing , Proextender is indeed a good product, that offers some amazing supplements to boost your penis health. The only drawback is their extender packages are not as flexible in pricing as some of the other choices.

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Phallosan is an FDA approved penis extender. In terms of practicality and comfort, I would wear Sizegentics or X4 Labs when I am out and about and Phallosan at home. The key question is which is better? Which will make me gain more and which will make me gain faster? The answer is it’s a tie. Both products deliver the same results in slightly different ways.

No male enhancement device approved for sale is going to give you a crazy amount of tension. However, both products meet the criteria for the necessary amount of tension to permanently enlarge the penis. The one that makes you grow faster is the one that you wear more.

If you work at job outside your home than I recommend wearing a strap or noose based extender but if your home for most of the day than I would go with Phallosan. It’s a little bit more comfortable and it comes it with the advantage of being able to sleep in it.

PeniMaster Pro

PeniMaster Pro is a german penis extender that uses a vacuum cap to extend the penis. This makes it unique to other devices like Sizegenetics which use a strap that wraps around the head of the penis.

PeniMaster provides improved blood flow around the head of the penis and is very comfortable to wear. If you have used traditional penis extenders and weren’t satisfied with the comfort, this is a safe and effective alternative.

The reason it works so well is the suction force wraps around the head of the penis evenly. The vacuum cap comes with a thick lubricant so the head of the penis fits comfortably and preventing it from slipping out.

Male Edge Pro

Similar in design to Sizegenetics, the Male Edge Pro comes in a travel case along with instructions on how to get the best results along with an instructional DVD, a ruler to measure your gains, and extra gauze for comfort and cushioning.  The force is adjusted by spring loaded rods that extend the penis.

Adjusting the length as you grow is as simple as adjusting the rod tension. Overall, I found the device comfortable and easy to use.

The results with Male Edge Pro are the same as any other of the top extenders with the biggest difference being the use of gauze to more securely stretch and comfort the penis. You can still wear it under your pants and trousers and wear it all day to get massive gains over time.

Euro Extender

Euro Extender is an entry level penis extender that’s affordable and includes all the tools to enlarge your penis. With their top-tier package you get everything you need for successful penis enlargement such as extra extension bars, calibrated tension springs, extra memory foam, comfort straps, as well as the PenisAccess Enlargement exercise program.

With their top package retailing for $199, you won’t have to break the bank for permanent gains.

While it doesn’t offer the options of the X4 Labs InfiniteFit Quad Support System most guys should have no problem strapping in their penis in this budget friendly solution.

Vimax Extender

Vimax is an incredibly affordable penis extender that offers the basic features and benefits to start gaining increases in length and girth. This is basically a stripped down penis extender system without the bells and whistles of the more expensive offerings.

For example, you won’t get the added bonuses and replacement parts that X4 labs offers but you won’t haven’t to shell out a few hundred dollars either.

If you’re willing to give up some extra comfort customization and wear it 6-8 hours per day than there’s no reason why you won’t get the optimal results. At only $99, the Vimax extender is the cheapest option on the market.

The Truth About Penis Enlargement

How to Pick The Best Penis Extender

Below are some tips and things to keep in mind when investing in a penis extender.

Importance of Comfort

If you are going to take the plunge and invest in a penis extender, there are a few considerations you want to keep in mind to ensure you achieve the results you’re looking for. At the top of the list is comfort. Wearing a device on your penis for six hours a day means comfort needs to be a priority or you could prematurely end your daily regime.

Fortunately, extender technology has evolved and have resolved any issues of discomfort owners may have experienced in the past.

You want a device that is highly adjustable to fit snug to the shape and size of your penis. Being able to make minute adjustments to the tension rods and angles will ensure your penis is always in the most comfortable position for freedom of movement and being able to carry on with your day.

The products I recommend below have visual markers on the tension rods to show the amount of traction force being used.

Ease of Use

Ease of use refers to how easy is is to take the device on and off. When your wearing a penis extender for 3-4 hours a day you will often times have to use the bathroom, take a shower, get dressed, etc, and having a device that you can quickly and easily take off will provide you with a better experience.

An Easy To Follow Program

Apply too much tension and you won’t be able to wear your penis extender for than few minutes. Not enough and precious time is lost as penis enlargement is a slow and gradual process.

One of the biggest concerns first time users have is whether they are doing it right. An easy to follow program with clear, detailed instructions is necessary to alleviate frustration and a lack of understanding on how these devices should be used.

Fortunately, the most reputable brands come with easy-to-follow directions and instructional videos to guide your in your journey. This includes X4 labs, Sizegentics, Penimaster Pro, and more.

Accessories and Spare Parts

Quality extenders come with accessories designed for comfort such as cushions and pads, and silicone straps.

They should offer replacement parts since regular usage may cause wear-and-tear.

Furthermore, as your penis grows you may need to order extra rods to make the device more flexible and increase tension.

Brands that offer extra parts, accessories, and upgrades should be taken into consideration.

Money-Back Guarantee

When a company offers a money back guarantee that means they stand by the quality of their product.

Since extenders can cost several hundreds of dollars, you want to be sure your earned money is protected.

The products I recommend offer a money back guarantee – some up to 180 days. They also offer warranties on parts in cases where certain parts break due to wear and tear.

There are now plenty of brands in the market with prices ranging from a few dollars up to a thousand.

They may vary in terms of quality and design. One of the most important things that shoppers should be mindful about is the product design and of course, its level of comfort.

Make sure that the device will not overly constrict your organ. A good design should be completely comfortable to use and easy to operate.

Penis Extender vs. other Enlargement Techniques

A penis extender is a completely non-invasive solution achieved safely and easily and without the need for surgical intervention. Compared to all the other options such as male enhancement pills and surgery, this is by far the safest method for permanent long-lasting results.

Furthermore, extenders have been on the market for twenty years an in that have evolved to provider greater comfort, ease of use, and able to effectively address many, if not all, of the known side-effects associated with such treatment.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps, otherwise known as vacuum pumps, draw blood into the penis to address temporary impotence and treat Peyronie’s diseases which cause unnatural curvature of the penis. The drawback is that penis pumps offer little effect when it comes to permanent penis enlargement.

While there have been some reported cases of increased girth for a majority of users the results are less than desirable. Often times, manufactures will make overzealous claims and promise permanent enlargement with excessive pumping which can lead to harmful outcomes, including bursting of blood vessels and skin blisters.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Most natural supplements for penis enlargement work by causing more blood to enter the penis during arousal, which will result in a harder erection. They will not create visible growth of your penis while it is in the flaccid state.

I do not recommend  penis enlargement pills for permanent penis enlargement because the ingredients can be harmful to your health and its not even possible. No doubt some of these products work for treating erectile dysfunction, and offer an alternative to buying several individual supplements and ‘stacking’ them yourself. However, many of them normally do not pass quality controls they are usually very expensive and the results are not permanent.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

There are two different parts to penis enlargement surgeries. One helps increase the girth and the other is intended to increase the length. Usually it is recommended to get both procedures done at the same time. To increase the girth, the skin cells and the fat cells from your abdomen are transplanted to the penis.

The second part of the surgery is based on cutting the ligaments around Corpora Cavemosa, the penis tissue that fills up with blood. This tissue extends back into men’s body and can be as much as up to half of the penis length.

By cutting the ligaments that keep Corpora Cavernosa back in our body, this hidden tissue is released forward therefore increasing the penile length outside the body. This can give great results although sometimes the increase can be minimal. Surgery is often times painful, expensive, and comes the risk of infection.

Alternative Methods

When considering alternative methods of penis enlargement, extenders have several advantages. The most important thing to remember is that they actually increase the size of your penis. In fact, extenders have become quite popular nowadays, with numerous forums, blogs, web sites and videos, empowering users to enlarge their penis safely and effectively. So, if you’re really serious about making your penis bigger, do your research, make sure you can dedicate the time and effort, and then, by all means, take the plunge.

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

Although older models have been known to constrict blood flow to the organ, newer designs have completely solved that problem. Up-to-date penis extenders are considered as a Type 1 Medical Device and now hold a European Health Certification. Most, if not all of the products contain proper instructions and routines for safe use. So far, there have been no reports of serious side effects among product users. Given that proper instructions are followed, users should expect no problems.

How Penis Extenders Work

A penis extender is a medical device that is worn over the penis while it is still in its flaccid state, gently stretching it over several hours at a time. It contains adjustable rods, which can be adjusted to stretch out the penis little by little.  They apply a consistent, gentle, pulling force on the penis which gradually lengthens it. This causes cellular division and expansion, which will eventually result in increased length and girth.

The device consists of a plastic ring, which is used to hold on to the penis and two metallic rods which are used to stretch it out. These rods are manually over a given time frame similar to ensure steady growth and cellular activation.

A bigger penis is possible and for good reason. Throughout history, men have been stretching their body, whether it’s stretching the earlobes, nostrils, lips and, yes, penises. Just look at the many cultures throughout history that have used neck rings to elongate their necks to incredibly disproportionate lengths.

Cellular Division

Stretching and elongating the penis is causes by cellular division. Applying continuous force over time cell division and replication in the tissues of the penis. As a result, the vascular vessels, urethra, corpus cavernosum and spongiosum, cutaneous cover, muscle and fasciae are all subjected to proliferation. Because this proliferation takes place throughout the penis, it increases both the length and girth of the penis.

There are many testimonials and manufacturer funded clinical tests to support this theory, and unless millions of people are lying or deluding themselves en masse, we have to believe there is some truth to the matter.

Scientific Results

In 2002, an actually study of the effectiveness of penis extenders was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research. The results, to the delight of many, revealed that this non-invasive solution was actually effective in elongating the penis, with large and significant correlation to the amount of time it was worn during the day.

In 2009, another study was done in the University of Turin which supported positive results. This particular study was published in the British Journal of Urology in the same year.

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The Anatomy of the Penis

Penis extenders work because they apply a light stretching force over time to elongate the penis. This process is known as traction. However, to better understand how this works let’s discuss the anatomy of the penis.

The penis includes the base, and the shaft which includes the head, along with the enveloping skin tissue.  The penis is connected by a suspensory ligament to the pelvis that provides support an erection.  The urethra is a thin tube passing from the bladder to the prostate and then into and along the under-or ventral-side of the penis through to the glans, where it can eject urine and sperm.

Along the top sides of the penis is a large tissue region known as the corpus cavemosum which provides most of the blood and size to the penis during an erection.  It is these areas of the penis that we wish to enlarge for a bigger penis.

Soft Tissue Growth

The bigger the corpus cavemosum the bigger the penis. The fact that the penis is mostly made of soft tissue means it can’t be exercised like a muscle and we need to rule out supplements and forget about exercises that can’t work.

This is why penis extenders are the most effective method of permanent penis enlargement.

What Happens With Prolonged Stretching

Over time,  soft tissue stretching of the penis causes cellular stress and small micro tears. The body produces an automatic response to create new tissue resulting in penile growth. It’s important to remember that this the growth phase is a slow and gradual process that takes time. The new tissue growth results in a thicker and longer penis. Another benefit is users have reported harder and longer-lasting erections with this treatment.

Micropenis Treatment

About 200,000 cases per year are reported of “micropenis” (less than three inches), a medical condition where the penis below average in size and can lead to problems such as trouble urinating, low self-esteem, and the inability to satisfy your sexual partner. Hormone treatment is usually the prescribed treatment as surgical solutions are still too risky. Using a penis extender is a safe and effective alternative if you are suffering from small penis syndrome or micropenis.

How Much Will You Gain With A Penis Extender?

The most common question I see people ask in penis enlargement forums is how much will I gain with a penis extender? If you have no male enhancement experience and completely new to this in four to six months you will gain around a half-inch. In six months, based on the Sizegenetics study, you will gain one inch.

This is provided that you wear it for at least six hours a day and this is what was reported in the focus group study. So, if you are wearing it four to five days a week you can rest assured you will see these gains based on the reported time frames. The more you wear it the better the results.

How To Maximize Your Penis Extender Results

When we filter out all of the hopelessly exaggerated claims and inevitable advertising fluff, users can expect a modest increase in length of 1-2 inches within the first 6-12 months. Of course, a well-implemented regime is crucial for success. The most important factors in achieving a big penis using an extender is consistency and time. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts. However, the results are worth it.

Penis enlargement is a gradual process and users are advised to use the product for four to six hours per day. You may be thinking how you could possibly wear something around you’re busy with your daily activities. Rest assured, many users split their sessions in half with three hours in the morning and another three hours at night.

Depending on your lifestyle you can choose to wear the device at any time of day. As long as you are fulfilling the required amount of usage results will be seen.

Well-Planned Routine

To ensure success with your new penis extender, you need to stick to the routine outlined by the manufacturer. In the beginning you want to start at the lowest setting or the least amount of tension. Let your penis become accustomed to being stretched in order to minimize discomfort.

You will slowly increase the tension (measured in grams) and the sessions duration for the first four weeks to get to let your penis get accustomed to it.

You will include one rest day per week and avoid wearing the device for more than two hours at a time to facilitate healthy blood flow.  Some people wear their extenders during sleep but this is not recommended because it may cause circulation issues if it detaches.

Well-Planned Diet for Penis Enlargement

Eating healthy is something everyone, male or female, should be doing. When it comes to penis enlargement, there is no food that can suddenly make you grow a giant member. If you want to decrease the odds of shrinkage or dysfunction, healthy eating is great for better blood flow.

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Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Having a big penis is a desire of men that spans across geographical and cultural borders, and throughout history.

Having a large penis is a symbol of strength and brings pride in men, and how we identify our status and masculinity.

Today, having a big penis is less so about alpha male domination and more about being able to provide sexual pleasure to your partner and personal gratification.

More Pleasure and Confidence

Having rewarding sex in the bedroom is important. Another benefit of being endowed is the confidence that comes with it. Knowing your partner is enjoying the moment takes the experience to new levels with greater intensity and satisfaction.

For woman, deeper penetration and greater contact along the vaginal cavity will provide more pleasure and sexual satisfaction along with more intense orgasms. In one sense, penis extender become confidence extenders because is love and sex aren’t among the most fundamental tenets of a good life, then nothing is.


While there are other options for penis enlargement, none of them are really viable and they all come with unique problems. For instance, you could opt for penis enlargement surgey and go under the knife, but there is a risk of complications, infection, and nerve damage.

Penis pills simply don’t work to permanently boost size and only work to boost libido and treat erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps only engorge the penis with blood and can bruising and pain if overdone.

Therefor, if you really want to increase the size of your penis permanently, using a penis extender is the only logical choice when it comes to safety, effectiveness, and price.

Best Penis Extenders That Work
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    It works. I have been using a penis extender for over a year now and have seem some gains (nothing amazing), but it just proves it DOES work. I have made small gains because I don’t wanna pull my cock off, other guys are crazy and make better gains but take more risks.