Top Penis Pills for 2017

These are multivitamins and pills taken to improve the chemical reactions and increase the essential nutrients related directly to sexual health. With that said, most supplements are surprisingly inexpensive and are definitely cheaper that prescription ED drugs on the market today. Whether you have ED or not, you already know what drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra do. They help treat your ED by inhibiting a specific enzyme that reduces blood flow to the penis.

Furthermore, supplements won’t provide the same immediate results as prescriptions such as Cialis or Viagra. What they CAN do is help your body do its job by improving certain chemical reactions related to sexual function.

Vigrx Plus

I started taking Vigrx Plus because on my 60th birthday it became apparent that my sex drive didn’t quite match that of my girlfriend and I couldn’t fulfill the frequency of her sexual needs.

By taking just a ½ pill a day, I was able to experience a significant boost in the size and hardness of my erection within a matter of weeks. While the changes are not as immediate as prescription drugs like Viagra, I noticed better sex with my girlfriend within a month as my erection got harder and harder. The results build over the course of 30-60 days. Unlike cheap erection pills, I have yet to experience side-effects, blushing, or headaches.

Quicker Results

One of the things that makes Vigrx so effective is the use of Bioperine, which has been clinically-tested and shown to dramatically increase the absorption of the active ingredients.

After 30 Days

After 30 days, the results I saw from Vigrx Plus had become noticeable. This included a boost in erection power, an ability to penetrate my girlfriend deeper, increased frequency and satisfaction of orgasm, and a greater sex drive.

Keep in mind this is not a testosterone booster but a sexual enhancer. I experienced harder and longer lasting erections which has made me and my partner happier while boosting my sexual confidence. Keep in mind Vigrx Plus is the only natural sexual enhancer that has been clinically tested and proven effective.

Overall score: A/A+

Works best for: Boosting erection power and sexual performance naturally

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Male Extra

Another effective sexual enhancer, Male Extra uses an all-natural formula with virtually no side-effects. Instead, Male Extra relies heavily on L-arginine and pomegranate to increase your body’s nitric oxide production, which, in effect boosts blood flow to your penis.

While results took a little longer to kick in than Vigrx Plus, the 90 day supply of pills proved effective for boosting my libido.

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Overall score: A-

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Introduced 11 years ago, Vimax has become one of the most popular male enlargement pills on the market. Results were seen in as little as 3-4 weeks with daily usage.

Vimax contains horny goat weed which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The side effects are usually minor when taken for a few months but may include dizziness, nosebleeds, and rapid heart rate. If you are particularly concerned or sensitive to Horny goat weed than I would recommend Vigrx Plus.

Overall score: B+

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Semenax is an all-natural semen enhancer than can significantly boost your ejaculation.. My girlfriend can be demanding with her high sex drive and loves it when I cum on her face. Semenax has been my go-to supplement when I want give her a huge load. Within a week I can see a noticeable improvement in my output with maximum results occurring after 30 days.

Overall score: B+

Works best for: Boosting ejaculation, more intense orgasms

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